Top 10 Electric Pokémon Of All Time

Top 10 Electric Pokémon Of All Time

The Great Marsh near Pasotria City isn’t for the faint of heart. All types of Pokémon swim, crawl and fly through the murky water and thick tree cover. There’s something out there, you can feel in it your thumbs as you push forward on your Gameboy or 3DS. Without warning the murky water rushes around you and out pops a Golduck. It’s fully evolved and ready to lay a beating on your pokémon for entering its territory. Luckily you have an ace up your sleeve, all Golducks are easily affected by electric-type Pokémon.

However, with so many great options, which spark-emitting son of Thor Pokémon do you use? Today, we’re going to great down the top 10 electric type pokémon to take with you into the dark swamps of the Great Marsh. Of course, there will be players out there who will have their own play style and tactics. However, there are winning and losing Pokémon in this series, the real players will know the difference.

Alolan Geodude

Geodude Aloan Pokemon
Alolan Gedodude has been known forever in Pokémon.

Alolan Geodude was one of the first electric-type Pokémon most players would encounter in the world of Pokémon. Alolan Geodude dates back to Pokémon Red and Blue and is available in every single Pokémon game to date. What especially made Alolan Geodude famous was its appearance as Brock’s main Pokémon in the anime series and in later editions of the manga.

Alolan Geodude starts with a base stat block of 300 overall heavily favoring defense. Geodude is suited to fight against water, flying, fire, and ice types being an electric and rock type.


electric type magnemite
The floating magnet with a screw probably left first-time players shocked.


Magnemite is another hybrid-type Pokémon that has been a part of the legacy collection of pocket monsters. Being both steel and electric Mangemite has been around since Pokémon Red and Blue. Much like other Pokémon on this list, Magnemite was thrust into the spotlight from the original anime and is now a household name/face. Even if you don’t play Pokémon you will know Magnemite’s face.

Magnemite starts with a base stat block of 325 overall favoring special attack. However, Magnemite has very low health starting at only 25 HP. This makes them easy to catch but hard to keep during battles.


Electabuzz electric-type Pokemon
Easily the stuff of nightmares, Electabuzz feeds on pure electricity.

Electabuzz is what Pikachu most likely has nightmares about. This electric-type Pokémon is another legacy Pokémon showing up as a first-gen type. Canonically, Electabuzzs in the wild were always found around powerplants. Literally feeding on the electricity being produced. While not having a main role in the anime, Electabuzz still made a notable appearance in the Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl show episode Smells Like Team Spirit!

Electabuzz has a starting stat block of 490 overall making it a rather heavy hitter off the bat. It specializes in speed and special attacks but struggles with defense making it a great first strike Pokémon.


water and electric type pokemon Lanturn
Lanturn was just the cute electric eel in the Pokémon universe.


Lanturn is a curious case of Pokémon hybrid types. As a water and electric type Pokémon, this species is the video game version of an electric eel. Lanturn is a more niche electric type Pokémon but has a special place in a lot of gamers’ hearts.

Lanturn’s starting stat block has a total of 460 heavily favoring HP. However, Lanturn struggles in both attack and defense so one of the best tactics would be to use Lanturn as an attack sponge and tire out your opponent.


Electric Type Pokémon Zebstrika
Amazing that the creators just made a zebra electrical.


Zebstrika is by far one of the flashiest and almost comical electric-type Pokémon in Gen 5. Basically, just an electric zebra, Zebstrika showed up first in Pokémon Black and White. While this Pokémon was discontinued (so to speak), Zebstrika is still on this list for the straight absurdity of the idea of an electric zebra.

Zebstrika has a base stat block of 497 overall, this Pokémon favors speed and attack. However, Zebstrika lacks in special defense.


Electric Type Pokémon Rotom
Can a ghost turn on the lights? Rotom says yes.

Sticking with the modern and a bit ‘out there’ style of electric-type there is Rotom. Rotom is a hybrid electric and ghost-type that first appeared in Gen 4 in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Rotom is seen in all games up to Violet but has 6 subclasses of Rotom. Rotom makes this list for being the only ghost-type electric that has expanded subclasses to most other element types.

Ghost-type Rotom has a starting stat block of 440 overall favoring special attacks. However, both HP and attack are low and Rotom is best used as a powerful finisher Pokémon.


Electric-Type Pokémon Zapdos
Zapdos is just the thunderbird of the Pokémon world.

Taking back to the classics, Zapdos is a legendary flying and electric-type Pokémon first showing up in Gen 1 in Pokémon Red and Blue. It’s said that Zapdos can control thunder and lightning clouds and are usually seen around massive storms. It’s on this list of its impressive stat block and cultural importance within Pokémon.

The starting stat block for Zapdos is 580 overall. No single stat is really that bad but it heavily favors special attack.


Electric Type Pokémon Miraidon
Not much is known about Miraidon…other than if you can catch one, you’re the stuff of legends.

Miraidon is by far the most powerful Pokémon on this list but is rather unknown in the wider aka causal Pokémon player community. Miraidon only shows up in Scarlet and Violet and almost nothing is known about this legendary dragon and electric type other than it is ruthless and powerful.

Miraidon’s starting stat block is 670 overall favoring speed. Because of Miraidon’s status and power, you can place this Pokémon in any attack or defense order without much difficulty in playing.


Electric Type Pokémon Pikachu
Pokémon’s Poster boy Pikachu will forever live on.

At number one on this list of the top ten all-time electric type Pokémon is of course Pikachu. Pikachu has been the poster boy or poster monster in this case of the entire Pokémon series since the beginning of the canon. Everyone knows Pikachu, everyone loves Pikachu, and its cute face is the first thought in 9/10 people’s minds when they think of Pokémon. Pikachu has been in every game, anime, and crossover media since Pokémon Red and Blue.

Pikachu’s starting stat block is 320 overall favoring speed. Unfortunately, most of Pikachu’s stats are fairly weak to start with. The reason Pikachu is number one is because everyone knows this Pokémon.

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