Rome: Total War Expansion Pack

Rome: Total War Expansion Pack


Sega has confirmed they will add an expansion pack to Rome:Total War called Rome: Total War-Barbarian Invasion.

Barbarian Invasion starts just after the last Emperor of a unified Rome has died. His successors in Rome and Constantinople are now competing for power. Barbarians are lining the borders as well as living inside Roman territory.

Players are now allowed to control vast armies and over 100 new units as they battle across an updated European map that reflects the changes that have taken place in the 200 years sine Rome: Total War. Players can lead barbarians to fight and destroy Rome or they can be the leader of one of the two former Romes, the Western and Eastern Empires.

Night battles will also be possible along with ten new playable factions. There will be an expanded barbarian tech tree, eighty-five new units, twenty-one new buildings, ancillary characters, vices and virtues, military commands, holy relics, and much more!

“Barbarian Invasion will contain a multitude of new features comprising of enough content to fulfil a full PC title release,” said Tim Ansell, Managing Director, The Creative Assembly. “CA have always aspired to make games for the fans and we have addressed the feedback from consumers to create the ultimate Rome experience.”

Rome: Total War-Barbarian Invasion will be in stores Fall of 2005 for $34.99 on your PC.

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