20 Game Series We Want to See Revived

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20 Game Series We Want to See Revived

It is undeniable that over the last 5 years, remakes and remasters have completely dominated the industry. Capcom has been completely running the game with their phenomenal remakes of the classic Resident Evil titles. They haven’t been the only ones putting resources into reimagining old titles, Atlus, Naughty Dog, and even Game Freak have been releasing their classics. Although the titles are some of the best games of the decade so far, there are many other games the fans would like to see get a new coat of paint. Here are 20 game series we want to see revived.

Dino Crisis

It feels like Dino Crisis is all but forgotten by Capcom for the more successful Resident Evil franchise. It can be argued that Dino Crisis needs a remake at this point with the quality of the three games being so varied. Fans have been begging Capcom for years to give some love to the dinosaur horror experience but if they do they shouldn’t just make a Resident Evil clone. Perhaps this game could rely more heavily on survival instead of scares. Fans have also expressed interest in a straight-up reboot when bringing the series into the modern age. No matter what Capcom decides to do, we want to see this game again.

Twisted Metal

©Cover Art for Twisted Metal

  • Average Metascore 75
  • Last Released TitleTwisted Metal (2012)

Funnily enough, the last released title was an attempted reboot of the series. However, it wasn’t given a fair shot as it was plagued with server issues. The Twisted Metal series is a great franchise from a much simpler time in gaming and many fans would love to see it make a return in 2024. Whether it returns in the form of live service/always online title or even something new entirely doesn’t seem to matter to fans. As long as they get their gory vehicular combat they will be happy.

Guitar Hero

  • Average Metascore 80
  • Last Released TitleGuitar Hero Live (2015)

The Guitar Hero franchise holds the hearts of many gamers. The soul of this franchise is living on with the ever-popular fan game, Clone Hero but most fans wouldn’t turn down a new title. In the last decade, music has changed so much and honestly, there is room in the gaming landscape for an official free-to-play Guitar Hero. It would print money but unfortunately, it seems Activision and Harmonix have moved on from the series.

Legacy Of Kain

©The Title Screen – License

  • Average Metascore 83
  • Last Released TitleLegacy of Kain: Defiance (2003)

The Legacy Of Kain series never got a fair shot and many people want to see what it could potentially look like today. Fans of the games think that there is still potential for the franchise and some even think the game could benefit from souls-like level design. With the characters and lore present in this game, many gamers just want to see this story continued in whatever form makes sense. Whether that be a reboot, a remake, or something new entirely.

Sly Cooper

  • Average Metascore 83
  • Last Released Title Sly Cooper Collection (2010)

Sly Cooper fans tend to want a remake over a new entry, especially after the success of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. That isn’t to say that they wouldn’t want a new entry but many believe a remake, at least of the first title, would help bring it in line with the other two titles. Some fans have even expressed the need for a remake trilogy for story cohesion and consistency. While Sucker Punch is gearing up for the rollout of Ghost of Tsushima 2 maybe they could squeeze in a from the ground up remake of Sly Cooper?


Main menu of SSX Tricky on gamecube

©Main menu of SSX Tricky on gamecube – License

  • Average Metascore 86
  • Last Released Title SSX (2012)

This series is a personal favorite of mine. Honestly, the reason this series hasn’t come back is probably just because of the current gaming climate and EA’s place in it. To make a successful AAA title you usually have to appeal to a very wide net of people and snowboarding might be a bit too niche. That being said, fans of this type of snowboarding game would love for a new entry or even a remaster of SSX Tricky would suffice.

Virtua Fighter

Akira has one of the most famously difficult combos in gaming history.
Akira has one of the most famously difficult combos in gaming history.

©Screenshot from Virtua Fighter 2 – License

  • Average Metascore 79
  • Last Released Title Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (2021)

The Virtua Fighter franchise is actually pretty active but fans have been begging Sega for a new title. Today, 3D fighters are very popular with the release of Tekken 8. It’s the perfect climate for a new Virtua Fighter. Especially with every major fighting game franchise slowly making their titles more and more accessible, fans of the difficult mechanics of Virtua Fighter would flock to a new title.


Banjo-Tooie and its predecessor are remembered well for their colorful characters.
Banjo-Tooie and its predecessor are remembered well for their colorful characters.

©Screenshot from Banjo-Tooie – License

  • Average Metascore 77
  • Last Released Title Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (2008)

Rare completely dominated the 90s it felt like they couldn’t fail. Some of Rare’s classics were remade for modern gamers but fans are hoping Banjo-Kazooie gets a similar treatment. The last Banjo game was critically panned and if the series is ever to return fans want it to return to its roots. A new Banjo game that’s a solid well-written collectathon 3D platformer would satisfy fans and introduce a new generation to the series. If that isn’t possible, a from-the-ground remake would suffice.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower – Screenshot

©Clock Tower – Screenshot

  • Average Metascore 59
  • Last Released Title Clock Tower 3 (2003)

Fans of the Clock Tower series are very excited about the chance that this franchise will be revived. Gamers have been very vocal on social media about what they want to see out of the franchise. The point-and-click genre has pretty much died out with games adopting 3D control maybe if this series is remade it can go back to its point-and-click roots. There are plenty of survival horror games this series can pull from for it to return to form.


Darkwatch – Screenshot

©Darkwatch – Screenshot – License

  • Average Metascore 75
  • Last Released Title Darkwatch (2005)

Fans of Darkwatch have been very supportive of a potential remaster. This title kind of just came and went in 2005 but there is potential for a continuation of its themes. This title is important to those who played it because it felt like the first choose-your-own-adventure game that had consequences for player choices. It’s often compared to Black since both titles were released on the original Xbox and then just were lost to the passage of time.

Golden Sun

  • Average Metascore 85
  • Last Released Title Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)

Golden Sun is another title that just seemed to suffer from not being as popular despite its quality. Fans believe that all the series needs for its revival is a good remaster released on the Nintendo Switch. They truly believe that the game’s quality will speak for itself, all it needs is accessibility on modern hardware. The title is available for people to play through the Nintendo Switch Online library as well as emulation but maybe an extra push from Nintendo is what the series needs.

Jet Set Radio

  • Average Metascore 77
  • Last Released Title JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future (2002)

A new Jet Set Radio game is currently in the works but it has a lot of work to do to separate itself from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Fans are extremely excited to see what they decide to do with the IP but some have expressed fears that it may be a live service title. If Sega decides to go down that route, then a remake of the games would be preferred.

Max Payne

  • Average Metascore 87
  • Last Released Title Max Payne 3 (2012)

While Max Payne 3 was a success many fans believe that it didn’t perfectly capture the essence of what made this series so great. Max Payne‘s universe is reminiscent of comic books and there is an inherent silliness that seems to be lacking in the most recent title. If they were to make a new title it definitely would need to go back to its roots. If that isn’t possible, then maybe a remake of the first two would be just fine.

Parasite Eve

A still from a cutscene in Parasite Eve's opening.

©A still from a cutscene in Parasite Eve’s opening. – License

  • Average Metascore 77
  • Last Released Title The 3rd Birthday (2011)

Parasite Eve was one of Square’s more unique releases and many fans want to see it on modern hardware. A survival horror-rpg is an interesting combination that still to this day hasn’t been replicated. With the success of capcom’s Resident Evil Remake series maybe we’ll see something in a similar style from Square Enix. However, that’s unlikely since the owner of the IP and Square are not on good terms. Maybe we’ll see a remaster one day or a remake made by another studio, like Bloober.

Power Stone

  • Average Metascore 80
  • Last Released Title Power Stone 2 (2000)

There was a leak a few years ago that pointed to a remake of Power Stone in the works. With the popularity of Super Smash Bros. this type of game died out but now that Smash is dying down this is the perfect time for a comeback. It probably won’t be popular but fans of the series will be happy if Capcom can recapture that magic.


  • Average Metascore 76
  • Last Released Title Prototype 2 (2012)

People have given up hope on a Prototype revival since Activision has moved away from making single-player-focused games. For those who are still holding onto hope, it seems they are hoping for a reboot. Either way, there is potential for games like this and if this game receives a revival maybe it could open the door for the Infamous Series as well.



©IGDB – License

  • Average Metascore 65
  • Last Released Title The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008)

It has been 6 years since the release of the Reignited Trilogy and no evidence of a new title. It’s safe to assume the Spyro franchise is dead. There have been rumblings of a new title for years but nothing is set in stone. Fans are hoping that something is coming and the developers are just keeping quiet but honestly it isn’t looking good. That being said as long as there are rumblings there is hope.


  • Average Metascore 86
  • Last Released Title Starcraft Remastered (2017)

A new Starcraft is coming, it’s all just a matter of when. The next few years are looking like we might be seeing a resurgence of the RTS genre. With Microsoft buying Activision as well as being one of the few companies still embracing the genre, a Starcraft title is almost guaranteed. The wait however will probably be a long one so Starcraft fans out there stay strong.

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe – Screenshot

©Viewtiful Joe – Screenshot – License

  • Average Metascore 79
  • Last Released Title Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble! (2005)

Hopefully, with the success of Capcom’s other remakes and revivals, we’ll eventually see a Viewtiful Joe remake. Fans believe that it should be coming since Okami was even able to get a remaster. Capcom is very busy at the moment with Resident Evil but once the dust settles, the door is open Capcom. Many fans are waiting for the rereleases and at this point Capcom has no reason not to deliver.

Breath Of Fire

  • Average Metascore 80
  • Last Released Title Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (2003)

The Breath of Fire series is in the same boat as Viewtiful Joe. These last few years have been full of popular JRPG releases so many fans are wondering when Breath of Fire will make a return. Well fans might not have to wait much longer as Capcom filed a new trademark related to Breath of Fire in 2022. Maybe a new entry in the fiery RPG is imminent. Only time will tell.

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