King’s Quest VI Cheats & Cheat Codes

Interaction with King's Quest VI.

King’s Quest VI Cheats & Cheat Codes

King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, or just simply King’s Quest VI, is a classic point-and-click adventure game. The game was first released in 1992 as the sixth game in the King’s Quest series. It, like its predecessors, is known for its challenging puzzles and story-driven adventure gameplay. The game was developed by Sierra and written by Roberta Williams and Jane Jensen. The game broke new ground by featuring a Hollywood actor as the voice of the protagonist, Prince Alexander. Let’s take a closer look at King’s Quest VI and what cheats we can offer gamers.

King’s Quest VI Premise

The game’s narrative centers around Prince Alexander’s quest to rescue Princess Cassima, whom he met in the previous game. After being shipwrecked in the Land of the Green Isles, Alexander comes to realize that Cassima is held captive in her castle by the evil Vizier Abdul Alhazred, and only he can help her.

The game is set in the Land of the Green Isles, which is a kingdom with several islands, each inspired by different fantasy themes and myths. The islands include the Isle of the Crown, with an Arabian Nights theme, and the Alice in Wonderland-inspired Isle of Wonder, among others. Players must navigate these islands, solve puzzles, and interact with various characters to progress through the game’s story.

Players interact with characters and navigate the game’s world using a classic point-and-click user interface. Up top, there’s an icon toolbar for actions and players can access an inventory for item management. The game’s puzzles often require traveling between various islands using a magic map.

The town in King's Quest VI.
Much of the game is about looking for clues, items, and NPCs to interact with.

King’s Quest VI Characters

Like most adventure games, the characters in King’s Quest VI are paramount to the progression. As a story-driven game, both the protagonist and the non-player characters hold great importance to the narrative and how players find their way through the game. The core of the game is built around Prince Alexander, the player character, and Princess Cassima, held hostage by the evil Vizier. In addition to these key characters, the player comes across other characters that can help him in his quest or hinder his progress, depending on the interaction.

  • Prince Alexander: The main character in King’s Quest VI. A brave and noble prince determined to rescue Princess Cassima from the clutches of the evil Vizier.
  • Princess Cassima: She is the princess of the Green Isles, who is held captive by Vizier Abdul Alhazred. This kind-hearted princess is awaiting for the prince to rescue her, and shut down the Vizier’s plans once and for all.
  • Abdul Alhazred: The evil vizier and the game’s main antagonist. He is a cunning and ruthless vizier who has seized control of the Green Isles and plans to marry Cassima to gain power.
  • Shamir Shamazel: The mysterious Genie that goes by the name Shamir Shamazel. He often appears at key moments to aid or hinder Alexander’s quest. He was influenced by the Vizier to get his way.
  • Captain Saladin: The dog-headed captain of the guard in the Castle of the Crown. His appears in the form of a collie and is loyal to the King of the Land of the Green Isles.
The protagonist in King's Quest VI.
Prince Alexander is the protagonist of the game.

Games in the Series

King’s Quest is an iconic series of point-and-click adventure games known for their rich storytelling and puzzle-solving gameplay. The series revolves around the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry, who take on various quests saving princesses, fighting mythical monsters, and thwarting the plans of evil villains. The games in the series include:

  • Wizard and the Princess (1980)
  • King’s Quest I (1984)
  • King’s Quest II (1985)
  • King’s Quest III (1986)
  • King’s Quest IV (1988)
  • King’s Quest V (1990)
  • King’s Quest VI (1992)
  • King’s Quest VII (1994)
  • King’s Quest VIII (1998)

King’s Quest VI Cheats

Unfortunately for those looking to get ahead by using cheats, King’s Quest VI doesn’t have traditional cheat codes. However, there are still some things we can help with without going through an entire walkthrough. Specifically, there’s a code required on the Island of the Sacred Mountain, where players need to enter a code to ascend. Here we’ve included those passcodes for easier advancement.

ASCENDComplete the ascension of the mountain
Tranquility, Azure, Caterpillar, Air (manual required)Move on to the fifth and final level
4, 1, 2Move on to the fourth level
RISEMove on to the second level
SOAR (need the alphabet translator in the manual)Move on to the third level

King’s Quest VI Cheat Codes FAQ

How long does it beat King’s Quest VI?

The gameplay time varies a lot depending on the player. Some people might spend 10 hours going through each nook and cranny, while others might blaze through in half the time.

What was the last King’s Quest game?

Sierra released the last King’s Quest game in the series, King’s Quest VIII, in 1998. From 2015 to 2016, Activision introduced a re-imagined episodic game series based on King’s Quest.

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