Grim Dawn Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Grim Dawn Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Grim Dawn is a 2016 action role-playing game developed by Crate Entertainment, a Massachusetts-based independent video game developer. Crate Entertainment obtained a license from Iron Lore Entertainment to create a new action role-playing game using the same game engine used for Iron Lore’s Titan Quest in 2009. The Grim Dawn project was first announced officially in 2010. Crate Entertainment mostly funded the game through Kickstarter, where it received an incredible amount of support. Unfortunately, due to Crate Entertainment only having two full-time employees at the time, Grim Dawn’s production time stretched for nearly six more years.

In 2019, Crate Entertainment released the Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition, which included the base game and two expansions. Grim Dawn and the Definitive Edition are only available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. The game was first released on February 26, 2016, and became available for Xbox sometime after the release. Overall, the game received positive reviews. GOG.com rated Grim Dawn a 4.7 out of 5. Crate Entertainment is also known for Farthest Frontier, a 2022 game for Microsoft Windows.

Grim Dawn Premise

Grim Dawn takes place in a fictional world inspired by the Victorian Era and can be played solo or in multiplayer. The game takes place in Cairn, where humanity struggles to hold on. Due to a trans-dimensional war, humanity faces extinction. The plot of Grim Dawn is a unique one that revolves around humans contacting “Aetherial entities” from another dimension, whom they begin to learn from. After some time, humanity manages to open a portal to allow one of the Aetherials into their dimension.

Aetherials are capable of possessing humans, but if they leave the human vessel, the humans retain some of the abilities of the powerful creatures. Wishing to learn from and take more Aetherial power, humanity allows more of them into their dimension. The Aetherials, of course, have an agenda and plan to use the humans for their own purposes. Naturally, the Aetherials converging with humanity brought unwanted attention to the two species. The Cthonians, a third race, declare war against the humans in hopes of stopping their convergence with the Aetherials before it is too late.

The resulting war nearly wipes humanity out, but that’s not the only consequence. The fighting between the humans, the Aetherials, and the Cthonians damaged the fabric of reality. As a result, more monsters, creatures, and beasts come forward, becoming an even bigger problem than the original three races caught in the war.

Grim Dawn Main Characters

Grim Dawn shrine cleansing

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Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game that allows the player to create their own character. Much like games like Elden Ring, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Dragon Age, the player is in total control of how they build their character. This includes everything from appearance and personality (depending on how detailed the character creation menu is) to the types of builds the player wants to run. The player’s character becomes the main character (MC) and protagonist of the game.

Many of the NPCs (non-playable characters) aren’t all that important either. These characters take on roles like Merchants, Smugglers, Spirit Guides, and Blacksmiths. The NPCs trade, give important lore information or provide the player with quests. In short, the NPCs are there to provide services and make sure the player doesn’t get bored. This doesn’t make them main characters, though.

The base game also doesn’t really focus on a main antagonist, per se. As an action role-playing game, players are meant to feel like they’re trapped in the middle of the war between the Aetherials and Chthonians. While there are plenty of bad people and supernatural beasts to fight, there isn’t really an overarching Big Bad villain in the base game.

  • The Taken: The Taken is the MC that the player creates. This character is only known in canon as the Taken and doesn’t have their own name. This allows the player to create and customize any character they want and fit them into the Grim Dawn world. The MC was possessed by an Aetherial at one point. This possession resulted in them remembering nothing about their past. They also gained powers from the Aetherial entity, as many other possessed humans have. These powers manifest in the “Masteries” that the player chooses to give their MC.
  • Inquisitor Creed: Inquisitor Creed is a member of the Luminari. The Luminari protects the Erulan Empire from monsters and other mystical threats. The Inquisitor Creed is part of the human resistance and the most noteworthy character that fights the Aetherials and Chtonians. In Act 1, the player learns about him mostly through notes Inquisitor Creed drops. The Taken meets Inquisitor Creed during “The Inquisitor” quest.
  • Ulgrim: Ulgrim is a cook that the Taken meet on their way to Burrwitch. At first, Ulgrim just seems like another NPC that players likely won’t be too invested in, but he gives quests and tells interesting stories that help flesh out the lore of the game. Before Ulgrim was a cook, he was the First Blade of the Erulan Emperor. At one point Ulgrim, like the Taken, was possessed by an Aetherial. Players need to invite Ulgrim to Devil’s Crossing to unlock the “Ironclad Chef” side quest. Once players complete this quest, they can go and visit Ulgrim for soup at any time. Ulgrim will tell stories about the events of his time as First Blade. Without Ulgrim, the player will miss out on valuable lore drops.

Grim Dawn Titles in the Series

Grim Dawn (2016) and Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition (2019) are the only two titles in the series. The game did receive several DLCs, including two massive expansions. The Grim Dawn DLCs are:

  • The Crucible – This DLC was released on August 3, 2016, and it’s the first Grim Dawn DLC. This added a new game mode called “The Crucible.”
  • Ashes of Malmouth – On October 17, 2017, Grim Dawn received its first major expansion, Ashes of Malmouth.
  • The Forgotten Gods – Grim Dawn’s second expansion, The Forgotten Gods, was released on March 5, 2018.

Crate Entertainment isn’t done with Grim Dawn just yet. Earlier this year, on August 29, 2023, Crate Entertainment announced a third major expansion to the game titled Fangs of Asterkarn. This expansion doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but Crate Entertainment says they expect it to be out in 2024.

Grim Dawn Cheat Codes

Grim Dawn character class selection

©Crate Entertainment – Original / License

Grim Dawn features a number of console commands that affect the game and the player’s main character. These commands already exist in the game, players just need to know how to activate them. To enable the commands, players will need to click Grim Dawn’s “Custom Game” option. Press the tilde (~) or the apostrophe (‘) key and then type the command.

Console Commands for Grim Dawn

These console commands control the game’s overall performance, how it looks, and what keys the player needs to press to control the game.

  • Audio Stats: sound.Stats – Enables or disables displaying a variety of sound stats
  • Debug Physics: debug.physics – Shows data of when occurrences affect the physics engine
  • ScreenShot: ScreenShot – Takes a screenshot
  • Reload Resources (Graphics): graphics.ReloadResources – Forces all resources to be reloaded
  • Graphics Stats: graphics.Stats – Enables or disables displaying a variety of stats (including frame rate)
  • Close Console: Close – Closes the console
  • Execute Script Command: Exec – Executes a command script
  • Exit the Game: Exit – Exits the game
  • Binding Commands:
    • BindDown – Binds a command to the next key pressed
    • BindToggle – Binds a command with “True” or “False” values to toggle with the next key pressed
    • BindUp – Binds a command to the next key released

Character Commands for Grim Dawn

These console commands impact the player’s character.

  • character.AnyoneHasToken – Returns “True” if anyone has the token
  • character.ClearPlayerTokens – Remove all stored trigger tokens from the player
  • character.GiveTakeGold – Gives the amount of gold specified
  • character.GrantPlayerToken – Gives the player the specified token
  • character.LogData – Shows Info & details above player, NPCs, & monsters
  • character.RevokePlayerToken – Revokes the specified token from the player
  • character.ServerHasToken – Returns “True” if the server has the token
  • character.SetPlayerInvisible – Makes the player invisible to enemies
  • character.ShowAngerLevels – Debug information for AI
  • character.ShowPlayerTokens – Dumps the player’s trigger tokens to the console
  • character.WarpCursor – Makes it so the player always warps to the destination

Console Commands “Cheats”

  • game.decrementdevotion – Removes a devotion point
  • game.Give – Gives an object to the player
  • game.God – God mode
  • game.IgnoreRequirements – Allows the player to equip anything
  • game.IncrementAttribute – + attribute point
  • game.incrementdevotion – + devotion point
  • game.IncrementLevel – + player’s level
  • game.IncrementSkill – + skill point
  • game.IncrementSkill – + number of points allocated to the specified skill
  • game.Invincible – Invincible Mode
  • game.KillMe – Kills the player (suicide)
  • game.LargeDumpFiles true/false – Enables or disables exporting of large dump files
  • game.PlayStats – Shows player stats on the screen
  • game.ShowCursor – To Show or hide the mouse cursor
  • game.ShowErrorMessages – To Show or hide Skill Not Ready error messages
  • game.ShowHud – Enables or disables the User Interface (UI)
  • game.Spawn – Spawns an object at the player’s location
  • game.Speed – To change the game’s speed multiplier
  • game.Teleport – To teleport the player
  • game.Uber – Enables or disables mana loss

Grim Dawn Cheat Codes FAQs

Does Grim Dawn have console commands?

Yes, Grim Dawn possesses a large number of console commands. These console commands help the player achieve the best experience with their gameplay.

Is Grim Dawn on consoles?

Yes, players can play the game on Xbox instead of PC if they choose.

How do I activate console commands in Grim Dawn?

It only takes three easy steps to access and input console commands in Grim Dawn:

  1. Click “Custom Game”
  2. Press the tilde (~) or the apostrophe (‘) key
  3. Type the console command

Is Grim Dawn getting more DLC?

Yes, Crate Entertainment will be releasing a third expansion in 2024. The new expansion is called Fangs of Asterkarn.

Can Grim Dawn be played offline?

Yes, players can play Grim Dawn without an internet connection. An internet connection is necessary for online multiplayer features, but players can play solo offline. They can also play LAN multiplayer offline as well.

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