Top 10 Ghost Pokémon Of All Time

Mimikyu Pokemon

Top 10 Ghost Pokémon Of All Time

Ghost-Type Pokemon have a dedicated fanbase due to their fighting niche and designs. They may not be as flashy as Dragon or Fire-Types, but they serve a purpose and do it well. Unlike other types, however, they often have rich lore that gives players goosebumps.

This article breaks down the ten best Ghost-Type Pokemon through all Generations. Everything from stats, design, lore, and overall fun factor were considered. After all, Pokemon is best when players can have fun and use the Pokemon that best suits their playstyle.    


Pokemon X Gengar
Gengar has access to every ghost move and attack in Pokemon Go.

Starting out the list, Gengar is the most famous and recognizable Ghost-Type Pokemon in the franchise. His design and characterization appeal to almost any fan. He has a dark, sinister appearance yet a goofy and lighthearted personality. Gengar likes to prank and curse people, which he finds funny. It’s also known for sinking into shadows and sucks the warmth out of the surrounding area.  

But looks aren’t everything, and luckily, Gengar is a fairly strong Pokemon, depending on the game. His Mega Evolution turns him into a formidable foe with boosts to his speed, special defense, and special attack, making him the best Ghost-Type in Pokemon X/Y. 


Pokemon Chandelure
Chandelure’s flame burns brighter when there is a strong presence of ghostly energy nearby.

There’s something spooky about an inanimate object becoming a Pokemon, and Chandelur perfectly fits that mold. Evolving from Litwick, a small candle Pokemon, Chandelur resembles a gothic chandelier. As if not creepy enough, it’s said that Chandelure’s flames cannot burn its victim, instead burning the victim’s spirit. These spirits go on to wander around the world forever, stuck in a state of limbo.     

But besides that terrifying lore, Chandelur can hold its own in battle and can be quite good. While they can be squishy and get K.O. if not careful, using Chandelur is always fun for players who love Ghost-Types. 


Mimikyu Pokemon
Spending most of its time alone, Mimikyu often wanders around aimlessly.

Mimikyu is one of the few Pokemon famous for being something that it’s not. While looking at Mimikyu, the first thought that comes to mind is how much they look like Pikachu. However, this is simply cloth that the Pokemon uses to disguise itself. Due to Pikachu’s popularity, Mimikyu disguises itself as the yellow mouse to make friends.

It’s said that if anyone saw underneath the cloth, they would get an illness or painful death. In addition to its backstory, it is a good Pokemon that has become a fan-favorite. Perhaps its plan of making friends was successful, even if its costume does look like a five-year-old made it.     


Froslass Pokemon
When Froslass makes physical contact with its victims, it can cause them to freeze in place.

The legend of Froslass is akin to folk tales parents tell their children who misbehave. Froslass’ design resembles a Japanese Kimono with an Obi band around its waist. But don’t be fooled; it’s a terrifying Pokemon that freezes enemies with its -58-degree breath. After being frozen, Froslass will take them back to their caves and put them on display.

However, this is only an issue for Pokemon and human men, which Froslass is said to enjoy preying on. The Pokemon will mess with residents during snowstorms by knocking on their doors and cursing misbehaving men. While it does send a chill up our spine, it also solidifies its position as one of the best.     


Jellicent’s presence in the ocean has been observed to affect the behavior and populations of other Pokemon.

Although Jellicent does look funny, being a giant jellyfish, it’s one of the rarer Pokemon types. Frillish and Jellicent are one of the only Ghost/Water-Type Pokemon, which easily earns them a spot on the list. But as previously mentioned, ghosts are not to be messed with, even if they look silly.

Jellicent holds a dark secret that makes sailors shy away in fear. It is said that during full moons, schools of Jellicent will gather together. If any unlucky ship or crew happens to wander out near the school, they are never seen again. Entire ships can be easily dragged down to the bottom of the ocean and are later used as habitats for the Jellicent.   


Duskull loves the sound of crying children and gathers once a year in a horde to perform rituals.

In terms of battle, Duskull isn’t the best; its stats are actually quite poor. However, while players can easily find better Ghost-Types, Duskull has an iconic design that can’t be beaten. Resembling a small Grim Reaper, the Pokemon is known to sneak up on its prey and chase it the entire night. 

Similar to Froslass going after men who misbehave, Duskull is told to go after misbehaving children. The evolutions may not be the best and lose their creepy factor by the time Duskull becomes Dusknoir, but it’s a fun Ghost-Type to have around, even if it isn’t the best.      


Spirit Shackle is a powerful attack that only Decidueye can perform, keeping Pokemon from being swapped out.

Grass-Type Pokemon have a bad rep and usually get pushed aside as a starter. However, Rowlet was easily the fan-favorite Pokemon of Gen 7 despite being weak (a common theme). After evolving Rowlet to Decidueye, players are rewarded with a decent final evolution Grass/Ghost-Type. It has one of the most appealing designs, using its feathers for a cloak and hood. 

It may be shocking to some that Decidueye is a ghost, considering it doesn’t resemble other Ghost-Types on the list. However, its design is based on ancient Hawaiian spirits that take the form of giant owls. Regardless, Rowlet, and eventually Decidueye, are a fun time.


Marshadow Pokemon
Some trainers believe Marshadow can detect sadness and offer comfort to those in need.

Marshadow is a humanoid Pokemon made of smoky shadows that gets angered easily. During battles, its body flares up, changing color and growing larger. It usually tries to avoid confrontation with people, taking a page out of Gengar’s book, by sinking into shadows to hide.

Hiding allows it to gain insight into their emotions and can cause the victims nightmares if they aren’t careful. One downside is that it has no evolutions, but its design and abilities are appealing, making an evolution unnecessary.  


Drifloon’s happiness is directly linked to the number of children it has successfully stolen.

Yet another Ghost-Type that resembles an inanimate object and has some of the most terrifying lore. Drifloon’s design is based on a balloon, which slowly drifts around aimlessly. Its “strings” hang low for children to grab onto, causing the Drifloon to grab back. While it sounds like a creepier version of a venus-flytrap, the Pokemon is essentially harmless due to its lack of strength. 

It’s more scared of rowdy and heavy children due to this fact and avoids them. That’s not to say it’s all laughs, as Drifloon collects souls in its head, causing blood-curdling screams to be released if they ever explode.   


Houndstone spends most of its time sleeping in graveyards.

What’s more loyal than a dog? Beating out all other dog Pokemon, Houndstone is said to be the most loyal. The spooky canine often spends its time underground with only its tombstone sticking out. However, it dislikes when people touch it, even by accident. Given the right match-up, Houndstone can be pretty good due to its decent stats. While it’s nothing impressive, it lacks weaknesses and is the only Pokemon that knows Last Respects.     

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