The Complete List of Diablo Games in Chronological & Release Order

In-game photo of Diablo IV.

The Complete List of Diablo Games in Chronological & Release Order

Diablo finally saw the fourth installment in the series, and it checked all the boxes. After Blizzard teased Diablo IV at BlizzCon 2019, the game went dark for years, with limited information over the following months. Granted, things like Covid-19 slowed down production, but the lack of knowledge was concerning. Eventually, things like alpha and beta were announced, and the fears slowly dissipated. The game seemed polished, fun, and immersive and executed everything that made the game Diablo. But when did this premier story start? We’ll discuss the complete Diablo games list and the chronological and release order. 

But first, the plot.

Diablo Premise

©Art from the Diablo video game series. – Original

The Diablo series is an action role-playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment. In balance with their other two popular franchises, Starcraft and Warcraft, Diablo dove into the RPG elements with a darker, more horror-like playstyle. The series is known for its dark and gothic atmosphere, intense combat, and addictive loot-based gameplay.

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The game is about the eternal war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. The High Heavens are the realm of angels and order, while the Burning Hells are the domain of demons and chaos.

The central plot usually involves a “powerful and ancient artifact known as the Worldstone, which can shape reality and control the balance between Heaven, Hell, and the mortal realm. The demons seek to corrupt or destroy the Worldstone to gain an advantage, while the forces of good aim to protect it.”

You play as a human living on Sanctuary, stuck in the middle of this eternal war. Both sides are undaunted by human casualties in their conflict of power. As the games progress, humans become the key for either side to rule.

Diablo Main Characters

Diablo is filled with iconic heroes, villains, and allies. They help build the world around you and help Sanctuary feel like a real place. Here is a list of the more popular characters. Some of them make an appearance across multiple games because of their popularity.

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  1. Deckard Cain: A wise and knowledgeable scholar who provides guidance and information to the player throughout the series.
  2. Tyrael: An archangel of the High Heavens who is a pivotal character in the series.
  3. Diablo: The titular character of the series, Diablo is one of the Prime Evils from the Burning Hells.
  4. Mephisto: Another of the Prime Evils, Mephisto is a master of manipulation and deception.
  5. Baal: The third of the Prime Evils, Baal, is a master of destruction and corruption.
  6. Leah: Introduced in “Diablo III,” Leah is the adopted daughter of Deckard Cain.
  7. Adria: A powerful witch and a recurring character in the series.
  8. Auriel: An archangel associated with the aspect of hope.
  9. Imperius: The archangel of valor, Imperius is a powerful and sometimes controversial figure among the angels.
  10. The Nephalem Heroes: The player characters themselves, often referred to as Nephalem.
  11. Zoltun Kulle: A renegade Horadrim sorcerer who plays a significant role in the events of “Diablo III.”
  12. Covetous Shen: An eccentric jewel crafter introduced in “Diablo III,” who adds a touch of humor to the story.

Diablo Achievements

The game is filled with iconic challenges, and the latest addition has a great selection of achievements. Here is a list of the more popular ones.

Diablo IV Achievements

Achievement NameHow to get
Army of BonesSummon 100 Skeleton Mages or Warriors as a Necromancer.
In and OutKill 50 enemies in Melee range and 50 enemies out of Melee range as a Rogue. 
Master of the ElementsKill 100 enemies with Fire, Frost, or Lightning damage as a Sorcerer. 
Convenient CraftsCraft any Elixir and any Incense.
Potent AlterationsUpgrade a piece of Armor, Jewelry, and a Weapon.
Living NightmaresComplete a Sacred and Ancestral Nightmare Dungeon.
Turning the TidesCollect 1000 Aberrant Cinder in Helltide zones.
Chaotic WhispersOpen 10 Caches of Chaos from the Tree of Whispers.
First AidUpgrade your Healing Potion to max tier.
Master CombatantGet 5 PvP kills.
Worldly SlayerKill any World Boss.
Estuar SightseerExplore all of Estuar.
Curious CollectorImprint 10 items at the Occultist with an Aspect from the Codex of Power.
End of the First MotherDefeat Uber Lilith. 
True Perseverance Reach Level 50 with a Hardcore character.
Devoted ProtectorReach Level 100 with any character.

Diablo III Achievements

A Brief ButcheringOn Inferno difficulty, kill the Butcher in under 2 minutes.
A Cut AboveCast Spectral Blade as a killing strike on enemies listed in the menu.
A Fistful of GemsCombine each of the gem types (see menu for list). Reward: Banner Accent.
A Forceful Rebuke
Reflect 8 projectiles with one Wave of Force.
A Guiding Light
Use the Templar as a follower. Reward: Banner Accent
A Miner’s Gold (Cooperative)Complete A Miner’s Gold event in co-op mode
A Miner’s GoldComplete A Miner’s Gold event.
A Nice Place to VisitExplore the (in-game menu) listed areas in New Tristam (see menu).
A Question of Lust
Kill Cydaea. Each difficult awards a banner aspect. Reward: Banner Shape, Sigil, Pattern, and Accent.
A Quick Study
Read all the People lore books in Act I.
A Second to Spare
Escape the crumbling vault under 90 seconds. Reward: Banner Sigil.
A Smash Hit (Cooperative)Destroy Azmodan’s war machines in co-op mode

Diablo II Resurrected Achievements

Baseline BrawlerDefrat 500 Enemies
Adept AggressorDefeat 5000 Enemies
Murder MachineDefeat 10,000 Enemies
Deep PocketsPick up 500,000 Gold
Mr. Money BagsPick up 1,000,000 Gold
Socket to meSocket a gem into an item
Hey there Delilah what’s it like in EastgateComplete Act 1
Greater hydralisk downComplete Act 2
Yes, yes, let the hate flow through youComplete Act 3
Cim Turry slayerComplete Act 4
The destroyer becomes the destroyedComplete Act 5
It’s only 3,520,485,254 XPReach Level 99
Power level 9000!Complete the game on Hell difficulty with the Sorceress
Never doubt my skillsComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Necromancer
Cleanser of the wildernessComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Paladin
Beware, foul demons and beastsComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Barbarian
Purged the land of the shadowComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Amazon
99 problems but a wolf ain’t oneComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Druid
It’s all in the execution!Complete the game on Hell difficulty with the Assassin
Explorer ReportingAcquire all Act waypoints with a character
I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer moveReach Level 99 with a Hardcore Character
Shiny!Use the Horadric Cube to Create a Perfect Gem
All the colors of the rainbowUse the Horadric Cube to Create a Prismatic Amulet
Your service is still requiredRepair and Recharge a Weapon with the Horadric Cube
Do over!Unsocket a Piece of Equipment using the Horadric Cube
It has a purpose!Obtain the Standard of Heroes
I’ll give you 8 SoJ for itObtain the Stone of Jordan
You have my bowHire a Rogue Scout
Poke PokeHire a Desert Mercenary
They call me… TimHire an Iron Wolf

Diablo Series in Release Order

1. Diablo (1996)

©Screenshot from Diablo. – Original

The original masterpiece. The one that set off a franchise that shocked the world. The game was dark and gritty, and full of horror. It was a perfect blend of mystery, adventure, and terror.

2. Diablo II (2000)

©Screenshot from Diablo II. – Original

Blizzard had a instant classic in Diablo II, so much so, that they remastered it more than a decade later.

3. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2001)

©Screenshot from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. – Original

With the popularity of the series, Blizzard had to continue to churn out content. That would include this wonderful expansion.

4. Diablo III (2012)

©Screenshot from Diablo III. – Original

This is where the rules changed. Diablo stopped becoming a single-player masterpiece and into a grind fest. The game was all about repeating the story repeatedly on more complicated and more complex difficulties.

5. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (2014)

©Screenshot from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. – Original

Much like before, Diablo III was such a success that Blizzard released an expansion to build on the story of the previous game.

6. Diablo Immortal (2022)

©Promotional art from Diablo Immortal. – Original

While the game’s announcement will be “memed” forever, it was a pretty good product. Players enjoyed the play style after getting over the fact the game was on mobile.

7. Diablo IV (2023)

©Promotional art from Diablo IV. – Original

Perfection encapsulated. Diablo IV is everything right with the series while removing some of the problems from Diablo III. The storyline was devilishly good, and the game play is addicting. Diablo fans have something to play for years.

Diablo Chronological Order

  1. Diablo (1996)
  2. Diablo II (2000)
  3. Diablo Immortal (2022)
  4. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2001)
  5. Diablo III (2012)
  6. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (2014)
  7. Diablo IV (2023)

The series stays mostly the same even posted in chronological order.

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