ARK: Aberration Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and More

A Steam promotional image for ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK: Aberration Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and More

ARK: Aberration is an expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved, released in December 2017. This add-on offers gamers an environment affected by radiation, subterranean landscapes, and genetically mutated creatures. With the expansion, you can experience the sci-fi world in the age of dinosaurs and advanced technology in a new way. Players navigate through dangerous terrain and uncover new tools to survive, all while battling or taming creatures to aid in their journey.

ARK: Aberration Premise

ARK: Aberration thrusts players into a damaged ARK where the atmosphere has eroded, leaving behind dangerous radiation and a harsh environment. Players venture underground to discover lush forests with giant mushrooms, full of life. However, dangers are present at every corner, including earthquakes and gas leaks. The expansion pack introduces new tools to aid your survival, such as gliding wingsuits and cave-climbing picks, giving new ways to approach both competitive and cooperative gameplay. 

The genetic mutations caused by Aberration’s intense radiation bring along a host of new creatures, each with unique abilities. Players can glide through the air on a Rock Drake or avoid the vicious Nameless with the help of a friendly Bulbdog with a charging light. As with the base version of the game, advancing by learning Engrams and gathering resources is paramount to survival.

A Steam promotional image for ARK: Survival Evolved.
The game combines advancements in technology and prehistoric beasts.

©Studio Wildcard – Original

ARK: Aberration Creatures

Aberration trades traditional characters for a host of exotic creatures, each with its own set of abilities and behaviors. In addition to player characters, the world is surrounded by all sorts of creatures from cute and cuddly Dodos to fierce Sabertooth tigers and aggressive Tyrannosauruses. There are dozens upon dozens of dinosaurs, ancient animals, mythological creatures, and more. What’s better, the player can tame most of them to use then to aid in combat, gathering, and much more. In addition to those found in the base game, ARK: Survival Evolved, here are the unique creatures added in this expansion.

  • Nameless: The Nameless are mysterious humanoid creatures that are both savage and aggressive. These carnivores can burrow in the ground to protect themselves from damage and seek darkness as light both damages and weakens them.
  • Rock Drake: This dragon-like creature is often found in caverns, where it can be seen climbing the walls and gliding, when not hidden by its camouflage. It is an aggressive creature with powerful attacks. It cannot be tamed but Survivors can obtain a Rock Drake by stealing and hatching a fertilized Rock Drake egg. 
  • Bulbdog: A friendly, dog-like creature that emits light. Can help Survivors navigate dark places and keep the Nameless at bay. Once tamed, a Bulbdog can ride on your shoulder, lighting up the surrounding area and carrying some of your items.
  • Basilisk: This massive snake burrows underground, leaving only its tail visible above the surface as a telltale sign that death is near. Basilisks are incredibly quick and lethal, attacking with a venomous bite that can prove fatal if not treated immediately.
  • Ravager: These creatures resemble hyenas in both appearance and behavior. They form packs and are capable of running at high speeds. Ravagers can also walk up and down ziplines, making them agile predators.
  • Reaper: These are highly aggressive beings that can be often found near the Nameless. They can attack with spins, bites, and poison projectiles. Reapers are nearly impossible to acquire as normal taming methods are not available. However, they are incredibly powerful if one can get an imprinted one.
  • Roll Rat: These are underground dwellers that prefer to be left alone. However, they are not aggressive, unless you do something to enrage them. Taming them is a little different from the norm even for a passive method. It only takes Giant Bee Honey which you need to drop near its burrow hole. 
  • Karkinos: These are giant crabs with four pincers that are aggressive and very dangerous. They are primarily found in aquatic environments but can also venture into caves and nearby areas. These towering creatures are not good swimmers, so you might be able to surprise them in the water.
  • Seeker: These creatures are less aggressive than most hostiles in Aberration, unless they detect a charge light source. When they do, they become increasingly hostile, attacking the source of the light and any creatures or humans near it. They are mostly found on the southern part of Aberration.
  • Featherlight: This is a small, passive bird with glowing head feathers. When tamed, it can perch on the player’s shoulder, providing a useful light source in dark areas. Note that as a charge light creature, it can attract Seekers.
  • Glowbug: These creatures resemble large fireflies and will flee if attacked. The Glowbug is plentiful everywhere in Aberration. They serve as mobile charge light sources. However, they are not tameable.
  • Glowtail: These cute lizards are often found in caves. Like the previous charge light creatures, the Glowtail also emits light that can be useful in dark environments. They are tameable and Survivors can also ride them.
  • Shinehorn: Another charge light creature. It is a smaller relative of the Ovis with light-emitting horns. As they are passive, taming them is easy with the right food. When tamed, it can sit on the player’s shoulder. 
  • Lamprey: This eel-like creature is found in shallow waters where it lurks its prey. Like a leech, the lamprey sucks the blood out of its victims until removed. Interestingly, the Lamphreys can also be tamed
A Steam promotional image for ARK: Survival Evolved.
Players can tame and ride dinosaurs and other creatures in ARK.

©Studio Wildcard – Original

Games in the Series

ARK: Aberration is an expansion pack in the ARK series, specifically for ARK: Survival Evolved. It was initially launched for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game is a survival game that combines dinosaurs, technology progression, base creation, and taming creatures. Aberration, like each expansion, adds to the base game by offering new worlds, creatures, and challenges. The 2023-released ARK: Survival Ascended is an upgraded version of ARK: Survival Evolved with higher fidelity graphics and other improvements. There’s also a mobile version of ARK that was release in 2018

  • ARK: Survival Evolved (2015)
  • ARK: Scorched Earth (2016) – Expansion
  • ARK: Aberration (2017) – Expansion
  • ARK: Extinction (2018) – Expansion
  • ARK: Genesis Part 1 (2020) – Expansion
  • ARK: Genesis Part 2 (2021) – Expansion
  • ARK: Survival of the Fittest (2016)
  • ARK: Mobile (2018)
  • ARK: Survival Ascended (2023)

ARK: Aberration Cheats

Aberration, like its core game, offers various cheats to enhance gameplay or ease some of the challenges. The game comes with a vast array of console commands and cheats that can do anything from adding items to instantly taming creatures. If players have access to the admin password of the server, they simply need to type EnableCheats [password]. After this, all the commands are enabled, and the player can use them by typing cheat [command] into the console.

A Steam promotional image for ARK: Survival Evolved.
Building bases and other structures is an important part of the game.

©Studio Wildcard – Original

SetCheatPlayer [True / False]Enables or disables cheats for the player.
EnableCheats [Password]Enables cheats for the player.
AddExperience [Amount]Adds experience points to the player.
AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheckAdds a player to the server’s whitelist, using their Steam ID.
DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheckRemoves a player from the server’s whitelist, using their Steam ID.
AutoCycle [Duration]Provides unlimited health for the duration specified with the command.
BanPlayer [Steam ID]Bans the player with the Steam ID, also kicking them from the server.
Broadcast [Message]Sends the given message to all players currently online on the server.
CE [Type]Changes the weather to the specified type.
ClearPlayerInventory [Player ID]Clears the inventory of the player with the ID.
ClearTutorialsResets your current tutorial, restarting it if disabled or finished.
DebugStructuresToggles on or off the structure debug interface.
DestroyAll [Entity ID]Removes all creatures of the specified entity or creature ID.
DestroyAllEnemiesClears the map of all non-player creatures.
DestroyMyTargetRemoves the creature, entity, or structure that the player’s crosshair is over.
DestroyStructuresRemoves all structures on the map.
DestroyTribeDinosDestroys all dinos belonging to the tribe the player’s crosshair is over.
DestroyTribePlayersDestroys all players belonging to the tribe the player’s crosshair is over.
DestroyTribeStructuresDestroys all structures belonging to the tribe the player’s crosshair is over.
DestroyWildDinosDestroys all of the creatures that are not yet tamed on the map.
DisableSpectatorTakes you out of the spectator mode.
DoExitStops and shutdowns the server.
DoRestartLevelRestarts the map.
DoTameTames the creature that the player’s crosshair is over, if the creature is tameable.
EnemyInvisible [True / False]Makes creatures not attack the player even when provoked.
ExecSetSleeping [True / False]Puts you to sleep or wakes you up.
FlyEnables fly mode and disables collision with objects. To disable, use the ‘walk’ command.
ForceTameTames the creature that the player has crosshair over. Creatures tamed with the command can be ridden without saddles.
ForceTameAOE [Radius]The same command as the previous one but tames every creature in the given radius. 
ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe [ID]Sets the tribe of the player of specific ID the one that the player’s crosshair is over.
ForcePlayerToJoinTribe [ID] [Tribe]Forces the player with the specified ID to join the specified tribe.
ForceTribes [Player name] [Player name] [Tribe Name]Creates a new tribe and forces the specified players to join it.
GameCommand [Command]Runs a command specific to the gamemode the server is running.
GetChatRetrieves the latest chat messages sent on the server.
GetAllState [Entity ID]Prints information about each of the individual entities of the given type currently on the map.
GetGameLogPrints 100 entries of the game log (requires -servergamelog argument).
GetPlayerIDForSteamID [Steam ID]Returns the player ID for the player with the specified Steam ID.
GetSteamIDForPlayerID [Player ID]Returns the Steam ID for the player with the specified player ID.
GetTribeIdPlayerList [Tribe ID]Returns a list of players in the tribe with the specified ID.
GFI [Blueprint / GFI] [Amount] [Quality] [Blueprint]Adds an item to your inventory, according to the blueprint, amount, and quality specified.
GhostEnables a ‘noclip’ mode with disabled collision, which allows passing through objects and terrain. 
GiveAllStructureGives you ownership of the structure (and any connected structures) that your crosshair is on.
GiveEngramsUnlock all crafting recipes for the player.
GiveExpToPlayer [Played ID] [Amount] [Tribe]Gives experience points to another player.
GiveExpToTarget [Amount] [Tribe]Gives experience points to the player or creature the player’s crosshair is over.
GiveInfiniteStatsToTargetGives infinite stats to the player or creature the player’s crosshair is over.
GiveSlotItem [Blueprint]Inserts an item in the specified item slot, extra items will go to your inventory.
GiveSlotItemNum [Item ID] [Amount] [Quality] [Blueprint]Puts an item of specified ID in the specified item slot, extra items will go to your inventory.
GiveToMeMakes the player the owner of the entity the player’s crosshair is over.
GodPuts the player in god mode. If the player is in god mode it disables it.
HideTutorial [Tutorial ID]Completely hides a tutorial by the given ID.
HurtMe [Amount]Damages your character by the specified amount.
KickPlayer [Steam ID]Kicks a player by the Steam ID from the server.
KillKills the entity or structure the player’s crosshair is over.
KillPlayer [Player ID]Kills the player with the specified player ID.
KillAOE [Category] [Radius]Destroys all entities of the specified category within the specified radius.
ListPlayersLists all players connected to the server, along with their Steam IDs.
MakeTribeAdminMakes you an admin of your current tribe.
MakeTribeFounderMakes you the founder of your current tribe.
OnToggleInGameMenuToggles the in-game menu.
OpenMap [Map name]Loads a map by the specified name.
PlayersOnlyHalts all creature movement and stops and prevents crafting. Enter the command again to re-enable. This command does not affect players, only creatures.
PrintColorsPrints the IDs of all colors.
RainCritters [Amount] [Radius] [Height]Spawns a random selection of sheep and dodos above you.
RemoveTribeAdminRemoves all admins (other than yourself) from your current tribe.
RenamePlayer [Player name] [New name]Changes a player’s name.
RenameTribe [Tribe name] [New name]Changes a tribe’s name.
RequestSpectator [Password]Puts the players in spectator mode if the password provided is correct. Password is set in GameUserSettings.ini under ‘SpectatorPassword’.
SaveWorldForces a save on the map (on both servers and single-player).
ScriptCommand [Command]Runs a command or script that is specific to the servers current game mode.
SDF [Creature ID] [Tamed] [Level]Spawns a creature in front of the player with a random level of creature ID specified.
ServerChat [Message]Sends a message in the chat to all players currently connected to the server.
ServerChatTo [Steam ID] [Message]Sends a PM from the server to the player with the steam ID.
ServerChatToPlayer [Name] [Message]Sends a PM from the server to the player with the specific name.
SetAdminIcon [True / False]Shows or hides your admin icon in the in-game chat that by default shows when cheats are enabled.
SetBabyAge [Age]Sets the age of the creature (provided it is a baby) in the crosshair of the player.
SetFacialHairPercent [Percentage]Sets your facial hair percentage.
SetFacialHairStyle [Hair ID]Sets the style of your facial hair using the ID (0-7).
SetGlobalPause [True / False]Completely pauses (or unpauses) the game/server.
SetGodMode [True / False]Enables or disables god mode. God mode prevents your character from taking most forms of damage (you can still drown).
SetGraphicsQuality [Quality]Sets your client’s graphics quality according to the number provided (0-3).
SetHeadHairPercent [Percentage]Sets the percentage of characters hair.
SetHeadHairStyle [Hair ID]Sets the style of your hair according to the hair ID specified (0-7).
SetImprintQuality [Percentage]Sets the imprint quality of the entity at the player’s crosshair.
SetMessageOfTheDay [Message]Sets the MOTD (message of the day). The MOTD is a message that is displayed to a player when they connect to the server.
SetShowAllPlayers [True / False]Enables or disables names when in spectator mode.
SetTargetDinoColor [Region / Color ID]Sets the color of the creature (using the specific color ID and region) the player’s crosshair is over.
SetTargetPlayerBodyVal [Body region ID] [Scale]Allows the player to resize a specific part of a character’s body. Note that the player may have to respawn for the changes to take effect.
SetTargetPlayerColorVal [Body part] [Color]Allows the players to recolor a specific part of a character’s body. Note that the player may have to respawn for the changes to take effect.
SetPlayerPos [X] [Y] [Z]Teleports the player character to the specified coordinates.
SetTimeOfDay [Hour:minute:second]Sets the time of the day in the current game world.
ShowInGameMenuShows the in-game menu.
ShowMessageOfTheDaySends you a chat message with the server’s current MOTD (message of the day).
ShowTutorial [Tutorial ID]Shows a tutorial according to the given ID.
Slomo [Multiplier]Sets the speed multiplier of the game, allowing you to speed it up or slow it down, 1 is the default speed.
SpawnActor [Blueprint] [Spawn distance] [Y] [X]Spawns an entity of the given blueprint with a random level.
SpawnActorSpread [Blueprint] [Spawn distance] [Y] [X] [Amount] [Radius]Spawns a given amount of entities of the given blueprint.
SpawnDino [Blueprint] [Spawn distance] [Y] [X] [Level]Spawns a creature of the given blueprint path and level. Specify Y/Z offsets to change the location it will spawn at, relative to your character.
SuicideKills the player.
Summon [Entity ID]Spawns a creature with the given entity ID.
SummonTamed [Entity ID]Spawns a tamed creature with the given entity ID.
TakeAllDinoMakes your tribe the owner of all creatures that belong to the tribe of the entity/structure the player’s crosshair is over.
TakeAllStructureMakes your tribe the owner of all creatures that belong to the tribe of the entity/structure the player’s crosshair is over.
TeleportMoves the character forward until it collides with something.
TeleportPlayerIDToMe [Player ID]Teleports a player by the given player ID to you.
TeleportPlayerNameToMe [Player name]Teleports a player by the given player name to you.
TeleportToPlayer [Player ID]Teleports you to the player by the given player ID.
TestSteamRefreshItemsChecks that Steam can refresh items.
ToggleInfiniteAmmoToggles on or off unlimited ammo for any weapons that your character fires.
UnbanPlayer [Steam ID]Unbans a player by the given Steam ID from the server
UnlockEngram [Blueprint]Unlocks Tek Engrams/Tekgrams by the given blueprint path.
WalkTurns off fly mode.
Stat [Stat type]Toggles on-screen debug information.
ShowDebug [Debug type]Shows debug information overlays based on the specified debug type. Types include: reset, physics, camera, bones, animation, input, collision, net, weapon, ai.
ShowMyAdminManagerOpens the admin management interface containing various admin tools.
EnableSpectatorEnables spectator mode for your character.
StopSpectatingDisables spectator mode for your character.
ToggleGunToggles the visibility of the item in your hands. Hides your hands if no item is present.
TribeMessage [Tribe ID] [Message]Sends a message to the tribe with the specified ID.
TPCoords [Latitude] [Longitude] [Altitude]Teleports your character to specified GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude, not X, Y, Z).
SPI [X] [Y] [Z] [Yaw] [Pitch]Teleports your character to specific coordinates in a specific yaw and pitch.
DestroyTribeId [Tribe ID]Deletes the tribe with the specified tribe ID.
DestroyTribeIdDinos [Tribe ID]Kills all dinos tamed by the tribe with the specified tribe ID.
DestroyTribeIdPlayers [Tribe ID]Kills all players in the tribe with the specified tribe ID.
DestroyTribeIdStructures [Tribe ID]Destroys all structures belonging to the tribe with the specified ID.
HideRiders [True / False]Makes riders of dinosaurs invisible. Requires rejoin or toggling off to become visible again.
RefillStatsReplenishes depletable stats like health, stamina, etc.
GiveArmorSet [Type] [Quality]Gives a full set of specified armor tier and quality, and equips it. Types include: cloth, chitin, metal, riot, hazard, tek.
GiveWeaponSet [Set number]  [Quality]Gives a set of weapons based on tier options.
GiveItemSet [Set number]Gives a set of items based on item set numbers.
ClearMyBuffsClears all status effects (buffs) from your character.
RainDinos [Amount] [Radius] [Height]Spawns a random selection of Trikes and Parasaurs above your character.
RainDanger [Amount] [Radius] [Height]Spawns a random selection of Tyrannosauruses and Allosauruses above your character.
StartNearestHorde [Crate or Element] [Difficulty]Spawns either an Element Node or an Orbital Supply Drop based on type and difficulty. Extinction-only command.
ListActiveHordeEventsLists all active Orbital Supply Drops and Element Nodes along with their coordinates. Extinction-only command.
ToggleDamageNumbersToggles floating damage numbers on the server.
HatchEggInstantly completes the incubation progress of the egg under your crosshair.
TribeStructureAudit [Tribe ID]Lists all structures of a tribe with the specified Tribe ID.
TribeDinoAudit [Tribe ID]Lists all dinos of a tribe with the specified Tribe ID.
LevelUp [Stat ID] [Levels]Levels up the specified stat for your character or your ridden dino.
LevelUpAOE [Stat ID] [Radius] [Levels]Levels up a stat for all players and dinos within a specified radius.
LevelUpTarget [Stat ID] [Levels]Levels up a specified stat for the entity under your crosshair.
TeleportToPlayerName [Player name]Teleports you to the player with the specified in-game name.
TeleportToActorLocation [Actor ID]Teleports you to the actor with the specified actor ID.
TP [Location]Teleports you to a predefined location.
MoveTargetTo [X] [Y] [Z]Teleports the entity under your crosshair to specified X, Y, Z coordinates.
TeleportToActiveHorde [Hode ID]Teleports you to the horde event with the specified ID.
ForceJoinTribeForces you to join the tribe of the entity under your crosshair.
TakeTribe [Trice ID]Transfers all dinosaurs and structures from a tribe with a specified ID to you.
GiveEngramsTekOnlyGives you all Tek Engrams until you leave the server.
GiveTekEngramsTo [Player ID] [GFI Code]Gives and permanently unlocks a specific Tek Engram for a player with the specified player ID.
Playercommand [Ascend1 / Ascend2 / Ascend3]Grants an Ascension effect based on the specified level.
SetMyTargetSleeping [True / False]Puts to sleep or wakes up the entity under your crosshair based on the argument specified.
MaxAscend [Player ID]Unlocks Alpha Ascensions for a player with a specified player ID. Requires save upload and re-download for implant to change.
DefeatBoss [Player ID] [Boss ID] [Difficulty]Unlocks the specified boss for a player with a specified player ID.
DefeatAllBosses [Player ID]Unlocks all Alpha difficulty bosses for a player with a specified player ID.
DumpDinoStatsPrints all statistics and information about a dinosaur under your crosshair or that you are riding.
SetImprintedPlayer [Name] [Player ID]Changes the imprinted player for the dinosaur under your crosshair to the specified player.
TransferImprints [Player 1 ID] [Player 2 ID] [Player Names]Transfers all of a player’s imprinted dinos to another player.
GiveDinoSet [Tier ID] [Amount]Spawns a set of dinos based on the specified tier and quantity.
SpawnSetupDino [Blueprint] [Saddle] [Saddle quality] [Level] [Stats] [Spawn distance] [Y]Spawns a dinosaur with your desired configuration based on the blueprint path.
ForcePoopMakes a dinosaur poop. Works on ridden dino or the one under your crosshair.
ClearCryoSicknessHeals the Cryo Sickness of the creature under your crosshair.
Dino ResetResets existing blink cooldowns or fuel and heat levels for Enforcers and Meks.
Dino InfiniteBlinkDisables blink cooldowns for the Enforcer under your crosshair or that you are riding.
DinoSet Cooldowns [Amount]Sets the blink cooldown slot amount for an Enforcer.
Dino DontHideRiderDuringBlinkToggles interference with rider visibility when an Enforcer blinks.
DinoSet Blink [Percentage]Sets the Enforcer’s forward blink distance as a percentage given in decimal form. Affected Enforcer is either the one you’re riding or targeting.
DinoSet BlinkBack [Percentage]Sets the Enforcer’s backward blink distance as a percentage in decimal form. Works on the Enforcer you’re riding or targeting.
Dino InflateMaximizes the inflation level of the Gasbag you are riding or targeting.
DinoSet Inflate [Amount]Adjusts the Gasbag’s inflation level by the specified amount; use negative numbers to deflate. Targets the Gasbag you’re riding or aiming at.
Dino InfiniteGasToggles infinite inflation for the Gasbag you are riding or aiming at. The feature can be toggled off.
Dino InfiniteFuelToggles infinite fuel for the Mek you are riding or aiming at. The feature can be toggled off.
DinoSet Fuel [Amount]Alters the fuel level of the Mek you are targeting or riding by the specified amount.
Dino NoHeatToggles a state of perpetual 0% heat for the Mek you are riding or targeting. The feature can be toggled off.
Dino ToggleUpkeepToggles the upkeep system for the Mek you are riding or aiming at. When disabled, health and fuel don’t decrease over time.
DinoSet UpkeepInterval [Seconds]Adjusts the time interval in seconds for Mek upkeep system updates. The default is 60 seconds.
Dino ReplayIntroReplays the VFX intro for the Mega Mek you are targeting.
DinoSet EatTime [Seconds]Sets the time, in seconds, it takes for the Gacha you’re targeting or riding to eat/digest.
Dino DestroyRightNodeDestroys the right arm and node of the Forest Titan you’re targeting.
Dino DestroyLeftNodeDestroys the left arm and node of the Forest Titan you’re targeting.
Dino DestroyCenterNodeDestroys the center node of the Forest Titan you’re targeting.
CopyCoordsToClipboardCopies your current coordinates to the clipboard. Useful for teleporting.
R.shadowquality [Quality]Adjusts the shadow quality level for your client.
PreviewmodeSwitches the game to preview mode.
Open [IP:port?password]Connects your game to a server using a specified IP address, port, and optional password.
AddEquipmentDurability [Amount]Adds specified durability to items in your hotbar or equipped.
GetEggSpawns a fertilized egg of the dino you’re targeting. The targeted dino will become aggressive if you pick up the egg.
SetDifficultyValue [Level]Sets the max level for wild dinos. Recommended to use the DestroyWildDinos command afterward.
ForceGiveBuff [Buff ID] [Enable]Forcefully enables or disables a specified buff for your character.
SetDay [Day]Sets the in-game day to a specified number.
ForceUpdateDynamicConfigUpdates the dynamic config, applying any file changes.
DestroyWildDinoClasses [Creature ID]Kills all untamed dinos matching a specified creature ID.
DestroyFoliage [Radius]Destroys all foliage and resource nodes within a specified radius around your character. Gathered resources are added to your inventory.
DestroyTribeStructuresLessThan [Tribe ID] [Amount]Destroys tribe structures with fewer than a specified number of connections.
DebugAllowvrMissionTeleportAllows teleportation to the Genesis: Part 1 final boss without completing required missions.
EnvQAShortcut for running multiple commands: GMBuff, stat fps, stat unit, and GiveArmorSet Tek 0.
GiveAllExplorerNotesUnlocks all Explorer Notes for your player when near an Explorer Note.
GiveExplorerNote [ID]Unlocks a specific Explorer Note.
AddHexagons [Amount]Grants a specified number of Hexagons.
InfiniteWeightToggles unlimited weight capacity for your character.
SetStatOnTarget [Stat] [Value]Sets a specified stat for a targeted creature, structure, or player.
SpawnExactDino [Blueprint] [Saddle Blueprint] [Saddle Quality] [Base Level] [Extra Levels] [Base Stats] [Added Stats] [Name] [Cloned] [Neutered] [Tamed Date] [Uploaded From] [Imprinter Name] [Imprinter ID] [Imprint Quality] [0] [Region Colors] [Creature ID] [Experience] [Spawn Distance] [Spawn Y] [Spawn Z]Spawns a creature with all settings specified. Creature must be put in and taken out of a crypod to function correctly.
Dino TitanModeIncreases Gasbag inflation by 1000%.
PrintActorLocation [Actor ID]Outputs the coordinates of an actor with a specified ID to the console.


Can items and creatures from Aberration be used in the main game?

Yes, any tamed creatures or items you gain in Aberration can be transferred and used in the main ARK: Survival Evolved game. 

What is the most powerful creature in Aberration?

There are many powerful creatures in Aberration. From the unique creatures that were introduced in the expansion, some would argue that Rock Drake and Basilisk are among the fiercest creatures.

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