Top 10 Generation 8 Pokémon

Top 10 Generation 8 Pokémon

Hello Gamers! Welcome to another top ten Pokémon list. Today we’re going to be doing “Top Ten Generation 8 Pokémon.” These are going to be my personal opinion, and will hold bias to them. I’ll be judging each Pokémon after my own personal enjoyment, and how each of the Pokémon’s designs made me feel. However, I’ll also talk about, and display, the basic build of these Pokémon to help you come to your own conclusion. I am only doing the new Pokémon that arrived in gen 8, and not any Pokémon that were introduced in earlier generations and are in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

The Nitty Gritty

Before getting into each Pokémon, let me give you a bit of background on the game itself. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield was released on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019, and was published by Game Freak. 

The Story

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield both have the same general story layout as every other Pokémon game. You must catch the Pokémon around the region and become the Pokémon Master by defeating the gym leaders there. This game throws its own spin on that basic idea, but this time with a Pokémon league. It amounts to the same thing but instead of an elite 8; This game has a sort of tournament-like thing at the end.  This time the player is traversing through the Galar region, and they will have the option to pick either Sobbel, Grookey, or Scorbunny. 

10. Obstagoon

TitleBlocking Pokémon
TypeDark | Normal
Ability(s)Reckless or Guts
Hidden Ability – Defiant
Evolutionpre Galarian Zigzagoon,
pre Galarian Linoone
Gender50% Female | 50% Male

Starting off the list we have Obstagoon, the “Blocking Pokémon”. Obstagoon is a normal and dark type Pokémon, and is the final evolution to Galar Zigzagoon. I like their dark and edgy design, and it’s always fun to see earlier Pokémon add onto their evolutions. 

9. Corviknight

TitleRaven Pokémon
TypeFlying | Steel
Ability(s)Pressure or Unnerve
Hidden Ability – Mirror Armor
Evolutionpre Roodkidee, pre Corvisquire
Gender50% Female | 50% Male

Number nine on our list is the “Raven Pokémon”, Corviknight. Corviknight is a flying and steel type Pokémon. They are also the final evolution of Rookidee. I’ll always be based when it comes to raven and crow inspired. The overall Pokémon is a fun design, and they were fun to use in battle in my opinion. It seems the overall Pokémon community has taken to Corviknight really well. 

8. Morpeku

TitleTwo Sided Pokémon
TypeElectric | Dark
Ability(s)Hunger Switch
Gender50% Female | 50% Male

Morpeku, the “Two Sided Pokémon”, is number eight on our list. This little guy is an electric and dark type Pokémon. What I think is really cool about this Pokémon is that they have two sides to them. If they are fed they will appear and act as normal. However, they have a “hunger mode” where their design will change to a darker version of the normal version. Hence them being an electric and dark type. It’s pretty cool to see the change of style in both design and battle with this Pokémon.

7. Toxtricity

TitlePunk Pokémon
TypeElectricity | Poison
Ability(s)Punk Rock or Plus (Amped)
Punk Rock or Minus (Low Key)
Hidden Ability – Technition
Evolutionpre Toxel
Gender50% Female | 50% Male

The next one on our list is Toxtricity, the “Punk Pokémon”. Toxtricity is an electric and poison type Pokémon. They are the next, and final, evolution of Toxel. This Pokémon, just like Morpeku, also has two separate modes: “low-key” mode and “amped” mode. Toxtricity’s design will slightly change depending on the mode that they’re in. Pokémon that change in battle to fit the fight are always fun to play with. Not only that, but it’s fun to see this Pokémon plays off of the edgy teen trope. They really give a “it’s not a phase” vibe perfectly. 

6. Sobble

TitleWater Lizard Pokemon
Hidden Ability – Sniper
EvolutionDrizzile, Inteleon
Gender12.5% Female | 87.5% Male

Number six on this list is actually one of the starter Pokémon in the game. Sobble, the “Water Lizard Pokémon”, is a water type Pokémon and is the beginning of his evolution line. Part of the reason as to why they’re on this list is because of said evolution. From start to finish this Pokémon has a very fun playstyle and design. Seeing this little crybaby become a confident lizard is fun and adds to their character. Plus, Sobble is just too cute let’s be honest. 

5. Drocozolt

TitleFossil Pokémon
TypeElectric | Dragon
Ability(s)Volt Absorb or Hustle
Hidden Ability – Sand Rush

The “Fossil Pokémon”, Drocozolt, is the fifth one on this list. Being an electric and dragon type Pokémon, Drocozolt is a fun Pokémon to play. They’re a cool dragon (and I LOVE Dragons) but with a silly build at the same time. To me, this makes a fun Pokémon to add to your team. Not to mention, the Pokédex doesn’t really know as much about them as it does most other Pokémon. So now they’re silly, cool and mysterious. What more could you want!

4. Hattem

TitleSerene Pokémon
Ability(s)Healer or Anticipation
Hidden Ability – Magic Bounce
Evolutionpre Hatenna, Hatterene
Gender100% Female

Next up is Hattem, the “Serene Pokémon”. Hattem is a psychic Pokémon, and is the second evolution in Hatenna’s evolution line. This evolution line flows well and I really enjoyed Hatterene as well! This Pokémon is just aesthetically pleasing. Being called the serene Pokémon makes sense, and it adds to the Pokémon as a whole to me. Sometimes pretty privilege will get you places, like onto this list!

3. Cursola

TitleCoral Pokémon
Ability(s)Weak Armor
Hidden Ability – Perish Body
Evolutionpre Galarian Corsola
Gender75% Female | 25% Male

Now we’re in the top three baby! Taking the bronze medal today is Cursola, the “Coral Pokémon”. Cursola is a ghost Pokémon and is the evolution for Galarian Corsula. Just like Cursola, Corsula is white instead of pink like other Cursolas. What makes Cursola high on this list isn’t really anything about the moves or the designs themselves, but the message she portrays. She does a good job representing what is happening to our own coral reefs. I think it’s cool that the character designers put this in the game. Plus, just like Zigzagoon, it’s just fun to see added evolutions from previous Pokémon.

2. Dragapult

TitleStealth Pokémon
TypeDragon | Ghost
Ability(s)Clear Body or Infiltrator
Hidden Ability: Cursed Body
Evolutionpre Dreepy, pre Drakloak
Gender50% Female | 50% Male

The one taking home the silver today is Dragapult, the “Stealth Pokémon”. Dragolult is a dragon and ghost Pokémon, and is the final evolution of Dreepy. This evolution is part of why I gave them a high position. The progression is very fluid and each version of this Pokémon was cool to see. Dropout is just a fun Pokémon to play and the concept is really enjoyable. Just like the name suggests it’s a dragon catapult, and their design shows that well. An added bonus, being a “ghost dragon” Pokémon is just sick. 

Honorable Mentions

Before we get to my number one pick, here’s a couple of honorable mentions. 

Glastier, “the Wild Horse Pokémon”.  

Spectier, “the Swift Horse Pokémon”.

1. Calyrex

TitleKing Pokémon
TypePsychic | Grass
EvolutionIce Rider Calyrex (Glastier)
Shadow Rider Calyrex (Spectier)

Now the number one new Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield is Calyrex, the “King Pokémon.” Calyrex is a psychic and grass type pokemon initially, and there isn’t much known about them in the Pokédex. Now I know a lot of you are groaning at this. Look I know they look silly, but in a way that adds to their charm! A silly guy with one of the coolest evolution in the game. Depending on which steed you want, you can “fuse” Calyrex with either Glastier or Spectier. If you have Calyrex and choose Glastier as their steed, Calyrex changes from a psychic and grass type to psychic and ice. If the player choses Spectier as Calyrex’s steed they will change to a psychic and dark type Pokémon. Like… Come on, with a title like “the King Pokémon?” That’s so cool! Just a silly cool guy with horses. What’s not to love?  

Parting Words

And that was my top 10 gen 8 Pokémon! Which ones did you agree with? What would you have changed? Was I able to change your mind at least a little bit about Calyrex? I’d love to hear what you all think. Thanks for hanging out! Have fun gaming gamers! 


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