Tropico 6 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Main cover art with El Presidente posing in front of Tropico for Tropico 6

Tropico 6 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Tropico 6 is a 2019 city-building game developed by Limbic Entertainment. Building off of the success of its predecessors in the series, Tropico 6 introduces a well-planned economic, political, and management system for players to explore. Players role-play as “El Presidente” with the world at their disposal. Building a tropical communist paradise, developing a military dictatorship, or crafting the wealthiest nation in the world are all possibilities in this world simulation game. Tropico 6 has received consistently positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The game was even the fastest-selling game in the franchise at its debut. Tropico 6’s success has expanded steadily after the game’s publisher Kalypso Media brought the game to new platforms, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in late 2019, the Nintendo Switch in 2020, and finally, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2022. 

Tropico 6 Premise

The game takes place on the island nation of Tropico, a tropical paradise where the player roleplays as its president. The player chooses the events that will happen to the country and its citizens throughout history. There are four historical periods in the game. These periods are the colonial period, the world wars period, the cold war period, and the modern period. If the player wants their nation to succeed, they must balance the delicate economic and political systems to improve the happiness of the citizens, prevent wars, and build the economy. Despite the challenges and goals, the world rests in the player’s hands. The player ultimately can choose their outcome in a sandbox style, making the game personal and entertaining.

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Tropico 6 Main Characters

Cityscape view of Tropico in Tropico 6.
Players go through four different eras all with their own advancements, missions, and characters.

Acting as president of Tropico, the player will run into many NPC characters with their own agendas, goals, and missions. Ambassadors from foreign powers and lobbyists furthering their interests will all encounter the player. Here is a list of characters in Tropico 6.

Penultimo: Penultimo is one of the critical characters in Tropico 6. Penultimo serves as the narrator of the various missions of the game. 

Lord Roger Wyndham: Lord Roger Wyndham represents The Crown and is a critical character during the colonial era. He remains in power until Tropico gains its independence.

Harland Zander: Harland Zander serves as the representative of the industrialists. He is a businessman with a distinctive southern accent and mannerisms. 

Mason Belmonte: Mason Belmonte serves as the representative of the capitalists. 

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Sister Francesca: Sister Francesca is the representative of the religious faction of Tropico. 

Marco Moreno: Marco Moreno is the representative of the communists. 

Tropico 6 Titles in Series

Cityscape and ocean view of Tropico in Tropico 6
View of Tropico from above.

The Tropico series is a highly successful franchise and a staple for the city-building genre. The series has made a name for itself in the gaming community by expanding across all major platforms with multiple expansions and DLCs. Here is a list of all the titles in the Tropico series.

Tropico 6 Cheat Codes

Balancing the delicate political, economic, and social systems and menus can become challenging for many players. Because of the complicated aspects of the game, cheats and cheat codes can be helpful. They can even make the game more interesting for veterans of the Tropico series who want to switch up their experience. 

To input cheat codes, players should enable and open the console, then type in the desired cheat code. 

Infinite MoneyGives the player unlimited money
Infinite KnowledgeGives the player unlimited knowledge points.
Infinite Mandate TimeGives the player 10 years of mandate time.
Infinite Raid PointsGives the player 90M raid points.
Infinite Swiss Bank MoneyEnsures that the player always has 90 billion dollars.
Infinite Broker ActionsGives the player infinite uses of the broker action.
Editable ValuesThis code allows players to manually change time, money, and other values.
Edit Current Year/MonthAllows the player to change the date and time.
Edit PopulationAllows players to customize and change Tropico’s population.
Edit Camera Zoom (Min/Max)Allows the player to edit the camera zoom to either maximum or minimum.
Insta-Finish EdictsAllows the player to complete edicts instantly.
Immortal ArmyArmy will have immortality and not die.
One Hit Kill ArmyAllows the player’s army to kill enemy soldiers in one hit.
Super Power PlantsMakes power plants produce  +900000 electricity.
Infinite Mine DepositPlayer’s mines will have an output volume of 100000.
Freeze Election DayFreeze’s the election day allowing players to stay president.
All Edicts AvailableThis code makes all edicts available to the player.
All Research AvailableThis code makes all research available to the player.
Unlock All BuildingsThis cheat unlocks all buildings, including wonders, and removes their blueprint.

Tropico 6 Cheat Codes FAQ

Will these cheats work on consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox One?

Unfortunately, these cheats are only available currently on the PC versions of the game. These cheats require the game console, only accessible through Windows or MacOS.

Do these cheat codes work on other titles in the Tropico series?
No, these cheats and cheat codes are only available for Tropico 6. To view cheat codes for the other titles, click on one of the links highlighted in the “Tropico 6 Titles in Series” subsection.

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