Fidough Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

Fidough's Pokemon Image from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Fidough Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

Everybody’s favorite bakery-themed canine Pokemon, Fidough and Dachsbun made immediate impacts on fans in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Fidough is a Fairy-type Pokemon that evolves into Dachsbun at level 26. Trainers fell in love with these cuddly little doughy pooches and wanted to make them theirs during their playthroughs.

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Let’s learn more about Fidough and its evolution, Dachsbun. We’ll discuss where you can find Fidough in the wild, then about Dachbun’s stats, its strengths and weaknesses, and what moves it learns.

Fidough and Dachsbun’s Location in Pokemon Games

Fidough is only available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet but it is found very early on in both games. You can find wild Fidough in the following provinces:

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  • South Province — Area One, Two, Three, Six, and the Pokemon League
  • East Province — Area Three
  • West Province — Area Three

The choice is yours with to evolve your Fidough into a Dachsbun or catch a wild Dachsbun. You can find wild Dachsbun in the following areas:

  • South Province — Area Six
  • East Province — Area Three
  • West Province — Area Three

Dachsbun Stats

Base StatTotal
Special Attack50
Special Defense80

Dachsbun Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Fairy-type Pokemon, Dachsbun shares its strengths, weaknesses, and immunities with the Fairy typing.

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Strong against (Takes half damage when hit by):Fighting, Bug, Dark
Weak to (Takes double damage when hit by):Poison, Steel
Immune to (Takes zero damage from):Dragon
Damaged normally by:Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Rock, Ground, Flying, Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Ice, Fairy

Dachsbun Moves

Dachsbun’s Level Up Moves

1TackleNormalPhysical Attack
1GrowlNormalStatus Move
3LickGhostPhysical Attack
6Tail WhipNormalStatus Move
8CovetNormalStatus Move
11BiteDarkPhysical Attack
15Baby-Doll EyesFairyStatus Move
18Play RoughFairyPhysical Attack
22Work UpNormalStatus Move
29Baton PassNormalStatus Move
33RoarNormalStatus Move
38Double-EdgeNormalPhysical Attack
42CharmFairyStatus Move
47CrunchDarkPhysical Attack
53Last ResortNormalPhysical Attack

Moves Learned By TM

TM001Take DownNormalPhysical Attack
TM002CharmFairyStatus Move
TM004AgilityPsychicStatus Move
TM005Mud-SlapGroundSpecial Attack
TM006Scary FaceNormalStatus Move
TM007ProtectNormalStatus Move
TM008Fire FangFirePhysical Attack
TM009Thunder FangElectricPhysical Attack
TM010Ice FangIcePhysical Attack
TM020TrailblazeGrassPhysical Attack
TM025FacadeNormalPhysical Attack
TM030SnarlDarkSpecial Attack
TM035Mud ShotGroundSpecial Attack
TM037Draining KissFairySpecial Attack
TM047EndureNormalStatus Move
TM049Sunny DayFireStatus Move
TM050Rain DanceWaterStatus Move
TM055DigGroundPhysical Attack
TM063Psychic FangsPsychicPhysical Attack
TM066Body SlamNormalPhysical Attack
TM070Sleep TalkNormalStatus Move
TM079Dazzling GleamFairySpecial Attack
TM084Stomping TantrumGroundPhysical Attack
TM085RestPsychicStatus Move
TM089Body PressFightingPhysical Attack
TM103SubstituteNormalStatus Move
TM108CrunchDarkPhysical Attack
TM127Play RoughFairyPhysical Attack
TM130Helping HandNormalStatus Move
TM132Baton PassNormalStatus Move
TM139Misty TerrainFairyStatus Move
TM152Giga ImpactNormalPhysical Attack
TM163Hyper BeamNormalSpecial Attack
TM171Tera BlastNormalSpecial Attack
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