Hitman: Absolution Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Hitman: Absolution Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Hitman: Absolution


Evidence locations

Search the indicated locations to find all evidence:

Ice cream truck assassination

In the “End Of The Road – The Desert” mission, when Agent 47 must kill his target in the arid desert, there is an alternate way to kill him. Instead of shooting him, walk toward the five vultures nearby to scare them off. They will then be near or on the rusty old car and the fallen dead tree, as well as one right beside the grave. All five birds should then fly into the sky and circle the area. Grab the sniper rifle from Agent 47’s car trunk, and shoot the three vultures in the sky to your right (from the car, looking toward the grave), then shoot the next bird slightly to the left (about the center of the screen), and finally shoot the last bird on the left. If done correctly, the target will slowly walk to a certain spot, and an ice cream truck will speed by, hitting and killing the target.

Chipmunk costume

In the “Hunter And Hunted” mission, look for a man waiting in a dead-end alley. Knock the guy out, and put his body in the dumpster to find a chipmunk mascot costume on the ground that can be used as a disguise.

Doggy Style Easter Egg

Load the “Shaving Lenny – Streets Of Hope” mission. When the mission begins, eliminate the first two targets, then go back to the door that is locked. Unlock the door to enter a new area. At the start of the new area, go right, and walk straight until you see a dog cage. Look in the dog cage to see two dogs humping.

Double Rainbow Easter Egg

Load the “Absolution – The Crematorium” mission. Destroy all the angel statues in the cemetery to have another rainbow appear in the sky, creating a double rainbow. This is a reference to the Double Rainbow viral YouTube video.

Grave Easter Egg

In the “End Of The Road – The Desert” mission, when Agent 47 must kill his target in the arid desert, there are three bones scattered around the area. Drop all three bones into the gave nearby to activate an Easter Egg. One bone is in the gave already, another can be found next to a dead dog, and the final one is on the far left next to a grave with a cross.

Kane and Lynch Easter Eggs

In the “Welcome To Hope” mission, you will get the “Get To The Bartender” objective early in the mission. You can find Kane at the bar, standing in front of the Jukebox and smoking. If you shoot him, he will pull out a submachine gun. Kane is a reference to the two Kane & Lynch games developed by Io Interactive. The following dialogue can also be heard between the bartender and Kane:

    Bartender: Hey boy, something I can help you with?
    Kane: Just waiting for my associate. He’s back in town buying equipment.
    Bartender: Is that so? Well, what kind of equipment would that be?
    Kane: Just equipment. Business equipment.
    Bartender: I see, big businessman. Well you just watch yourself now ‘cos we don’t care much for strangers out here.
    Kane: I’m not looking for trouble.

In the “Birdie’s Gift” mission, you can find Lynch at the shooting range during the “Get The Silverballers!” objective, which takes Agent 47 to a gun store. The following dialogue can also be heard between a worker at the shooting range and Lynch:

    Lynch: Stop staring at me, you twisted little fairy! Goddamn little fairies. Imps. Trolls. [Lynch shoots lawn gnomes set up to the right of the range.]
    Worker: Hey! Hey, hey, hey — Hey! Listen to me. What did I tell you about my gnomes? You just stop it, ok? Or I’ll kick your crazy ass outta here! And I’ll do it! You just watch.
    Lynch: I’d like to see you f***ing try. F***ing midgets ain’t what you think! Staring at me… rolling around those little eye sockets. What am I gonna… Twinkly little eyes… f***in’…
    Worker: Well if you don’t like the gnomes, you can take your business elsewhere. Now I am serious. You just keep shooting my gnomes and we got troubles, you and I. You understand?
    Lynch: Yeah, yeah… whatever, you f***ing asshole. F***ing gnome f***er. F***ing troll f***er. You… ah you f***er.

Later in the game, when you visit the Courthouse, look at the cells underneath. You can see Kane writing a letter to his daughter through one of the vents.

Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg

Load the “A Personal Contract – Mansion Ground Floor” mission. Once you open the blinds in the house, go downstairs and stand by the window. Then, shoot the shell to the middle left on the second floor, and the shell by the piano on the first floor to have the Loch Ness monster appear out in the distance in the water.

Mini Ninjas Easter Egg

In the “Rosewood – Orphanage Halls” mission, look for a desk with a lit green lamp in a side-room on the first floor. Near the lamp is a Mini Ninjas figure, which is another stealth-action game developed by Io Interactive.

Mortal Kombat Easter Egg

Load the “Dexter Industries – Old Mill” mission. At the beginning of the chapter, you will see two soldiers playing a video game and arguing about one of them using cheat codes. Kill the soldiers, and look at the TV to see they were playing a game very similar to Mortal Kombat .

Pot Smoking Disco Cops Easter Egg

Load the “Run For Your Life – Shangri-La Drugbust” mission. Make your way through the pot fields, and sneak past the two cops talking. Then, turn left and then right, and go into the back door. Activate the DJ radio, and the cops will start smoking pot and dancing.

Shoot The Piggy! Easter Egg

In the “Death Factory – Test Facility” mission, when you reach the pig testing area, go to your left, and enter the door on the left. Then, shoot the pig in the box in the room.

Tactical Nuke Easter Egg

Load the “Dexter Industries – Factory Compound” mission, and go into the “Enter industries” building. Once inside, shoot the tip of the nuke hanging from the ceiling to view a hidden cutscene featuring Kane and Lynch.

Easy “Silent Assassin” achievement

Start the “Fight Night” mission, which requires you to kill a fighter in the ring. Look for a fighter called “The Patriot”, take his outfit, and use it as a disguise. Then, meet Sanchez in the ring, kill him with your bare-hands, and escape the level to get a “Silent Assassin” rank on the mission, and the “Silent Assassin” achievement. Even if you are caught or make mistakes, you will still get the “Silent Assassin” rank as long as you kill Sanchez with your bare-hands dressed as “The Patriot”.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Grand Master (150 points): You completed 100 challenges.
    Reach for the Stars (50 points): You completed 50 challenges.
    The Russian Hare (20 points): You performed 47 headshots using a sniper rifle.
    A Taste for the Game (20 points): You completed 10 challenges.
    Absolution (50 points): You completed Hitman: Absolution as a professional.
    Jack of All Trades (30 points): You collected all 20 play styles.
    It’s All in the Wrist (50 points): You successfully performed a lethal throw.
    Information is Power (30 points): You collected all evidence.
    Thumbs Up (20 points): You liked a contract.
    Damage Control (20 points): You contained a situation gone bad.
    Set for Life (20 points): You earned 1 million contracts dollars.
    Self-improvement (20 points): You bought an upgrade for a weapon.
    First Contract (20 points): You completed the Creating Contracts Tutorial.
    Blood Money (20 points): You completed the Contract Basics Tutorial.
    True Potential (20 points): You unlocked a technique.
    Partners in Crime (20 points): You played a contract made by a friend.
    Competitive Spirit (20 points): You created a contract competition.
    Contender (20 points): You participated in a contract competition.
    One With the Shadows (20 points): You escaped the attention of an enemy.
    Silent Assassin (20 points): You achieved Silent Assassin.
    Inconspicuous (20 points): You remained undetected throughout a checkpoint.
    Whoops (20 points): You made a kill look like an accident.
    One of the Guys (20 points): You blended in and fooled someone.
    Rocksteady (20 points): You executed a point shooting with at least 3 kills.
    Under Wraps (20 points): You hid a body.
    Sandman (20 points): You subdued a person.

Additionally, there are 20 secret achievements:

    Heavy Burden (10 points): You infiltrated the mansion and assassinated Diana Burnwood.
    Kingslayer (10 points): You fulfilled Birdie’s contract and eliminated The King of Chinatown.
    Chamber of Secrets (10 points): You located the hotel room number 899.
    Catch a Ride (10 points): You boarded the train and escaped the Chicago PD.
    Forepost (10 points): You assassinated Wade’s men in Chinatown.
    All Bark and no Bite (10 points): You assassinated Wade.
    The Bartender Always Knows (10 points): You questioned the bartender.
    Signature Weapons (10 points): You re-gained your signature Silverballers.
    Like Stealing Candy From a Baby (10 points): You circumvented Lenny’s crew and secured Lenny.
    Not Worth It (10 points): You left Lenny in the desert.
    Step Into the Light (10 points): You found your way through the mines.
    A Heavy Blow (10 points): You assassinated the facility leaders.
    Faith Can Move Mountains (10 points): You have defeated Sanchez with your bare hands.
    The Killing Fields (10 points): You eliminated the Saints.
    Jailbird (10 points): You infiltrated the courthouse and accessed the jail.
    Hour of Reckoning (10 points): You caught up with Skurky.
    True Form (10 points): You visited Tommy the Tailor and acquired a new suit and gloves.
    Destroying Something Beautiful (10 points): You assassinated Dexter’s assistant, Layla.
    The Final Countdown (10 points): You assassinated Blake Dexter.
    A Personal Contract (50 points): You eliminated Travis and fulfilled Diana’s contract.

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