The Weakest Water-Type Pokemon

The Weakest Water-Type Pokemon

Of the three starter types, Water-type Pokemon have a reputation of being the most tanky. The Water-typing only has two weaknesses, Electric and Grass. With Water-type Pokemon being the most common Pokemon at 15% players won’t have trouble forming a powerful Water-type team. This makes them incredibly viable in battle.

While some of the strongest Pokemon of all time are Water-type, it also has some of the weakest imaginable. For every ace Pokemon like Blastoise or Greninja, there is a Water-type Pokemon that you just want to avoid at all cost. Here are the 11 weakest Water-type Pokemon we could find.


©Screenshot of Wishiwashi – Original

Wishiwashi’s Solo Form is not only one of the weakest Water-types, it is also one of the weakest Pokemon of all time. Its base stat total is only 175, this is the lowest base stat total of any Pokemon. In a one-on-one battle against almost any Pokemon, Wishiwashi’s Solo Form would be absolutely steamrolled.

While technically this emotional fish has the weakest stats, in battle players will usually be fighting with its School Form. Wishiwashi’s School Form has a base stat total of 620 and is a very powerful Pokemon. All of its stats are great for battle, except for its speed and HP. The School Form has the same HP as the Solo Form and its speed is reduced.



Next up we have one of the creepiest Pokemon of Generation I, the Ancient Kabuto. Although Kabuto has decent enough stats for a Stage I Pokemon, its real weakness appears in its typing. Kabuto is a dual Rock/Water and has a weakness to four different types. This fossil is weak to Fighting, Ground, Grass, and Electric. And its four times weakness to Grass is kind of a killer.

Once Kabuto evolves into Kabutops, it receives a major upgrade to its stats. Both its Attack and Defense become something usable. This makes the four weakness much less of a problem. The biggest issue with Kabuto is that it takes 40 Levels to evolve into something competitive.


©Art of Shellder’s evolution – Original

When it comes to Shellder, its stats are the main thing holding it back. Shellder’s relatively high Defense stat is really the only thing that is has going for it. And when it comes to battle, Shellder can only sit there like a rock. Unfortunately, evolution does not really save this Pokemon either.

Cloyster’s stats do not improve all that much. Once again the Defense stat is the only thing of note. Evolving Shellder actually gives it more weaknesses because of Cloyster’s Ice-typing. It also loses its Fire and Steel resistances.


©Screenshot of Tympole – Original

Sadly, being adorable does not mean the Pokemon will be effective in battle. That is the case with Tympole. With below average stats, Tympole does not have very many ways to make itself viable. If you have a Tympole on your team, your best option is to evolve it as soon as possible.

Unlike the previous Pokemon, Tympole is the perfect example for when evolving saves a Pokemon. Evolving into Palpitoad, this Pokemon not only loses its weakness to Electric but it also becomes immune to it. And while it loses its Ice and Water resistances, it gains resistance to Poison and Rock.


©Screenshot of Wimpod – Original

Wimpod stands true to its name being one of the wimpiest Pokemon around. Most of its stats are practically abysmal except for its Speed. Its Speed is its only stand out stat and that is not good enough to overcompensate for its many disadvantages. We recommend you evolve them as soon as possible.

Evolving Wimpod turns them in to a pretty beefy Pokemon. While Golisopod gets its speed halved, the rest of its stats get a major upgrade. This makes this dual Bug/Water-type a lot more battle ready.


Luvdisc Pokemon

©Luvdisc Pokemon artwork – Original / License

While all of the other Pokemon on this list have either an evolution or alternative form that make them affective, Luvdisc has almost nothing to help itself. While Luvdisc has a decently impressive Speed stat, its Attack stat is embarrassing.

Without an evolution or a secondary type, Luvdisc does not have anything to pull it out of mediocracy. Hopefully in future generations, Luvdisc will get the evolution or regional form that it deserves.



Just like Wimpod, Poliwag is a substandard Pokemon that relies heavily on his Speed stat. Unlike Wimpod however, Poliwag is not redeemed through its evolutions. Although Poliwhirl’s stats increase a bit, its distribution still leans too much on its Speed stat.

This evolution line does not really become competitive until its third stage, Poliwrath. Even then, you are trading slightly superior stats for a whole new host of weaknesses. If trainers are willing to put in the work, resources, and time, they can turn this mediocre Pokemon in to a superstar.


©Screenshot of Horsea – Original

If this was a list of the cutest Pokemon, Horsea would be a prime contender. While Horsea has cuteness in spades, it lacks the stats to make it effective in battle. With a tiny HP pool and an abysmal Special Defense, most Pokemon would blast straight through.

Thankfully Horsea’s final evolution, Kingdra, covers all of those weaknesses. On top of that Kingdra has the Dragon typing which is one of the strongest in the game. It completely removes all of its Water weaknesses.


©Screenshot of Wooper – Original

Without a doubt, Wooper is a memeable Pokemon. But in battle, memes won’t make your dreams come true. Unlike many of the other weak Water-type Pokemon on this list, Wooper’s Speed is the literal bottom of the barrel. With low defensive stats and even lower Speed, Wooper won’t last longer in a battle.

Wooper’s Paldean form proves that this Pokemon does a lot better when you remove it from the water. It gains some extra resistances while also removing the four times weakness for Grass that was a death blow to Wooper’s regular form. And it’s still as memeable as ever.


©Screenshot of Feebas – Original

The previous Pokemon on this list at least have the decency to be cute in their weakness. Feebas is offensive both in and off the field. All of Feebas’ stats are bottom tier. But to make this even more embarrassing, Feebas has the lowest maximum Performance and the lowest base Special Attack stat of any Pokemon.

Feebas’s evolution in to Milotic proves that the ugly duckling can turn in to a swan. Milotic’s base stat total nearly triples Feebas’s original. There is a reason why the infamous champion of the Sinnoh region has this Pokemon on her team.


Pokemon Magikarp

©Pokemon Magikarp artwork – Original / License

No one should be surprised to find this flopping fish at the bottom of our list. Magikarp is Feebas’s slightly better looking cousin. The two Pokemon function basically the same. Until Magikarp evolves into Gyarados at Level 20, it is practically useless. Tackle is its only move that can have any effect in battle. And with an Attack stat of 10, that might not even make a dent in your opponents. If Magikarp went up against Wishwashi’s Solo Form, there is a good chance it would still lose against the literal weakest Pokemon.

If you are willing to grind your heart out with this pathetic goldfish, the end result is definitely worth it. Gyarados’s base stat total jumps up to a whopping 540. And it gains access to a plethora of powerful moves. And it doesn’t stop there. As an extra reward for your dedication to this guppy of a Pokemon, Gyarados has a Mega evolution that takes it to the next stage of power. The weakest Water-type Pokemon in the game becomes one of the strongest with a lot of patience and hard work.

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