King’s Field II Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

The title screen for King's Field II shows a menacing demonic figure.

King’s Field II Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

These days FromSoftware is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in the video game industry. The studio’s iconic Dark Souls franchise contains some of the most beloved RPGs on the market. 2022’s Elden Ring earned FromSoft massive acclaim as well. Last year saw the company’s strong reputation continue with the critically acclaimed mech adventure Armored Core 6. But FromSoft wasn’t always such a household name. RPGs have always been a core part of the company’s identity. However, Dark Souls and its ilk wouldn’t arrive until relatively late in the company’s history. Before all of the most famous FromSoft titles, there was the King’s Field franchise, and, for fans outside of Japan, there was King’s Field II.

King’s Field II Premise

King's Field II players must contend with menacing foes like this skeleton.
King’s Field II players must contend with menacing foes like this skeleton.

©King’s Field II players must contend with menacing foes like this skeleton. – License

Like its predecessor, King’s Field II is a first-person action RPG. Your character traverses a fully 3D environment, slaying monsters and collecting items and weapons while he explores dungeons. While the style is quite dated nowadays, it was richly acclaimed when the game first debuted. Nowadays, King’s Field II has a cult classic status that keeps it prominent even when compared to FromSoft’s modern successes.

While the 1995 game is officially a sequel to the previous year’s King’s Field, which was FromSoft’s first game, it was still many fans’ first exposure to the franchise. King’s Field II was the first FromSoft game to launch internationally. To that end, it launched in the United States as simply King’s Field. Like the Dark Souls trilogy today, however, the games mostly stand on their own. Even though they’re technically connected, American fans in the ’90s weren’t missing too much when they dove into King’s Field II.

The plot of the game follows a prince named Aleph, who journeys to the island of Melanat. He quests to recover the Moonlight Sword, a holy relic sacred to the kingdom of Verdite. This sword should be abundantly familiar to FromSoft fans of all ages. The iconic weapon has appeared in some form in almost every main FromSoftware game to date. Every title in the Dark Souls trilogy has featured this weapon, as has Bloodborne and Elden Ring. Even the sci-fi mech franchise Armored Core features a laser blade with the designation MOONBLADE, an undoubtedly more genre-appropriate callback to the legendary weapon.

King’s Field II Main Characters

NPCs like this one are present throughout the island of Melanat.
NPCs like this one are present throughout the island of Melanat.

Like the Soulslike games that would follow, King’s Field II’s lore is a bit obscure. Luckily, there are several NPCs you can meet who will help you on your journey. Here are some of the most important figures you will meet in King’s Field II. This information comes courtesy of in-game bios, which you can find on the appropriately-named fan wiki Sword of Moonlight.

  • Aleph: The main protagonist of King’s Field II is a Grantiki prince named Aleph. He is a close friend of the King of Verdite, the setting of the first game, and this connection is what causes him to set off on his quest to recover the Moonlight Sword.
  • Earnest Clyde: Earnest is a nobleman from Verdite who sent soldiers to the island. When they went missing, he came to Melanat himself to find out what happened to them.
  • Celffy Foss: This mysterious and ancient merchant who supplies goods to the inhabitants of the Central Village.
  • Raffy Foss: Celffy’s grandson is relegated to the South Village. He sells low-value trinkets because the locals don’t trust him.
  • Cliff Lore: This miner has a rich history of traveling the world, and while he’s an obstinate person, he’s a gentle soul at heart.
  • Dalf Vice: This opportunistic man came to the island of Melanat to hunt for treasures. He planned to use a key he inherited from his ancestors. However, when he lost the key, he began working in the mine to make ends meet.
  • David Tabler: David has a rich reputation as a knight, but he left the life of chivalry behind to become a crystal miner on Melanat.
  • Kehl Hunt: Kehl is a former farmer who came to the island with his twin brother Al. He makes a healthy living trading with Celffy.
  • Al Hunt: Kehl’s twin brother Al was expelled from his old job as chief cook at a castle. He came to the island instead, in search of rare ingredients to cook with.
  • Krola Amgun: A widow whose husband died in an accident, Krola now cares for the local crystal miners.
  • Meryl: Meryl is a mysterious fortune teller who can observe things all over the island using her crystal ball.
  • Karen Shore: A high-elf who traveled to the island from her kinsfolk’s quiet forest home.
  • Leon Shore: Karen’s son is a half-elf who has perfected techniques for crafting with the crystals from Melanat’s mines.
  • Radd Bilheim: Bilheim is another crystal crafter who learned the trade from Leon. He can use the crystals to make magical bottles.
  • Sandler Amgun: A local child, Sandler spends his free time exploring the caves around his village in search of treasure.
  • Dias Bagil: Otherwise known as Necron, this mysterious figure runs the island’s coliseum. Warriors come here to be tested for the Moonlight Greatsword.
  • Nia Bagil: Dias’ sister came to the island to investigate and find her brother after rumors of the emergence of a man named Necron reached her on the mainland.
  • Fai Fadlin: Fai is a friend of Necron’s, who is trying to get his sister to return to the mainland.
  • Miria: This enigmatic specter appears before many warriors, testing them for their ability to wield the legendary Moonlight Sword.
  • Teo and Gigi Budwell: Teo was a former warrior from Verdite who came to the island in order to dig for crystals and use the money to care for his sick daughter Gigi.
  • Rand Ferrer: Rand is a woodsman-turned-miner. You can find him on the island of Melanat, digging for crystals.
  • Mark Wozz: Mark is a thief who fled to Melanat to escape justice. He has opened up a key store for adventurers.
  • Harris Carvitto: Harris is the first inhabitant of the island. He used to be a skilled crystal miner but now he spends the majority of his time tending the grave of his lost friend.
  • Jose Harven: This aspiring treasure hunter is the descendant of local pirates from the region, who came seeking rumors of treasure yet to be uncovered.
  • Guyra: The Great Black Dragon Guyra is the final boss of King’s Field II, and the creator of the legendary Moonlight Sword.

King’s Field II Titles in the Series

King's Field II features some bizarre enemies, like this giant snail.
King’s Field II features some bizarre enemies, including this giant snail.

There has not been a new King’s Field game in many, many years, as FromSoft has moved on to its modern hits. But the developer’s roots run deep, and there were several entries in the series before FromSoft started branching out to titles like Armored Core. If you want to experience the iconic developer’s origins for yourself, here are all the King’s Field games in chronological order.

  • King’s Field (1994)
  • King’s Field II (1995)
  • King’s Field III (1996)
  • Sword of Moonlight: King’s Field Making Tool (2000)
  • King’s Field IV (2001)
  • King’s Field: Additional I (2006)
  • King’s Field: Additional II (2006)

King’s Field II Cheat Codes

Valuable resources can be found in treasure chests.
Valuable resources can be found in treasure chests like this one.

Unfortunately, there are no official cheat codes to be found in King’s Field II. Even in its earliest days, the company was working on the somber, ominous tone that would come to define its future RPGs. This mood would be very hard to maintain with some of the more bombastic and humorous cheat codes seen in other games of the time. That said, however, King’s Field II was just as susceptible to third-party cheat code peripherals as its contemporaries. Using an accessory like the Game Genie, you can increase your stats or unlock key items. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these accessories today, you can find lists of cheats online. Otherwise, you’ll have to play the old fashioned way.

King’s Field II Cheat Code FAQ

How long does it take to beat King’s Field II? If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of King’s Field II, or if you’re just emulating it, you might be wondering how much time you can expect to spend with the game. According to How Long To Beat, the average time it takes to beat King’s Field II is 18-20 hours, with a lower limit of 16 and a half if you just want to power through the main story content.

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