Rome: Total War Cheats & Cheat Codes

Siege in Rome: Total War.

Rome: Total War Cheats & Cheat Codes

Rome: Total War is a strategy video game that marries turn-based campaign management with real-time tactical battles. The game, developed by Creative Assembly and launched in 2004, is a historical journey through the times of Ancient Rome’s Republican and early Imperial periods. Players manage and expand their empires, engaging in combat on a scale that focuses on controlling entire armies. Here we’ll take a look at what the Rome: Total War is all about and what it offers in terms of cheats.

Rome: Total War Premise

The game spans from 270 BC to 14 AD, focusing on some of the more pivotal eras in Rome’s history. Players join campaigns set in Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. Similarly to other games in the series, Rome: Total War splits its focus between managing your economy, diplomacy, and military, and commanding your troops in real-time battles. This dual nature of strategic decisions and combat makes the Total War series what it is.

In Rome: Total War, players capture and govern cities, develop infrastructure, manage the trust of the populace, and create powerful armies. Cities can grow and prosper or revolt due to bad management. Military campaigns are at the core of the gameplay. Here, success on subject to the player’s ability to control units and use efficient tactics. The game’s depth is not only seen in the complex battles and management of resources and units but also in the detailed historical units.

Army in Rome: Total War.
Players control entire armies on the battlefield.

Game’s Characters

As Rome: Total War is a strategy game based on nations and armies, it relies more on factions than individual characters. The game features various factions based on the time period of Ancient Rome, both playable and non-playable, that compete against each other in the theatre of war and politics. Each of the factions comes with a distinct set of units, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Playable Factions

  • Britannia: A unique barbarian faction with head hurlers, slingers, chariots, and a strategic starting position in the British Isles.
  • Carthage: Features a wide array of units including elephants, phalanxes, and the well-positioned city of Carthage.
  • Egypt: Considered overpowered, with strong archers, phalanxes, and chariots, and a potential to dominate the East.
  • Gaul: A powerful faction with traditional barbarian units and strong archers, that becomes better as the game goes on.
  • Germania: One of the best, if not the best, barbarian factions with unique troops, including axemen and Gothic Cavalry, and the only northern phalanxes.
  • Greek Cities: Begins spread out but can become powerful over time, relying on Armoured Hoplites and Cretan archers.
  • House of Brutii: A Roman faction with the aim to attack the East, which has a solid unit roster and strong religious bonuses.
  • House of Julii: Tasked with defeating Northern and Western Europe, overall strong with Samnite gladiators.
  • House of Scipii: Targets Sicily and Carthage, with a roster including Mirmillo gladiators.
  • Parthia: Starts with poor territories, focusing heavily on cavalry with limited infantry options.
  • Seleucid Empire: Can be challenging in the early game but has the most flexible unit roster in the game, including elephants and strong legionaries.
War Elephants in Rome: Total War.
Each faction has a distinct set of units, including War Elephants.

Non-playable Factions

  • Armenia: Well-positioned in the East and a dangerous faction with Cataphract Archers and Armenian Legionaries.
  • Dacia: Limited to typical barbarian units and falxmen. The faction doesn’t have a good position or a very stable financial situation.
  • Macedon: Known for classic Macedonian-style pikemen and strong cavalry. They are often the first to confront the Brutii.
  • Numidia: A desert faction with unarmoured units, usually not a significant player in the theater.
  • Pontus: Well-positioned with a mix of Eastern and Macedonian units. Can fight for the supremacy among the Eastern faction.
  • Scythia: Not a very strong faction compared to other empires. Has unique female units.
  • Spain: Begins split and rarely expands too far. It has a mix of Carthaginian and Barbarian units.
  • SPQR: A typical Roman faction. However, unique in the respect that it only occupies Rome and doesn’t try to conquer others.
  • Thrace: Starts in a tough position between powerful factions. It has a mix of barbarian and Greek troops.

Games in the Series

Rome: Total War is part of the hugely popular Total War series known for its blend of strategy and tactics. This title stands out as one of the more important entries in the series, featuring the historical setting of Ancient Rome. It is also one of the titles that got a sequel in the series. The game was also expanded with two separate packs.

The game series offers a rich blend of empire-building, political issues, and tactics on the battlefield. In addition to historical themes featured in Total War games Rome, Shogun, Medieval, Empire, Napoleon, and others, the series has also expanded to fictional landscapes. One of the more popular series within the series is Total War: Warhammer which has spawned three separate titles since 2016.

  • Shogun: Total War (2000)
  • Medieval: Total War (2002)
  • Rome: Total War (2004)
  • Medieval II: Total War (2006)
  • Empire: Total War (2009)
  • Napoleon: Total War (2010)
  • Total War: Shogun 2 (2011)
  • Total War: Rome II (2013)
  • Total War: Attila (2015)
  • Total War: Warhammer (2016)
  • Total War: Warhammer II (2017)
  • Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia (2018)
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (2019)
  • Total War Saga: Troy (2020)
  • Total War: Warhammer III (2022)
  • Total War: Pharaoh (2023)
Siege units in in Rome: Total War.
Siege units help armies take over fortresses.

Rome: Total War Cheats

Rome: Total War allows players to use console commands, offering advantages like instant population increase, additional money, or even automatic wins. These cheats are easy to use by just pressing the tilde (~) key found above the tab key. This brings down the console, after which you can input the following commands.

add_money [amount]Adds the specified amount of denarii, up to 40000, to your current funds.
bestbuy or gamestopMakes units 10% cheaper to recruit.
auto_win [attacker/defender]Automatically wins the next auto-resolved battle for the attacker or defender.
burn_piggies_burnSets all Piggy Wings units on fire.
list_unitsLists all units in your army.
diplomacy_missionCreates a Diplomacy Mission.
diplomatic_stance [faction1] [faction2]Sets the diplomatic stance between two specified factions.
force_diplomacy [accept/decline/off]Forces the opponent to accept or decline a diplomatic proposal, or turns off force diplomacy.
invulnerable_general [charactername]Makes the specified general invulnerable in combat.
disable_aiDisables AI, allowing free map movement without attacks.
run_aiRe-enables the AI.
ai_turn_speed [number]Sets the AI turn speed to the specified number.
list_traitsLists all character traits.
give_trait [character] [trait] [level]Gives the specified trait at a chosen level to the character.
character_resetResets a character to default settings.
add_population [settlement] [number]Adds the specified number of population to a settlement.
process_cq [settlement]Completes all building in the specified settlement.
create_unit [settlement/character] [unit_ID] [experience] [defenses] [attack]Creates a unit in the selected settlement or character’s army with specified stats.
capture_settlement [city name]Captures the indicated city.
create_building [city] [building]Creates a specified building in the selected city.
toggle_fowToggles the Fog of War on or off.
jerichoCauses walls to crumble.
oliphauntIncreases the size of elephants by 40%, but can cause crashes.
date [year]Changes the in-game year to the specified year.
season [summer/winter]Changes the in-game season to summer or winter.
move_character [character] [X, Y]Moves the specified character to the location with coordinates X, Y.
adjust_sea_bed [value]Adjusts the sea bed to the specified height.
filter_coastlinesApplies a filter to the world map’s coastlines.
clear_messagesClears all stacked messages in-game.
show_terrain_linesDisplays defensive terrain features on the map.
reset_displayForces the display to reset.
force_battle_defeatForces the local player’s alliance to lose the battle.
force_battle_victoryForces the local player’s alliance to win the battle.
give_ancillary [character] [ancillary]Gives the specified character the indicated ancillary.
kill_character [character]Eliminates the specified character.
list_charactersLists all characters in the world.
list_ancillariesLists all available ancillaries.
regenerate_radarRegenerates the radar on the map.
reload_texturesReloads all textures in-game.
reload_shadersReloads all vertex shaders.
kill_faction [faction]Removes the specified faction from the game.
amdb_max [value]Sets the maximum zoom bias for the aerial map overlay.
amdb_min [value]Sets the minimum zoom bias for the aerial map overlay.
amdb_offset [value]Sets the offset towards the camera for the aerial map overlay.
set_building_health [settlement] [building] [value]Sets the health of a specified building type in a settlement.
show_battle_pathsShows all valid processed paths in the pathfinder.
show_cursorstatShows the cursor position and region ID on the map.
show_landingsShows available landing positions for the AI from a given region.
show_battle_street_planDisplays the street plan for a settlement during a battle.
victory [faction] [short/long]Shows the victory message for a specified faction for either a short or long campaign.
control [faction]Switches player control to the specified faction.
building_debugToggles building debug mode.
toggle_restrictcamToggles camera restrictions on or off.
toggle_flowing_waterToggles the display of flowing water on the campaign map.
nw_statsToggles display of network stats.
toggle_perfect_spyToggles perfect spying ability with infinite range for everyone.
toggle_overlayToggles the overlay display.
toggle_prToggles PR mode in-game.
toggle_coastlinesToggles the display of coastlines on the strategy map.
display toggle_towToggles the tabbed output window.
toggle_terrainToggles terrain display for various data sets.
toggle_underlayToggles the underlay display.
trigger_adviceTriggers in-game advice.
upgrade_effectTriggers a unit upgrade effect.
zoom [value]Zooms to the specified aerial map zoom level.


How many factions are in Rome: Total War?

There are 11 factions that are playable in Rome: Total War by default. However, there are tricks to get others unlocked. 

Is multiplayer available in Rome: Total War?

Yes, the game includes multiplayer battles where you can test your skills against other players.

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