The 5 Worst Pokémon In Let’S Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee: Hands Down

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The 5 Worst Pokémon In Let’S Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee: Hands Down

Like many Pokemon Games, there are a variety of Poke-Creatures to choose from in this franchise. Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are no strangers to having a variety of Pokemon to choose from. But, sadly, not all of them are going to be as good as others.

Please! Keep your torches and pitchforks down if you happen to see your favorite Pokemon on this list. This list is purely subjective, and keep in mind, that any Pokemon can be trained and perfected over time. This list is purely about which Pokemon take the most time to train, or just have the worst all-around stats and matchups.

So, let’s cover the basics first, shall we? Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are a pair of games in the seventh generation of Pokemon, first released on the Nintendo Switch. Inspired by Pokemon Yellow (where a Pikachu would follow you around), Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee also share many mechanics with Pokemon GO, such as its encounter and capture system instead of the random battle mechanics other Pokemon games use. As expected from the title, these games take place in the Kanto region of Pokemon, which is the very first region players ever explored in the legendary Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green games.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s cover which Pokemon are the weakest! And, again, this list is wholly opinion based. What’s more, some of these Pokemon have much stronger evolutions, so it is worth catching and training them if you have the time.

5. Magikarp

Pokemon Magikarp

©Pokemon Magikarp artwork – Original / License

In Japan, there is a legend about a carp ever strives to reach the top of a waterfall, facing many trials and hardships along the way. Should it reach the top, however, it will transform into a mighty dragon. Magikarp is that carp, and sadly, it may not make it to the top. A Water Type Pokemon with the single move Splash, Magikarp just isn’t strong enough to contend with many Pokemon, even the base starters.

But, like that legend, should this magical Karp continue to be used and continue to train, it will transform into the mighty Garyados. Note that it’s a lot of work for a payoff you could probably reach with other means. As such, while it is thematically pleasing, the simple fact of the matter is, that Magikarp isn’t much fun to use. Still, if you can stick with it, you are going to get a giant water dragon out of it, so that’s pretty cool.

4. Vulpix


©Vulpix artwork – Original / License

Like most Pokemon, Vulpix is based on Japanese legends. Specifically, the legend of the nine-tailed fox. The most famous of which is Tamamo-no-Mae, who is reported to have been sealed inside a stone rock at the base of a mountain. But, does Vulpix live up to the legend?

On its own? No. A fire-type Pokemon with 299 base stats, with its highest being Speed, and the lowest being defense, which are at 65 and 40 respectively. Its attack? 41. As you might expect, these are low numbers, and while Vulpix can increase its speed with Hasty, it does lower its defense stat in the process. This means that the second any Pokemon with high accuracy or some way to slow this cute little red fox down, it is going down.

3. Alolan Meowth

This one is just a slightly….pink? A version of Meowth, and unlike the one from the show, this one doesn’t talk all that much. What drags this one down is the fact that, compared to its incarnation in Pokemon Sun and Moon, this one is just fairly weak. It’s Dark-type whose best nature is timid, and its stats round out at 290. It’s not the worst on the list, but it is not the best either.

2. Zubat

©Image of Zubat – Original

As any veteran of Pokemon Red and Blue will tell you, Zubats are the worst. Not because of stats, but because of frequency. A single trip into a cave system in the OG games brings players to hordes of Zubats, but one at a time. As such, Zubats became something of a hated enemy all players had to face on their Pokemon Journey.

But, how does it fair as your Pokemon? Sadly, the answer is: a little better. To give an idea, its total base stats are 245, weaker than Vulpix. And being a poison/flying type means that it’s weak to grass, ground, electric, and psychic types. On a single playthrough, you will likely be carving a path through these guys on your way to the lighthouse.

1. Weedle

©Image of Caterpie and Weedle – Original

Caterpillars are, in the real world, kinda cute if you can get past their squirmy nature. And, to that end, so is Weedle, but much like real-world baby butterflies, they are also very easy to misplace. A Weedle is a bug/poison type Pokemon, and sadly, its evolution line isn’t much better. It can easily be beaten with Fire or Electric types, and its main moves aren’t powerful enough to justify it being on your team’s roster.

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