The Most Powerful Electric-Type Pokemon, Ranked

The Most Powerful Electric-Type Pokemon, Ranked

Ever since Generation I, Electric-type Pokemon have always been beloved and highly sought after. Electric-type Pokemon are resistant to three different types, super effective against Flying and Water, and only weak to Ground. On top of that, most Electric-type Pokemon can paralyze opponents in battle. It’s easy to see why Electric-type Pokemon are so powerful.

With Electric-type Pokemon making up 7.12% of the population, there is a long list of Pokemon you could add to your team. But smart trainers want the best of the best and that’s what we’re giving you today. We’ve curated a list of the strongest Electric-type Pokemon in the game that’ll put Ash’s Pikachu to shame.

5. Rotom

©Image of Rotom

Rotom may not have the highest base stat total on this list, but it more than makes up for it in variety. This Pokemon has a unique ability that allows it to possess appliances and change its typing. There are six different forms that Rotom can take, giving it a Ghost, Fire, Water, Ice, Flying, or Grass secondary typing.

Having Rotom possess an appliance gives it an 80-point boost to its base stat total. Each form also automatically learns a special move, making Rotom even more versatile. Because of this versatility, Rotom can excel in almost any situation. Rotom can be the jack-of-all-trades Pokemon on your team that takes your opponents by surprise.

4. Luxray

©Image of Luxray

Just by looking at Luxray, you can tell that this Pokemon is a rebel. Its rebellious nature also applies to its stats. Most Electric Pokemon specialize in high Speed and Special Attack stats. Luxray breaks that trend by having an incredibly high Attack stat, at 120. All of Luxray’s other stats are relatively low, but its damage potential more than makes up for it.

One of Luxray’s biggest advantages is that it has a deep bag of moves to choose from. Luxray doesn’t have to be pigeonholed into the typical Electric-type moves. With the right moves, Luxray can deal insane damage that your opponent won’t be expecting. The high Attack stat and Luxray’s Abilities, Rivalry, Intimidate, and Guts, ensure that it always hits harder than its opponents.

3. Eelektross

©Image of Eelektross

The biggest challenge to most Electric-type Pokemon is Ground-type moves. What if there was a Pokemon that could completely ignore its biggest threat? Luckily, Eelektross is that Pokemon. Because of the Levitate Ability, Eelektross is entirely immune to Ground-type moves.

The immunity to Ground also means that it has no type of weaknesses in battle. The Eelektross evolution family are the only Pokemon that has no weakness. Eelektross pays for this advantage by being very slow with lacking defensive stats.

2. Magnezone

©Image of Magnezone

Many Electric-type Pokemon struggle to withstand attacks and heavy damage. Magnezone doesn’t have that problem at all. With a Defense of 115 and a Special Defense of 90, Magnezone is a tank that most Pokemon will have trouble breaking through.

In combination with the defensive stats, Magnezone can have the Ability Sturdy. 1-hit K.O. strategies won’t work on Magnezone either. Magnezone isn’t a slouch when it comes to offense either. This Pokemon has a devastating Special Attack stat of 130. Magnezone is one of the few Electic-Pokemon that can take as much damage as it deals.

1. Electivire

©Image of Electivire

Stats alone are enough to make Electivire number one on this list. Electivire has the highest base stat total of any non-legendary Electic-type. Just like Luxray, Electivire has an Attack stat that’s through the roof. Besides the relatively low Defense, all of Electivire’s other stats are decent to good. This one lackluster stat is easy enough to work around for experienced trainers.

With a well-placed Thunder Punch or Wild Charge, Electivire will blast through most other Pokemon. The Motor Drive ability will also make sure that Electivire will land its decisive moves first in battle. It’s hard to imagine an Electic-type Pokemon that could be better than Electivire. This Pokemon has almost everything going for it, which is why it reigns as king.


The legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.
The legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

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Legendary Pokemon are essentially considered gods in the world of Pokemon. They tend to have the highest stats, the best Abilities, and the strongest moves. In the lore, these Pokemon can destroy continents and reshape reality. It wouldn’t be fair to compare the regular Electric-type Pokemon with their legendary counterparts. Since legendary Pokemon are in a league of their own we’ll be separating them into a list of their own.

5. Regieleki

©Image of Regieleki

Electric-type Pokemon have a reputation for moving at the speed of lightning. They tend to have high Speed and Special Attack stats. If you want a Pokemon that pushes those two stats to their limits then you need Regieleki on your team. Regieleki has a crazy Speed of 200, which is the highest out of any Pokemon. The 100 Special Attack is nothing to laugh at either.

The biggest red flag that Regieleki is waving is its defensive stats. Both Defense and Special Defense are a puny 50. Regieleki hits hard and fast but will shatter like glass if it takes damage. A glass cannon can be a powerful addition to the right team setup.

4. Zapdos

Zapdos' striking wings identify this legendary Pokemon as a lightning-type.
Zapdos’ striking wings identify this legendary Pokemon as a lightning-type.

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This thunderbird that rules over the skies of Kanto would be a powerful addition to your team. Zapdos boasts a base stat total of 580 and has an impressive Special Attack stat of 125. Zapdos’s Flying-type removes the Achilles heel of Electric-types, which is the Ground weak.

Although most newer-generation legendaries tend to have flashier moves and Abilities, Zapdos can still keep up. The OG Electic legendary can still decimate a battlefield with the rest of them. Zapdos also has fairly good defensive stats, which can help cover its Rock and Ice weaknesses. If you’re looking for a powerful all-around Pokemon, Zapdos is perfect for you.

3. Thundurus

Thundurus displays the odd spiked tail which is part of its intimidating silhouette.
Thundurus displays the odd spiked tail which is part of its intimidating silhouette.

©Pokemon Thundurus – License

When Thundurus got into a fight with Tornadus, it nearly destroyed all of Unova. It should be no surprise that this disastrous Pokemon found its way to this list. Thundurus has an incredible base stat total of 580, making it one of the more powerful Pokemon.

In addition to power, Thundurus has a lot of variety that makes it unpredictable in battle. Thundurus can learn moves from many different types. It also has two different forms that change its Speed, Attack, and Special Attack stats. Thundurus can be a wild card that leaves your opponents always second-guessing.

2. Miraidon

©Image of Miraidon

The futuristic mascot of Generation IX is another Pokemon great for fast assaults. Miraidon’s high Speed and above-average Attack/Special Attack stats make it an excellent Pokemon for hit-and-run tactics. Unlike Regieleki, Miraidon actually has the defensive stats to take a few hits and keep on fighting.

Miraidon’s signature move, Electro Drift, also makes it a dangerous threat in battle. Electro Drift hits with 100 Power and 100% Accuracy. Not only is Miraidon useful for traveling the lands of Paldea, but it’s also one of the strongest Electric-type Pokemon in the game.

1. Zekrom

Zekrom is a devastatingly powerful electric beast.
Zekrom is a devastatingly powerful electric beast.

©Pokemon Zekrom – License

Zekrom’s number-one spot on this list was guaranteed. With a base Attack stat of 150, which is the highest of any Electric-type Pokemon, Zekrom is an absolute powerhouse. The base stat total of 680 doesn’t hurt things either. Zekrom’s signature ability, Teravolt, allows it to bypass other Abilities like Battle Armor so it always hits as hard as possible.

In addition to great stats and Abilities, Zekrom has a long list of powerful moves that it can learn. Combining the Dragon-typing with the Electric typing creates a Pokemon that is nearly unstoppable. It’s easy to see why Zekrom is considered a god of the Unova region.

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