7 Days to Die Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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7 Days to Die Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

7 Days to Die is an early access title initially released in 2013, developed and published by The Fun Pimps. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions would go on to be released in 2016, published by Telltale Publishing, although these are no longer in active development. Despite the game first being available to players almost a decade ago, the game is technically still in an Alpha build, with frequent updates being released to this day.

7 Days to Die Premise

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Survival is the overall name of the game in 7 Days to Die.

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The basics of 7 Days to Die is pretty standard survival game fare. Your main objective is to endure the zombie horde while keeping safe against illness and injury. You also have hunger and thirst to deal with, meaning you must always be on the lookout for supplies. 

7 Days to Die also includes simple base-building mechanics and the destruction of objects, but it’s not a huge focus like it is in other survival games like Rust. After some progression, base building becomes a necessity. Enormous hordes of zombies attack every seven in-game days, where your structures will prove to be your main line of defense. 

The zombies in 7 Days to Die are what set it apart from many other survival games. Here, they’re massively affected by the day/night cycle; during the daytime, they’re sluggish plodders that will only detect your presence at extremely close range. Truthfully, they’re not much of a threat but as evening falls, the game changes entirely. The zombies become feral, massively increasing their speed and detection. With each day that passes, these zombies become ever-stronger, so the difficulty is ever-evolving. 

If the single-player experience doesn’t sound too appealing, then 7 Days to Die allows you to hop into the game’s multiplayer servers. How you deal with the addition of other players is completely up to you. You can forge powerful alliances with a pack mentality, or go it alone and make some enemies as a solo bandit.

7 Days to Die Main Characters

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The lack of story in 7 Days to Die certainly makes a main character tough to pin down.

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The ‘story’ of 7 Days to Die is more of a backdrop to allow you an excuse to kill zombies in numerous fun ways. As such, there aren’t any characters for you to interact with. It’s not a problem per se – it’s just not that type of game.

You’re still able to customize your character in 7 Days to Die, with new ways to make them your own being added with every update. However, they don’t have too much personality to speak of, so don’t expect deep lore from 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die Titles in the Series

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It’s one and done for 7 Days to Die.

©The Fun Pimps – Original

Currently, developer The Fun Pimps is yet to capitalize on the success of 7 Days to Die. Considering the original game sold a massive 15 million copies across all platforms, it’s somewhat of a surprise that the developer is yet to release a sequel. With 7 Days to Die still technically an early access title, it’s somewhat understandable why the studio hasn’t taken this route – it’d be a bad look, for sure.

It was announced in late 2022 that 7 Days to Die would be on the way to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, so the focus seems to still be on the original game, even a decade after release.

Fans hoping for a sequel at some point in the future shouldn’t give up hope, though. It’s a positive sign that The Fun Pimps continue to engage with the franchise, so it’s clear the studio isn’t totally over it yet. Hopefully with the sales made from the original game, it will allow the developer to go bigger and bolder with a potential sequel.

  • 7 Days to Die (2013)

7 Days to Die Cheat Codes

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There are a few ways to cheat in 7 Days to Die.

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Despite 7 Days to Die having quite a strong focus on multiplayer gameplay, there are actually a few cheat codes that you can activate for an advantage in-game.

Cheat Mode

The first way to cheat is by simply activating Cheat Mode. You can do this by entering the Advanced tab in the game’s settings. Once enabled, there are a few settings that you can play around with:

  • Open Creative Menu: Press the U key
  • Enable / Disable God Mode: Press the Q key
  • Enable / Disable Flying: Press the H key

Console Commands

Alternatively, if Cheat Mode is a little bit too restrictive for your own liking, you can instead take advantage of the game’s console commands to have more control of what happens on the server. You can open the game’s console by pressing the F1 key. Here’s the extensive list of the important console commands in 7 Days to Die that you need to know.

admin [add/ remove/ list] [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [permission level]Adds or removes a player from the admin list, or shows all players currently on the list. A permission level between 0-1000 is required. 1000 is the lowest (no permissions) and 0 is the highest (full permissions).
ban [add/ remove/ list] [steam ID / player name / entity ID] [duration + duration unit] [“message”]Bans selected player, or lists all players on the ban list.
buff [buff ID]Gives you the entered buff.
buffplayer [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [buff ID]Gives another player or entity the selected buff.
clearClears all messages from the console.
cp [add/ remove/ list] [command] [0 – 1000]List, remove, add, and change permission levels for different commands. A permission level between 0-1000 is required. 1000 is the lowest (no permissions) and 0 is the highest (full permissions).
creativemenuToggles the Creative Menu. Access with U key.
debuff [buff ID]Removes the entered buff from you.
debuffplayer [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [buff ID]Removes the entered buff from the selected player or entity.
debugmenu [on/ off]Enables or disables Debug Mode. Here you can enable God Mode by pressing G.
exhaustedMakes your character exhausted.
getgamepref [string]Shows a list of all game preferences in the console.
getgamestat [string]Provides a list of all game stats.
gettimeTells you the current in-game date and time.
givequest [quest ID]Gives you the quest with the entered quest ID.
giveselfxp [XP amount]Gives you the specified amount of XP.
giveself [item ID] [quality (1-6)]Spawns any item. Giving a 1-6 level of quality is optional.
help [command]This command shows a list of all available console commands to the console.
kick [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [“kick message”]Kicks the specified player.
kickall [“kick message”]Kicks all players from the server.
killallKills every player and zombie on the server.
listentsLists all entities currently in-game. Entities include players, zombies, and other living things.
listplayeridsList the player ID of every player on the server.
listplayersProvides a list of all players in the server with the following information: entity ID, name, coordinates, rotation, whether they are local or remote, health, deaths, zombies they’ve killed, players they’ve killed, score, level, steam ID, IP, and ping.
removequest [quest ID]Removes the quest with the entered quest ID from you.
saveworldSaves your current world.
say [“message”]Sends a message in chat to all players connected to the server.
setgamepref [game preference] [value]Sets the entered game preference to the specified value.
setgamestat [game stat] [value]Sets the entered game stat to the specified value.
settempunit [c / f]Changes the temperature unit between Celsius (‘C’) or Fahrenheit (‘F’).
settime [day/ night] [0-24000] [d hh mm]Sets the time in-game.
shownexthordetimeShows you the wandering horde time.
shutdownShuts the game down.
spawnairdropSpawns an air drop at random.
spawnentity [player ID] [entity ID]Spawns an entity at the location of yourself or another player.
spawnscouts [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [x y z]Spawns scouting zombies either near yourself or by another player.
spawnscreenPlays the spawn screen effect (blurs your screen and lowers the contrast).
spawnsupplycrateSpawns a supply crate at your location.
spawnwanderinghordeSpawns a wandering horde of zombies.
spectrum [spectrum ID]Sets the game’s lighting spectrum to the entered spectrum.
starveMakes you starve.
staticmapSwitches your map between static and dynamic mode while playing on Navezgane.
switchviewSwitches between first/third person mode.
teleport [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [x y z] [offset x y z] [view direction]Teleports yourself or another player to a specified location.
teleportplayer [steam ID/ player name/ entity ID] [Steam ID/ player name / entity ID] [x y z] [view direction]Teleports a player to another location. Can also be used to teleport one player to another.
thirstyMakes you thirsty.
traderareaGives a list of all Trader Areas in the game, including their coordinates.
versionProvides the version of the game you’re running, as well as any mods installed.
water limit [amount]Limits how many water flow updates can run at a time.
weather [weather setting]Changes the weather.
whitelist [add/ remove/ list] [Steam ID/ player name/ entity ID]Adds or removes a player from the whitelist, or shows all players currently on the list.

7 Days to Die Cheat Code FAQs

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We’ve got the answer to any 7 Days to Die cheat code question you might have.

©The Fun Pimps – Original

Do 7 Days To Die Cheat Codes Work on Console?

Unfortunately, this list of 7 Days to Die cheat codes only works on the PC version of the game. Players playing on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of 7 Days to Die don’t quite have the same level of customization in this regard and so have to play the game legitimately without assistance.

How Do I Enable God Mode in 7 Days to Die?

If you’ve managed to miss the God Mode cheats in our guide, we’ve got you covered. There are two ways to activate God Mode in 7 Days to Die.

The first is through Cheat Mode. With the Cheat Mode activated, just press the Q key. Easy. The second method is done through the console. With the in-game console open, enter the command “debugmenu on” and press the G key. Both of these ways are extremely easy ways to enable God Mode in 7 Days to Die.

How Do I Enable 7 Days to Die Cheats Online?

To be able to use these cheat codes in 7 Days To Die‘s online mode, you have to be an admin on the server that you’re attempting to use them in. You don’t need to be the host, but you need admin permissions at a minimum.

You can’t just head into any server and start using console commands at will. The results of that would surely be crazy to behold.

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