Rust Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Rust Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Developed by Facepunch Studios and initially released with early access in December 2013, Rust is a multiplayer survival video game that was officially released for PC in February 2018. Many play Rust on a PC, but versions for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were co-developed with Double Eleven and released in May 2021. The game was initially created as a duplicate of DayZ and many compared it to the extremely popular Minecraft.

Since the game’s initial release in 2013 in the Steam Early Access program, the gameplay has of course drastically changed. In the first version of the game, zombies were the main threat on the map to players, but the zombies have since changed to wild animals. General game improvements have also occurred. The game features auto-generated character skins and gender, causing some controversy as players sometimes don’t like their assigned characters.

After it’s initial release in 2013, critics held mixed opinion on the game, with some saying that it was simply too similar to many of the other survival games in existence. Players were unhappy with the unfinished feel of the gameplay. However, the game continued to be updated and improved, and by mid-2017 Rust had sold over five million copies. The combat between players became popular. Some players still have a sour taste in their mouth because of the game’s harsh beginning play and need for constant grinding to keep resources up to par. To this day, though, it is considered to be one of the best survival games on the market.


The primary objective of Rust is to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness using the items that your character has either gathered or plundered. Just as in real life, Rust players must constantly monitor their character’s health status, maintaining proper hunger and thirst levels, among other things. As aforementioned, wild animals do prove to be a threat to you as you traverse the map however, the real danger in the game is the other players. In Rust, combat mainly occurs via gunfire and other weapons.

The game is an open world concept and protecting your assets must always be your top concern. The best way to do this is to build formidable bases or to create a clan with other players to maximize protection. The concept of “raiding” other players’ bases and stashes is a large part of the game. You must be aware though, as Rust does support modded servers which can introduce novel content into the game.

Rust is infamous for it’s “no mercy” mindset amongst players. If you come across another player you’re unfamiliar with on the map, odds are that player will want to kill you. A big key to succeeding in the game is to choose a somewhat hidden location to build your base. If you choose to build in a relatively open area, you are very susceptible to attacks and raids in the middle of your build.

To begin, planks will be very valuable as you will need to build a shelter. Pigs are a great animal to collect as they can provide both cloth and food for you and your clan. You’ll want to hide and not draw much attention to yourself as you start to play the game, as you’re very susceptible at the beginning of play without strength or any assets. Then, utilize upgrades and fortify your base.

If you decide to begin playing Rust, know that you are getting into a fiercely loyal community that often plays quite aggressively and passionately.


Rust characters are randomly generated upon start of the game and you can’t edit your player.


Before we get into the cheat codes for Rust, let’s go over some of the most useful commands. To open the console in Rust and enter codes, hit F1 on a PC upon opening the game.

“benchmark” – Run your computer through some benchmark tests for the game.

“console.clear” – Clear the main command console screen.

“kill” – End your character’s life.

“netgraph. enabled true” – Shows the netgraph.

“netgraph. enabled false” – Hides the netgraph.

“perf 1” – Shows FPS counter.

“perf 3” – Shows RAM usage.

“perf 4” – Shows PING.

“perf 0” – Hides all performance data.

“world.rendermap” – Saves a high-quality image of the server map.

Admin Commands

“god true” – Turn on god mode.

“debug.heal [amount]” – Heals you for specified amount.

“debug.killplayer [player name]” – Kills specified player.

“debug.noclip” – Turns off collision damage and allows you to fly.

“debug.refillvitals” – Max your hunger, thirst and health levels.

“debug.svquit” – Saves the game and closes the server.

“debug.spawnitem [item name]” – Spawns specified item.

“teleportlos” – Teleport to the point on the map you’re cursor is pointing toward.

“heli.call” – Begins a helicopter patrol.

“ent kill” – Kill the entity you are facing.

“fillwater” – Fill water containers in your inventory.

Rust Cheat Code FAQs

How do you enable cheats in Rust?

Access the console by tapping “F1,” a window will open and you can then type inputs.

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