Animal Crossing DLC: Is It Worth the Nook Miles?

An official promotional image for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Animal Crossing DLC: Is It Worth the Nook Miles?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a 2020 simulation game developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo. It was released exclusively for Nintendo Switch, right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a huge surge in sales as players flocked to their own homes.

As the fifth main iteration of the Animal Crossing franchise, the game continued to expand on what players had come to love about the series. The end result was massive acclaim from critics and fans alike. Given it remains the second best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch, you might expect there to be a ton of DLC and post-launch support for the game. However, that hasn’t necessarily been the case.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC

New Horizons promo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just one piece of DLC: Happy Home Paradise. The focus of this DLC is to allow players to design vacation homes for other islanders, with a wide array of customization options. It’s a spiritual sequel to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, with many of the same features in the gameplay loop.

The DLC puts a big focus on progression. As you design more homes, more customization options become available to you. For example, you gain the ability to polish furniture with different effects after a while, which allows you to really tweak the nitty-gritty details of your Animal Crossing vacation homes. Your pay increases with each one you complete, and you’ll even unlock new outfits as you progress.

Happy Home Paradise for Animal Crossing: New Horizons also introduces a few new characters, Niko and Wardell, who’ll help you in the Paradise Planning office. Lottie also returns from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, where she works alongside the duo. It’s not the most story-heavy DLC, which is right in line with the rest of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC Worth It?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Screenshot of scenery

At $24.99, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Overall, we’re going to say it’s actually not worth it for most players. That’s not to say the content isn’t good – it’s great. There just isn’t much of it.

It’s a pack that really only adds one feature – the ability to design vacation homes. All of the other smaller details of Happy Home Paradise mostly work to serve that feature, which isn’t enough to justify a cost of $24.99. It’s something that probably could’ve (and perhaps should’ve) been in the base game from the start, which only adds to the frustration of the price.

If you’re an Animal Crossing fanatic who is hellbent on buying Happy Home Paradise, we’re at least happy to report that it’s good, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun with it. While we would say wait until Happy Home Paradise goes on sale, Nintendo is notorious for very rarely discounting their games and DLCs. If you’re going to pick it up, it’s likely you’ll be paying a privilege for the pleasure.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC Tips and Tricks

Every single villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons requests a different theme for their very own vacation homes. These themes all come with their own furniture, which you can change once you unlock the ability to suggest themes to villagers.

So you’re prepared for each and every request, we’ve put together this list of every villager request in Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Designer DLC:

AceThe Fishin’ HoleCooler Box, Outdoor Folding Chair, Yacht
AdmiralCool Country CabinRetro Fan, Water Pump, Bamboo Noodle Slide
Agent STraining Grounds For A HeroSpeed Bag, Shower Booth, Barbell
AgnesThe Artiest Art MuseumPoster Stand, Elaborate Display Case, Decorative Pillar
AlGymnastics School For KidsSchool Locker, Ball Catcher, Pull-Up-Bar Stand
AlfonsoCastle Sky CakeDessert Case, Yule Log, Crescent-Moon Chair
AliceAn Antique CottageFancy Tea Set, Serving Cart, Simple Sofa
AlliMy Mushroom ForestMush Low Stool, Mush Table, Log Garden Lounge
AmeliaBeloved Hanging GardenScreen, Japanese Style Meal, Super-Premium Nigirizushi
AnabelleAnabelle’s Gathering GardenElegant Sofa, Park Clock
AnchovyA Place Where They Sell HatsJuicy-Apple TV, Apple Chair, Fruit Basket
AngusA Lighthouse LifestyleFish Container, Lighthouse, Wave Breaker
AnicottiPizza-Party HqStonework Kitchen, Pizza Margherita, Brick Oven
AnkhaAncient OasisGolden Dung Beetle, Elegant Mirror
AnnalisaSecret Supper ClubJuicy-Apple TV, Apple Chair, Fruit Basket
AnnaliseA Home With A TerraceNatural Garden Table, Natural Garden Chair, Evergreen Ash
AntonioA Simple StrongholdSimple Table, Simple Chair, Simple Bed
ApolloA Home In The RoughRuined Decorated Pillar, Ruined Broken Pillar
AppleMy Own Apple OrchardJuicy-Apple TV, Apple Chair, Fruit Basket
AstridJam Space For The BandDrum Set, Rock Guitar, Silver Mic
AudieDJ Party ZoneDJ’s Turntable, Record Box, Floor Monitor
AuroraA Florist’s Flower ShopFlower Display Case, Flower Stand, Flower Garden Wagon
AvaMy Gastronomy GardenKitchen Island, Microwave, Bread
AveryRocky RefugeGarden Rock, Tall Garden Rock, Stone Arch
AxelMy Muscular Sweets StoreAnalog Kitchen Scale, Mixed-Fruits Pie, Cooking Tools
AzaleaHouse Of Green FurniturePear Wardrobe, Iron Garden Table, Iron Garden Chair
BaabaraA Ballet StudioStudio Spotlight, Stage Lights
BamMy Cooking LifeRice Cooker, bathroom Sink
BangleAnimal-Stuff AbodeLeopard Tee, Touchscreen Cash Register
BaroldA Hot-Pot Potluck PlaceStewpot, Kotatsu
BeaMy Own Garden PlotFlower Display Case, Potted Starter Plants, Flower Bed
BeardoA Proper English GardenFancy Tea Set, Iron Garden Bench, Flower Bed
BeauMy Own Personal Picnic ParkPicnic Basket, Pull-Apart Bread, Basket Bag
BeckyA Place For Choir PracticeMusic Stand, Grand Piano, Piano Bench
BellaMy Voice-Training StudioAir Purifier, High-End Stereo, Silver Mic
BenedictA Space Station All To MyselfSatellite, Space Shuttle, Moon
BenjaminA Restful, Rural RetreatRetro TV, Wheat Field, Handcart
BerthaBungalow Of Cozy BasketsFruit Basket, Picnic Basket, Rattan Towel Basket
BettinaA Peerless PatisserieDessert Case, Afternoon Tea Set, Dessert Carrier
BiancaMy Winter WonderlandFrozen Sculpture, Ski Rack, Three-Tiered Snowperson
BiffAlien Cyborg LabAmazing Machine, U.F.O., Science Pod
Big TopA Hero’s BuffetDouble Door Refrigerator, Rice Cooker, Soup Kettle
BillMy Old Summertime ShelterShaved-Ice Maker, Beach Ball, Melon Soda
BillyA Place For PotteryBrick Oven, Classic Pitcher, Modeling Clay
BiskitA Personal Park To Picnic InGarden Faucet, Outdoor Folding Chair, Picnic Basket
BittyMy Fashion-Mag OfficeMagazine, Slr Camera
BlaireA Home With Fruit FlavorClothes Closet, Cardboard Box
BlancaUp To You
BlancheA House That Looms LargeLoom, Elaborate Kimono Stand
BlathersUp To You
BluebearA Sweet Candy WorkshopStand Mixer, Ranch Kitchen, Cooking Tools
BobA Blooming Indoor GardenRed Tulips, Yellow Tulips, White Tulips
BonbonBest House On The BlockGiant Vine, Inflatable Plaza Toy, Glowing Moss Statue
BonesA Pup’s PlaypenMini Circuit, Tricycle, playground Gym
BookerUp To You
BoomerClassic Coffee CaféOld Sewing Machine, Street Organ, Mug
BooneDusty Desert DwellingCactus, Covered Wagon, Brick Well
BootsA Peaceful Working FarmHandcart, Chainsaw, Tractor
BorisA Music Producer’s HomeSampler, Pa Speaker, Silver Mic
BoydHeavy-Duty Safety ZoneExcavator, Bulldozer, Steamroller
BreeToy Box From My DreamsToy Box, Dress-Up Doll, Dinosaur Toy
BrewsterUp To You
BroccoloA Wheat-Harvest HomeWheat Field, Brick Oven, Scarecrow
BroffinaAnticipation StationPublic Bench, Street Trash Can
BruceMy Board-Game ParadiseBoard Game, Cool Dining Table, Instant Noodles
BubblesMy Seaside Photo StudioBistro Table, Poolside Bed, Wave Breaker
BuckLocker-Room LodgeShower Booth, Outdoor Bench, Upright Locker
BudSeaside Sports ArenaScoreboard, Volleyball Net, Lifeguard Chair
BunnieA Colorful Sewing SanctuarySturdy Sewing Box, Sewing Project, Sewing Machine
ButchA Dog Run For A Running DogGarden Table, Garden Chair, Wild Log Bench
BuzzA Traditional Tea ShopYunomi Teacup, paper Lantern, zen Low Table
C.J.Up To You
CallyA Home For Hanging LaundryDeluxe Washer, Drying Rack, Clothesline Pole
CamofrogA Natural GetawaySleeping Bag, Campfire, Wild Log Bench
CanberraInternational EateryChaffing Dish, Nigirizushi, Fried Rice
CandiMy Crafty CabinSewing Project, Ironing Set, Sturdy Sewing Box
CarmenChâteau D’chocolateBirthday Cake, Dessert Case, Cacao Tree
CarolineDreamy Country-Ranch HomeAntique Wardrobe, Ranch Bed, Ranch Chair
CarrieGreen Space For My ChildBaby Bed, Flower Bed, Stroller
CashmereMy Private BeachBeach Chairs With Parasol, Beach Ball, Sand Castle
CelesteUp To You
CeliaA Refined Reading ResidenceElegant Bed, Wooden Book Shelf, Elegant Sofa
CephalobotMy Other HomeUnknown Machine, Gear Tower, Meter And Pipes
CesarA Half-Built HouseCone, Safety Barrier, Cement Mixer
ChabwickChabwick’s SmokehouseSmoker, Firewood
ChadderA Cheese-Maker’s ChâteauTable With Cloth, Milk Can, Stewpot
ChaiA Cute Space For Fluffy StuffCinnamoroll Sofa, Cinnamoroll Parasol
CharliseThe Greenest Of GardensWooden Simple Bed, Wooden Chest, Plant Partition
ChelseaMy Own Fairy-Tale ForestFrosted Cookies, Swinging Bench, Mush Parasol
CheriA Fruity-Smoothie Fort
CherryA Runway For A Fashion ShowChanging Room, Hanger Rack, Powder-Room Booth
ChesterMy Dream Bamboo GardenBamboo Bench, Bamboo Partition
ChevreWorld’s Safest VaultJail Bars, Pile Of Cash, Safe
ChiefGarage Space For My PalsTool Shelf, Paint Cans, Tool Cart
ChipUp To You
ChopsThe Winner’s Circle
ChowA Humble Life
ChrissyStar-Model Showcase
ClaudeHome Game HideawayArcade Fighting Game, Arcade Seat, Crane Game
ClaudiaVintage Jazz Café
ClayClay’s House Of ChillsSimple Well, Creepy Skeleton, Decayed Tree
CleoA Home Bathed In EleganceClaw-Foot Tub, Casablanca Lilies, Rattan Towel Basket
ClydeWood-Burning Bungalow
CoachTrack-Meet Training GroundsExercise Ball, Cone, Scoreboard
CobbSecret Research Lab
CocoCoco-Style Retro LivingUnglazed Dish Set, Pot
ColeMy Island ResortRattatan Armchair, Coconut Milk, Beach Chairs With Parasol
ColtonHouse Of Tea And SweetsAfternoon-Tea Set, Tea Set, Bistro Set
CookieThe Ultimate Pop-Star Café
CopperUp To You
CousteauFamily-Style Restaurant
CranstonA Nice Rice Paradise
CroquePopular Ramen Restaurant
CubeEco-Friendly Factory
CurlosHouse Of Eternal Toy DayBig Festive Tree, Holiday Candle, Illuminated Tree
CurlyGame-Development Studio
CurtA Painter’s RetreatIron Garden Table, Iron Garden Chair, Painting Set
CydMy Streaming HH
CyranoConstruction Job Site
CyrusUp To You
DaisySanta’s Favorite HouseIlluminated Present, Big Festive Tree, Holiday Candle
Daisy MaeUp To You
DeenaThe Old School Gym
DeirdreA Little Slice Of FallLeaf Campfire, Mush Table, Tree’s Bounty Lamp
DelA Cabin For My Sea VoyageLife Ring, Palm-Tree Lamp.
DeliCurry Kitchen
DerwinMy Smart Study Space
DianaA Place To MeditateAroma Pot, Fortune-Telling Set, Elegant Lamp
DigbyUp To You
DivaIsland Power Spot
DizzyA Fun Yard For Playing
DobieThe Author’s RetreatCypress Bathtub, Essay Set, Shoji Divider
DocA Children’s Library
DomHouse Of Gizmos
Don ResettiUp To You
DoraA Serious Home GardenGlowing-Moss-Jar Shelves, Brick Well, Handcart
DottyA Fair Floral Greenhouse
Dr. ShrunkUp To You
DragoMy Lucky Lodgings
DrakeHome Of The Bread Refill
DriftA Vacation Home With A Well
EdDinner-Party CentralKitchen Island, Table Setting, Table With Cloth
EgbertA Niche Full Of NumbersColorful Wheel
EliseSpectacle Collector’s Home
EllieA Sweet SpaceCandy Machine, Soft-Serve Lamp, Cotton-Candy Stall
ElmerA Bustling Sock Store
EloiseMy Relaxing Reading RoomRocking Chair, Stack Of Books, Wooden Bookshelf
ElvisCastle For A KingThrone, Castle Gate, Castle Tower
ErikA Hut In The Mountains
ÉtoileHome For Handicrafts
EugeneA Place To Tell My StoryTV Camera, Studio Spotlight, Cool Low Table
EuniceCozy Winter CabinStewpot, Sewing Project, Wood-Burning Stove
FaithMarching-Band HqClarinet, Snare Drum, Trumpet
FangChic Chair Chalet
FaunaMy Piano HangoutFlower Stand, Grand Piano, Velvet Stool
FelicityFelicity’s Talk ShowPodium, Lecture-Hall Bench, Flower Stand
FilbertDriver’s Ed. Study LoungeSpace Shuttle, Vehicle Cabin Seat, Minicar
FlickUp To You
FlipA Relaxing SpaBath Bucket, Bath Stool, Square Bathtub
FloA Guitarist’s HomeRock Guitar, Floor Monitor, Amp
FloraA Fortress As Flush As Flora
FlurryFlurry’s House Of Flurries
FrancineHome For A Classy DesignerHanging Clothing Rack, Sewing Machine, Chrissy’s Photo
FrankMy High-Up HomeClimbing Wall, Pull-Up-Bar Stand
FranklinUp To You
FrecklesAn Underwater Utopia
FrettA Sports Fan’s Dugout
FreyaA Pro Chef’s KitchenKitchen Stove, Kitchen Counter, Cooking Tools
FrigaA Movie-Projection PalacePopcorn Snack Set, Projection Screen
FritaMy Fast-Food RestaurantBussing Station, Standing Shop Sign, Diced-Salad Sandwich Set
FrobertA Backflip Bungalow
FuchsiaMy Manor Of Mischief
GabiA Place With A Piano
GalaA Bank For Everyone
GastonThe Local Doctor’s Office
GayleMy Home On The PrairieNordic Chair, Green-Leaf Pile, Pergola
GenjiA Place To Play Go
GigiAn Actress’s GreenroomCasablanca Lilies, Changing Room, Powder-Room Booth
GladysRefined Japanese GardenPaper Lantern, Deer Scare, Tall Lantern
GloriaA Stylish But Functional SpotNordic Chair, Nordic Shelves, Nordic Table
GoldieA Real Chef’s ChâteauMixer, Ranch Cupboard, Ranch Kitchen
GonzoCampground For GlampingLog Chair, Log Dining Table, Outdoor Kitchen
GooseMy Wake-Up Waypoint
GracieUp To You
GrahamOffice For A Venture Capitalist
GramsUp To You
GretaAn Inn With A Hot SpringPaper Lantern, Outdoor Bath, Bamboo Bench
GrizzlyA Magnificent Mansion
GrouchoA Real Farmer’s Farm
GruffHouse Of HorrorsVideo Camera, Creepy Skeleton, Western-Style Stone
GullivarrrUp To You
GulliverUp To You
GwenA Trendy Spa
HamletMy Own Soccer FieldStadium Lights, Ball
HamphreyA Smoky RoomSmoker, Fire Pit
HansMy Personal Ski Slope
HarrietUp To You
HarryMy Messy Manor
HarveyUp To You
HazelComic Artist’s WorkplaceWooden Waste Bin, Scattered Papers, Cartoonist’s Set
HenryA Voyage Of Self-Discovery
HippeuxLegendary Art Studio
HopkinsBouncy Balloon Bungalow
HopperA Lifeguard’s Lodgings
HornsbyGateway To The Sky
HuckHuck’s Adventure CampElegant Sofa, Western-Style Stone, Cave
HughA Place To Sleep And EatFuton, Instant Noodles, Simple Table
IgglyElite Cooling StationFan, Frozen-Treat Set, Barbell
IkeRetro Ice-Cream ShopWood-Plank Table, Shaved-Ice Maker, Retro Ice-Cream Case
IoneA Diva’s DwellingVirgo Harp, elegant Bed, Valiant Statue
IsabelleA Moment Of Relaxation
JackUp To You
JacobInventor’s Workshop
JacquesThe Most Exclusive ClubDJ’s Turntable, Laptop, Sampler
JambetteMy Beauty-School DreamDesk Mirror, Makeup Pouch, Whiteboard
JayA Street For SportsSkateboard, Basketball Hoop, Fence
JeremiahHouse Of Nap
JingleUp To You
JittersA Futsal Fortress
JoanUp To You
JoeyA Café That’s Also A SpaRattan Armchair, Rattan End Table, Iced Caffé Latte
JudyJudy’s Recital Hall
JuliaA Place To Enjoy My GuitarAcoustic Guitar, Music Stand, Wooden Stool
JulianCloud-Nine Chalet
JuneMy Very Own Pharmacy
K.K. SliderUp To You
KabukiAn Authentic Art MuseumPaper Tiger, Samurai Suit
Kapp’nUp To You
KatieUp To You
KatrinaUp To You
KattA Rockin’ AmphitheaterSilver Mic, Electric Bass, Stage Lights
KeatonMy Beachside Café
KenA Dojo For Ninjas And SamuraiBow, Samurai Suit, Sword
KetchupTomato ParadiseGas Range, Salad-Stuffed Tomato, Pile Of Cardboard Boxes
KevinPlanet Peace Force Hq
KicksUp To You
Kid CatA Hero’s Secret BaseServer, Throwback Rocket
KiddPro Photo StudioStudio Spotlight, SLR Camera
KikiMy Seafood Snack Bar
KittA Home Full Of AppliancesDeluxe Washer, Vacuum Cleaner
KittyAn Open-Air Café
KlausA Life In AntiquityAquarius Urn, Ruined Arch
KnoxCastle Of The Noble KnightDouble-Edged Sword, Plate Armor
KodyA Blue Bodybuilding Base
KyleA Home With Cool Lighting
LabelUp To You
LeifUp To You
LeilaUp To You
LeilaniUp To You
LeonardoSports Star’s Field HouseVolleyball Net, Scoreboard, PA Speaker
LeopoldCamper’s ParadiseFire Pit, Wild Log Bench, Campfire Cookware
LilyA Calm Clearing In NatureHumidifier, Glowing-Moss Stool, Schefflera
LimbergA Self-Sufficient Homestead
LionelRestroom RefugePlain Sink, Standing Toilet, Tankless Toilet
LoboA Retro Residence
LollyAn Emcee’s Training Grounds
LopezMy Piece Of The Big CityCool Low Table, Hi-Fi Stereo
LottieUp To You
LouieAn Actual Jungle Gym
LuchaA Real Wrestling Ring
LuckyThe Cradle Of CivilizationGolden Casket, Ruined Arch, King Tut Mask
LucyDoll ManorDollhouse, Dolly
LunaUp To You
LyleUp To You
LymanA Variety Of VeggiesSalad Bar, Veggie Sandwich, Pickled Veggies
MabelUp To You
MacCamp Mac
MaddieStylish Streamer EstateNordic Sofa, Studio Spotlight, Video Camera
MaelleA Boutique For My Top Brands
MaggieGarden Of RegenerationFlower Bed, Garden Chair, Garden Table
MallaryRelaxing Hot-Spring Resort
MapleA Bountiful Bear BungalowMama Bear, Papa Bear, Ranch Wardrobe
MarcelLuxury Bathroom With A View
MarcieA Homey Daycare DwellingBaby Bed, Dollhouse, High Chair
MargieA Very Fancy Boutique
MarinaMarina’s Underwater PalaceAquarius Urn, Shell Stool, Shell Table
MarloA Movie-Star MansionDen Chair, Den Desk, Rotary Phone
MarshalRetro Café Cabin
MartyCome-And-Go Calorie CastlePompompurin Pudding, Yoga Mat, Milk Can
MathildaAn Eco-Friendly EnvironmentCasablanca Lilies, Fan Palm, Hammock
MeganA Place For Dreamy Thrills
MelbaFairy-Tale WorldMush Low Stool, Mush Table, Plaza Arch
MerengueDessert R & D Dept.Store Shelf, Mixed-Fruits Tart, Cooking Tools
MerryA Spot To Model MyselfPainting Set, Moving Painting, Box-Shaped Seat
MidgeMidge’s Beauty Barn
MintThe Ice-Cream ShoppeIce-Cream Display, Soft-Serve Lamp
MiraMy Cutting-Edge KeepCold Sleep Pod, Crew Member’s Seat, Strategic Meeting Table
MirandaAn Elite Cross-Training Gym
MitziMitzi’s Mountaintop EaterySenmaizuke Barrel, Azumaya Gazebo, Zen Bench
MoeA Magician’s Mystery ManorStage Lights, Cards, Magic Kit
MollyA Tiny Publishing House
MoniqueAn Elegant Euro Pied-À-TerreElegant Bed, Elegant Dresser, Elegant Lamp
MontyMystery-Solver Club
MooseHome With A Hoop
MottA Physicist’s Home
MuffyRenaissance ManorAntique Clock, Antique Mini Table, Street Lamp With Banners
MurphySmall-Town FactorySolar Panel, Inspection Equipment, Amazing Machine
NanA Luxury Hotel
NanaA Park For The PeckishBread, Picnic Basket, Plastic Bench
NaomiThe Art CaféArtsy Chair, Elaborate Display Case, Artsy Table
NatUp To You
NateHouse Of Cardboard
NibblesNibbles’s Study SpaceBread, picnic Basket, Plastic Bench

NormaA Place Packed With Plants
O’hareTropical ParadiseBeach Chairs With Parasol, Beach Chair, Palm-Tree Lamp
OctavianA Window To The Sea
OlafA Stellar EstateWhirlpool Bath, Antique Bed
OliveMy Everyday Ice-Cream Parlor
OliviaPortal To The Land Of Nod
OpalGarden Of SerenityRattan Armchair, Incense Burner, Gazebo
OrvilleUp To You
OzzieHealth Examination StationStadiometer, Hospital Bed, Medicine Chest
PancettiA Place For The Best RestElegant Bed, Aroma Pot, Humidifier
PangoUltimate Beauty Salon
PaoloPaolo’s Prep Kitchen
PapiShrine To Wooden FurnitureRocking Chair, Serving Cart, Wooden Table
PascalUp To You
PashminaFlower-Art Atelier
PateA Wired Cafe
PattyA Grilling Paradise
PaulaAll-Night Karaoke Club
PavéUp To You
PeachesA Shrine To Roundness
PeanutPeanut’s Americana MuseumCherry Pie, Diner Neon Sign, Jukebox
PecanA Chic And Relaxing Home
PeckHome Field For A SportsmanSurfboard, Golf Bag, Sporty Shades
PeeweeElite Sports Gym
PeggySupermarket Full Of Samples
PekoeMy Own Zen Resort
PellyUp To You
PenelopeMy Ever-After Home
PeteUp To You
PetriTeatime TerraceRattan Armchair, Rattan Low Table, Tea Set
PhilThe Sight Of Myself In SpaceNova Light, Asteroid, Lunar Lander
PhineasUp To You
PhoebeA Place To Fan The FlamesCampfire, Bonfire, Stage Flame Machine
PhyllisUp To You
PierceHis Majesty’s Royal Gym
PietroPietro’s World Of DreamsPlaza Balloon Wagon, Plaza Ferris Wheel, Plaza Game Stand
PinkyA Feng Shui Field
PiperA Soothing Spa SuiteCoconut Milk, Shell Partition, Rattan Low Table
PippyA Very Convenient Store
PluckyA Home For The Hula LifeUkelele, Portable Record Player, Hammock
PompomA Fabulous Yard
PonchoA Prairie Western Home
PoppyPet Plushie PalaceBirdcage, Hamster Cage, Puppy Plushie
PorterUp To You
PortiaA Venue For Timeless Music
PrinceA Monster ArenaRobot Hero, Monster Statue
PuckHouse Of Sports And SweetsBall, Basketball Hoop, Ice-Cream Display
PuddlesA Lovely Getaway
PudgeMy Pretentious PalaceLucky Gold Cat, Pile Of Cash, Safe
PunchyA Vacation-Home Treat
PurrlPurrl’s Japanese House
QueenieContrast CourtyardCool Sofa, Mama Panda, Office Cabinet
QuillsonMy Own Recording Studio
QuinnA Place To Express Myself
RaddleMad Scientist’s LairLab Chair, Amazing Machine, Lab-Experiments Set
RasherNot-Too-Serious Secret Base
RaymondA Home Tailored For MeAntique Console Table, Covered Counter, Old Sewing Machine
ReddUp To You
ReeseUp To You
RenéeTotal Blank SlateUtility Pole, Cruiser Bike, Fence
ReneighFancy-Party HouseCovered Counter, Pool, Amazing Painting
ResettiUp To You
RexA Place To Climb Mountains
RhondaA Home For Pleasant Dreams
RibbotA Gym Full Of HandlesCapsule-Toy Machine, Candy Machine, Minicar
RickyThe Halls Of MedicineExam Table, Skeleton, Whiteboard
RillaA Chart-Topping Chalet
RioWorkout WorkshopExercise Bike, Treadmill, Yoga Mat
RizzoA Secret Hideaway
RoaldA Wannabe’s Racetrack
RobinA Classical Estate
RoccoRocco’s Danger ZoneCone, safety Barrier
RocketA Respite For Heroes
RodA Pirate’s Secret Hideaway
RodeoMy Wizardly WatchtowerSuspicious Cauldron, Glowing-Moss Jar
RodneyMovie-Magic Studio
RolfAn Alfresco Apartment
RooneyBoxing Gym
RoryA Tropical Ocean Paradise
RoscoeMonotone House
RosieMy Very Own Talent Agency
RoswellMy Mystery WorkshopForbidden Altar, Ancient Statue, Glowing-Moss Pond
RoverUp To You
RowanGolden Shop
RubyA Place To Admire The MoonTelescope, Moon, Lunar Rover
RudyIndoor Ball Sports Arena
SableUp To You
SaharahUp To You
SallyA Napping Field
SamsonA Treasure-Packed Gym
SandyAn Oasis For RunnersPlush Massage Chair, Shower Booth, Water Cooler
SashaMoon-Shot ManorAsteroid, Moon
SavannahMy Desert Oasis
ScootA School With A Pool
ShariHouse Of PerennialsLily Record Player, Mum Cushion, Rose Bed
SheldonTraffic-Safety HubPlush Massage Chair, shower Booth, Water Cooler
ShepSounds Of The Street
SherbMy Fantasy Theme ParkCotton-Candy Stall, park Bench
ShinoA Stage To Jam For JapanZen Bench, Silver Mic, Bamboo Speaker
SimonCool Car Lot
SkyePainting SchoolLily Record Player, mum Cushion, Rose Bed
SlyMy Hide-And-Seek Jungle
SnakeThe Ultimate Chef Dojo
SnootySnooty’s Indoor Swim ClubCotton-Candy Stall, Park Bench
SoleilA Relaxing Summer Home
SparroA Gamer’s BunkerArcade Fighting Game, Capsule-Toy Machine, Crane Game
SpikeHeart Of The CityShower Booth, Cool Sofa, Skateboard
SporkWee Library In The Fall Woods
SprinkleCastle Of ColdFrozen-Drink Machine, Frozen Sculpture, Frozen Tree
SprocketThe Robo DepotConveyor Belt, Robot Arm, Tin Robot
StaticA Thrill-Seeker’s Hideaway
StellaMy Pink Palace
SterlingSci-Fi Sterling’s Station
StinkyA Padded Ring For Romping
StitchesA Toy Box Full Of ColorsDocument Stack, Plant Partition, Wooden Waste Bin
StuA Home With Woodsy SmellsFirewood, Log Decorative Shelves, Owl Clock
SydneyA Working Vacation HomeCopy Machine, Document Stack, Plant Partition
SylvanaHome Of The Salad Life
SylviaA Family-Friendly PoolGarden Faucet, High Chair, Plastic Pool
T-BoneA Place That Stirs The Soul
TabbyA Scary Old HospitalHospital Bed, Skeleton, Operating-Room Cart
TadDreams Of Strength TrainingClimbing Wall, Full-Length Mirror, Electric Kick Scooter
TammiHouse Of Free RefillsEspresso Maker, Water Cooler
TammyMy Piece Of Pasta Paradise
TangyA Vivid VivariumDiner Chair, Rocket Lamp, Throwback Race-Car Bed
TankTabletop-Game GroundsBingo Wheel, Die, Board Game
TashaAn Orange PlaceCool Sofa, Orange End Table
TeddyAlways On The Move
TexPractice Studio For The Band
TiaA Perfect Tea-Party PalaceAfternoon-Tea Set, Fancy Tea Set, Lily Record Player
TianshengPeach ParadiseImperial Screen, Imperial Chest, Azumaya Gazebo
TiffanyCeleb Hideaway
TimbraStar-Filled SanctuaryNova Light, Telescope, Crescent-Moon Chair
Timmy And TommyExcavating Fossils
TipperTipper’s RanchMilk Can, Lawn Mower, Storefront
TobyA Peaceful Patio
TomA Primal Boxing RingPunching Bag, Speed Bag
Tom NookUp To You
TortimerUp To You
TrufflesQuiz-Show Soundstage
TuckerArmchair Archaeology DigForbidden Altar, Ancient Statue, Stone Arch
TutuA Place To Literally ChillShaved-Ice Maker, Windflower Fan
TwiggyA Lively Party SpaceBox Corner Sofa, Box Sofa, Karaoke System
TybaltA Slugger’s DugoutBaseball Set
UrsalaA Flowery BoweryFlower Stand, Casablanca Lilies, Flower Display Case
VelmaVelma’s SchoolhouseHomework Set, Lecture-Hall Desk
VestaHome With A FireplaceFireplace, Rocking Chair, Old Sewing Machine
VicAn Adventurer’s Home BaseDouble-Edged Sword, Barrel, Cave
VictoriaA Cute Cottage In YellowDreamy Bed, Cute Lamp, Tulip Surprise Box
VioletCozy EateryRefrigerator, Open-Frame Kitchen, Modern Cash Register
VivianA Gym To Dance It OutExercise Bike, High-End Stereo, Rattan Towel Basket
VladimirAn Underground Lair
WadeHouse Of Ticking Clocks
WalkerA Place To Show Off My Bike
WaltThe Set Of Historical DramaScreen, Sword, Tea Table

Wart Jr.House Of Bonsai
WeberA Pro Musician’s PadAlto Saxophone, Poster Stand, Upright Piano
WendellUp To You
WendyWarm Winter Den
WhitneyThe Makeup SalonMakeup Pouch, Nail-Art Set
WilburUp To You
WillowHome For A Coffee LoverEspresso Maker, Coffee Cup, Antique Mini Table
WinnieA Stable For Horses
WolfgangRock-And-Roll Arena
YukaMy Forested Jungle
ZellMy Perfect Hotel
ZoeMy Cute And Tropical Corner
ZuckerFestival GroundsCotton-Candy Stall, Shaved-Ice Maker, Pinball Machine
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