Hitman 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC (And More)

Hitman 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC (And More)

Looking to get the most out of your missions in Hitman 2 (2018)? If you’re ready to push your assassin skills to the limit in Hitman 2 (not to be confused with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin), we can help. Here’s how to equip Agent 47 with some extra advantages to have even more fun.

Hitman 2 Summary

The Hitman series features first-person stealth games specializing in assassination missions from a secretive agency called ICA. But Agent 47, a cloned superhuman, makes John Wick look like a bank teller. The stripped-down approach allows players to focus on how they approach missions through disguises, eliminating targets, and, of course, getaway options.

Hitman 2, like other games in the franchise, benefits from its sandbox nature. That allows players explore the environment and get inventive with stealth, as discovery typically leads to swift failure. Each mission includes primary targets as well as a variety of secondary opportunities.

Agent 47 in Hitman 2 title screen.

©Steam – Original

However, certain actions or takedowns can change how others on the map respond or start guarding additional targets. Doing them all requires patience, skill in making deaths look accidental, and other tricks like instinct mode for spotting security cameras. It can also create hilarious situations based on NPC AI and how crazy players get.

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Hitman 2 Premise

A secret international spy organization called the ICA (International Contract Agency) works to keep a general peace through agent missions. It’s ruthless and specializes in assassinations, but sometimes the alternatives are worse. In this case, the alternative is Providence, a secret cabal of oligarchs, tycoons, and politicians working to control the entire world. ICA and Providence have frequently butted heads in the past, with betrayals and compromises on both sides.

However, in the first of the new era Hitman series, both groups ran into a serious problem. A mysterious terrorist called the Shadow Client has vast knowledge and desires to cause chaos. Shadow Client’s global destruction is so bad that ICA and Providence have called a truce to solve the problem and identify the Shadow Client. That starts with a new series of dangerous missions for cloned super-agent 47, one of ICA’s most successful agents.

Agent 47 is essentially on loan to Providence, and in addition to tracking down the Shadow Client, he also has to do some of their dirty work. This includes assassinations around the world in key spots like Miami and Colombia. On the way, 47 has opportunities to learn more about his past, what he came from, and how to get his memory back. But Providence is difficult to trust, and everyone is on the watch for new betrayals.

Hitman 2 Main Characters

Two characters on rooftop in Hitman 2.
You may be alone, but you’ve still got allies in Hitman 2.

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In Hitman 2, you can expect to run into important characters like:

Agent 47: The bald master of killing and disguise uses every weapon imaginable to carry out his missions. But he doesn’t know much about himself at all due to memory wipes. This is his chance to uncover more of his past, and one of the only reasons he’s working with Providence freely.

Diana Burnwood: Burnwood has long been the voice in 47’s ear, an expert handler giving him all the information he needs for a mission. Now that times are tough, she has agreed to work with ICA again to help track down the Shadow Client. Her investigative services will be vital, but may also put her in danger.

Lucas Grey: This mysterious figure from the past knows Agent 47 well. But his own vendetta against clandestine organizations may put them at odds in a world where nothing is certain.

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The Constant: The title of a top member of Providence. Due to the dangers from the Shadow Client and general mistrust, the board of Providence is losing faith in The Constant. That opens up opportunities for Agent 47, especially when it comes to learning more about Providence.

Janus/The Past: Every Constant is eventually retired…and if they survive, they became The Past. Janus is a spymaster who managed to earn the title, and he’ll do whatever it takes to preserve Providence. However, he also has extremely valuable intel, which makes him a target for Agent 47.

Carl Ingram: Ingram is one of the most powerful partners of Providence. Along with Marcus Stuyvesant and Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, he controls Providence and its various dealings. His identity and location have long been kept a secret, but now everything is changing.

Hitman 2: Titles of Video Games in the Series

Hitman can be a confusing game franchise if you’re trying to track down a specific title, because the series had a major reboot in the 2010s. Unfortunately, it also rebooted the titles, so gamers will find repeats when tracking down games. That’s why this guide is focused on the newer Hitman 2, not the much older Hitman 2: Silent Assassin that showed up on Gamecube. The new Hitman 2, however, was released on PS4, Xbox One, and similar platforms. We know, it’s weird, but the full series, in order, looks like this:

  • Hitman: Codename 47 (2000)
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002)
  • Hitman: Contracts (2004)
  • Hitman: Blood Money (2006)
  • Hitman: Absolution (2014)
  • Hitman (2016)
  • Hitman 2 (2018)
  • Hitman 3 (2021)

Hitman 2 Cheat Codes

Main character on the streets in Hitman 2.
Agnet 47 is ready for anything – are you?

One of the best things about Hitman 2 is unlocking a vast number of ways to deal with guards and targets, either non-lethally or lethally. Those features are typically locked behind experience points in specific areas and leveling up to different Masteries. However, you can’t unlock them via cheat codes, just experimentation. There are a few exceptions, which we’ll detail here.

Secret Treasure and Sacrificial Knife

In one special case, you can unlock a new weapon and achievement with the right tricks. But it’s a little complicated, so let’s go over the precise steps:

  • In the Columbia region, head to the Fishing Shanty area. Go up to the nearby hill to the nearby village and find the small brown shop behind a green building. As the shop renders, you can see the shopkeeper locking the door and leaving. You must disable the shopkeeper and steal his key before he leaves – this can take several tries. Now open the shop with the key (don’t try smashing windows), and take the Gold Idol.
  • Search the nearby fields of the village to find the Shaman. You’ll need to steal his entire outfit, which can take some ingenuity to not raise suspicion. One method is to use an Emetic Flower, which you can find nearby, to poison him.
  • Once you have the Gold Idol and Shaman Costume, it’s time to go to the Altar Cavern. Head to the Construction Site on the same map. At the entrance to the Construction Site (without heading inside), look for a rope holding a log over the river. If you shoot the rope, the log will drop and you can cross the river to find the entrance to the Altar Cavern.
  • Find the space in the right stone carving where you can insert the Gold Idol. This should slide back a fake wall that in turn reveals a hidden vault. However, it’s filled with an Indiana Jones-style dart trap that requires you to step on the right path on the squares set into the floor.
  • Begin at the second right from the left. Now follow these steps: 3 squares forward, 3 squares to the right, 2 squares forward, 1 square left, 1 square forward, 2 squares left, 2 squares right, 2 squares forward, 1 square left, 1 square forward.
  • Now you can select the altar to receive the Burial Knife. This unlocks an achievement, and gives you the Sacrificial Knife as a weapon. The dart traps will now be harmless when you head back.

Hitman 2 Exits

Hitman 2 also has a set of special events that you can unlock generally called Exits. An Exit is a special form of getaway after you complete a mission, typically very zany. Here are the special Exits available for Hitman 2 and a summary on how to unlock them when you’re ready.

Colombia: The Umbrella Exit

This is the easiest Exit and makes a great first attempt. In the Colombia region, finish your underground mission and head out into the sunlit Fishing Village. At the end of one of the first piers, look out across the river and find a yellow umbrella stuck in the jungle. Shoot it down, and wait for it to appear in front of you. Select it, and you’ll fly away like Mary Poppins.

Miami: The Dolphin Exit

At the beginning of your mission in Miami, you have the option to visit the kitchen in the nearby driver’s lounge. Steal a fish from the preparation areas here. Once you have eliminated your targets, head to the offshore fountain with chrome dolphins. Select the fish from your inventory, and move toward the dolphin statues when you’re ready. You’ll now speed away surfing a pair of dolphins.

Miami: The Flamingo Exit

For a more complicated challenge, you can arrange a very different exit in Miami. You’ll need to wear a Flamingo mascot costume (one of your options when starting), after which point you can run along the stands until you get to the outskirts and locate the Thwack Game Stand and take a Flamingo Photo.

Now, you’ll have to find a Flamingo mascot and safely knock them out with detection, then drag them to the Test Firing Range. Your best bet is to find a back route through security offices and the back stairs. Remove Firing Range attendants, place the mascot on the range, and scan the Flamingo photo at the test dummy. The dummy will fire on the mascot, and now all NPCs will be wearing Flamingo mascots. Since you’re in costume too, you can safely take down whoever you meet on the way to the landing pad of the building. Once there, you’ll flap away into the sky. This also nets you the Pink Army achievement.

Hitman 2 Cheat Code FAQs

See below for common questions about Hitman 2 and how it works, especially when enabling cheat modes.

I Can Find Cheat Codes for Hitman 2 Online, Why Aren’t You Showing Any?

Two important reasons. First, the early game Hitman 2: Silent Assassin does have cheat codes, which you can use to unlock a variety of features or modes. This article is focusing on the more recent Hitman 2 (2018), which has far more limited options for cheat codes.

The second reason is that when Hitman 2 first dropped, some more casual blogs may have confused the older Hitman 2 and the newer version. That led to claims that certain codes would work with Hitman 2, when they were actually very old codes for Silent Assassin. So goes the internet.

I’m Actually Playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and I’m Wondering if There Are Any Cheat Codes?

There are! However, you will have to do some work to enable them, including altering some game files. We have a complete guide on how to do it here.

Do Cheat Codes on Hitman 2 Disable Any Achievements?

The cheats in the title are all in-game and primarily cosmetic in nature. They’re not going to disable any achievements. On the contrary, some of them can give you new achievements that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

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