Subnautica: Below Zero Cheats & Cheat Codes

Subnautica: Below Zero's protagonist Robin Ayou surveys the surface of the planet.

Subnautica: Below Zero Cheats & Cheat Codes

Subnautica: Below Zero, released by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is the sequel to the beloved survival game Subnautica. The original game, released in 2018, marooned players on an alien planet completely covered with water. To survive, you had to gather resources and craft tools and vehicles. Below Zero, meanwhile, expands on this theme in a variety of ways, most notably with the introduction of land-based environments. It launched in early access in 2019, and later saw a full release in 2021.

Subnautica: Below Zero Premise

The plot of Subnautica: Below Zero takes place two years after the original game. The storyline concerns scientist Robin Ayou, who smuggles herself onto Planet 4546B, the setting of both games, in order to discover the truth about her deceased sister. Since Below Zero takes place on the same planet as its predecessor, there is a lot of returning wildlife that fans of Subnautica will be familiar with. The fundamental gameplay is also largely unchanged. Below Zero is an open-world survival game emphasizing crafting, resource management, and exploration. As you progress through the game, gathering more valuable resources and developing more advanced technology, you can build vehicles to help you explore, as well as buildings to protect you from the elements.

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Subnautica: Below Zero Main Characters

Subnautica: Below Zero features a host of strange and surprising creatures to discover.
Subnautica: Below Zero features a host of strange and surprising creatures to discover.

One of the main things that sets Subnautica: Below Zero apart from its predecessor is the story, which is a bit more involved than that of the original Subnautica. As you struggle to survive the hostile landscape of Planet 4546B, here are the characters you’ll encounter.

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  • Robin Ayou: Xenologist Robin Ayou serves as the protagonist of Subnautica: Below Zero. Her quest to uncover the truth about her deceased sister’s fate leads her to journey to the dangerous alien world of Planet 4546B.
  • Sam Ayou: Robin’s sister Sam was an employee of the sinister government/corporation Alterra, and her work for the shady organization eventually led to her death.
  • Lillian Bench: Lillian is a xenobiologist and former coworker of Sam’s. She studied the Architects, a mysterious alien race from Planet 4546B’s ancient past.
  • Emmanuel Desjardins: A high-ranked Alterra employee, Emmanuel Desjardins oversaw the work Sam Ayou did and is thus thoroughly caught up in the circumstances of her death.
  • Parvan Ivanov: Parvan was a security specialist for Alterra who died in the same mysterious event that took Sam’s life.
  • Fred Lachance: Fred Lachance is another Alterra member involved in Sam’s death.
  • Zeta Landon: Zeta is another coworker of Sam’s who used her authority at Alterra to report minor infractions amongst her fellow employees and increase her own status. Her cruelty and duplicity contributed to the calamity that claimed Sam’s life.
  • Jeremiah Murgle: Jeremiah is another member of Alterra’s operations on Planet 4546B, serving as a repairman at Delta Station.
  • Vinh Pham: Vinh Pham, a researcher for Alterra, worked with the sinister Kharaa bacterium, a contagion that constantly threatens your life during the events of Subnautica: Below Zero.
  • Alexis Riedell: Alexis is a private investigator who was hired by Alterra to look into the mysterious deaths of Sam Ayou and Parvan Ivanov.
  • Danielle Valenti: Danielle is another Alterra researcher who had a romantic relationship with Sam in the time leading up to the latter’s death.
  • Marguerit Maida: Marguerit is a skilled mercenary and monster hunter who becomes caught up in Robin’s hunt for the truth.
  • Al-An: Al-An is a member of the ancient alien race known as the Architects. Early in the game he downloads his consciousness into Robin’s mind, where he serves as a companion in her adventures.

Subnautica: Below Zero Games In The Series

As mentioned before, Subnautica: Below Zero is only the second game in the series. Developers have hinted that a third Subnautica game is on the way, but as of this writing, there has been no official reveal of such a game. In the meantime, here’s the full extent of the Subnautica series thus far.

  • Subnautica (Early access release 2014, full release 2018)
  • Subnautica: Below Zero (Early access release 2019, full release 2021)

Subnautica: Below Zero Cheat Codes

Subnautica: Below Zero's newly explorable surface features its own threats.
Subnautica: Below Zero‘s newly explorable surface features its own threats.

Unfortunately, Subnautica: Below Zero does not feature cheat codes in the traditional sense of the word. However, like many PC games, Below Zero does feature a command console. Using this console, you can fundamentally alter key parts of the game, spawning items for yourself, enabling fast building modes, and even turning off the game’s survival mechanics. While console commands are used primarily for debugging, there’s almost nothing stopping you from using them for your own gain. However, using console commands will disable achievements and could potentially damage your save file, so make sure to save before you start using them.

To use console commands on PC, press the shift and enter keys at the same time. On Xbox, press the right and left bumpers and the A button simultaneously, and on PlayStation, press L1, R1, and the X button. Unfortunately, console commands are not available on the Nintendo Switch. Here are all of the things you can do with console commands in Subnautica: Below Zero.

  • Item (name) (number): Adds a specified number of a certain item to the player’s inventory.
  • Spawn (name) (number): Spawns a specified number of a certain object at the player’s feet.
  • Baseflood (number): Floods all player-built seabases to a specified level between 0 (not flooded) to 1 (completely flooded).
  • Bobthebuilder: Enables fast building, unlocks all blueprints, activates unlimited free use of in-game building stations, causes planted flora to grow to maturity instantly, causes incubated eggs to hatch instantly, and adds a Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife, and Repair Tool to your inventory.
  • Bubbles: Spawns several air bubbles around you.
  • Charge (number): Charges all batteries in an inventory to a percentage set by you. 0 means not charged at all, 1 means fully charged.
  • Clearinventory: Deletes everything in your inventory.
  • Cold: Toggles the gameplay effects of cold on the player.
  • Damage (number): Sets a universal multiplier for all damage in the game.
  • Damagebase: Breaches all seabases.
  • Ency (name): Unlocks a specified database entry.
  • Fastbuild: Allows the player to build structures quickly.
  • Fastgrow: Causes planted flora to grow in moments.
  • Fasthatch: Causes incubated eggs to hatch instantaneously.
  • Fastscan: Reduces the amount of time it takes to scan things.
  • Fastswim: Toggles fast swim mode, allowing you to swim much faster while holding Left Shift.
  • Filterfast: Reduces the amount of time it takes water filters to work.
  • Filtersalt: Causes every water filter to immediately fabricate salt.
  • Filterwater: Causes every water filter to immediately fabricate Large Filtered Water.
  • Fly: Enables flight in-game by continuously jumping.
  • Freedom: Changes the game mode to Freedom Mode.
  • Creative: Changes the game mode to Creative Mode.
  • Survival: Changes the game mode to Survival Mode.
  • Hardcore: Changes the game mode to Hardcore Mode.
  • Freeze: Freezes all small fish.
  • Freezeplayer: Freezes the player.
  • Goal (Type) (Name): Triggers the start of the specified story goal.
  • Goalreset (Name): Unchecks a completed story goal.
  • Hoverbikevariant1: Changes all Snowfox hoverbikes to variant 1.
  • Hoverbikevariant2: Changes all Snowfox hoverbikes to variant 2.
  • Hypnosison: Enables the hypnosis effect of the Lily Paddler.
  • Hypnosisoff: Disables the hypnosis effect of the Lily Paddler.
  • Icewormhuntmodeoff: Disables the Hunt Mode of Ice Worms.
  • Icewormhuntmodeon: Enables the Hunt Mode of Ice Worms.
  • Instagib: Enables the player to kill all creatures in one hit.
  • Invisible: Prevents creatures from detecting you.
  • Kill: Instantly kills you and respawns you at the drop pod. This will end Hardcore Mode runs.
  • Noblueprints: Allows you to play with all blueprints unlocked.
  • Nobubbles: Disables the player’s breath bubbles.
  • Nocost: Enables unlimited free building with the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Mobile Vehicle Bay, Vehicle Upgrade Console, and Modification Station.
  • Nodamage: Toggles damage.
  • Noenergy: Toggles power usage for all vehicles, tools, and seabases.
  • Nohints: Toggles hints in-game.
  • Nopressure: Toggles pressure effects on vehicles and seabases.
  • Nosurvival: Removes food and water needs.
  • Ongoal (name): Completes the specified story goal. “Ongoal all” will complete all story goals.
  • Oxygen: Gives the player unlimited oxygen, but won’t save you if you use it after your oxygen has already reached zero.
  • Resetmotormode: Forces swim mode while you’re in an underwater Architect Base.
  • Resourcesfor (name): Gives the player all necessary resources to build a specified item.
  • Rotfood: Rots all food in your inventory.
  • Schoolfishrepulsedbyplayer: Toggles shoals of fish fleeing from the player.
  • Seaglide: Spawns an unpowered seaglide in front of you.
  • Shotgun: Toggles Shotgun Mode, which allows you to kill a creature by right clicking on it.
  • Startexchangerequest: Gives you a repair tool and two thermoses.
  • Story (name): Advances the story to a specified point.
  • Storyhelp (name): Shows the help description for a certain story command.
  • Supplydrop (name): Triggers a specified supply drop.
  • Supplydrop all: Shows the list of supply drops.
  • Takedamage (number): Deals damage to you equal to a specified percentage of your health.
  • Unfreeze: Unfreezes all small fish.
  • Unfreezeplayer: Unfreezes the player.
  • Unlock (name): Unlocks a specific blueprint.
  • Unlockall: Unlocks all blueprints in the game.
  • Unlockallbuildables: Unlocks every blueprint used in the habitat builder.
  • Unlockdoors: Unlocks all force fields in Architect Bases.
  • Eggs: Gives you every creature egg in the game.
  • Exosuitarms: Gives you every Prawn Suit arm in the game.
  • Exosuitupgrades: Gives you every Prawn Suit upgrade in the game.
  • Hatchingtime: Gives you a Seaglide, three Ion Cubes, a Rebreather, Ultra Glide Fins, a Lightweight High Capacity Tank, and Hatching Enzymes.
  • Madloot: Gives you a Survival Knife, Habitat Builder, Scanner, three Batteries, four Computer Chips, 10 units of Titanium, and 10 units of Glass.
  • Niceloot: Gives you an Ultra High Capacity Tank, one Metal Salvage, one Quartz, one Copper Ore, one Lead, one Mercury Ore, a Rebreather, a Reinforced Dive Suit, a Salt Deposit, one Gold, one Crystalline Sulfur, one Silver Ore, one Stillsuit, a Radiation Suit, a Compass, a Standard Oxygen Tank, a Uraninite Crystal, one piece of Cave Sulfur, one Kyanite, one Diamond, one Nickel Ore, one piece of Lithium, one Table Coral Sample, one Ruby, one Coral Tube Sample, one Magnetite, and one Stalker Tooth.
  • Precursorkeys: Gives you one of each color of precursor key.
  • Seatruckupgrades: Gives you every Seatruck upgrade.
  • Spawnloot: Spawns Quartz, Copper Ore, Magnesium, Salt Deposit, Gold, and four Metal Salvage.
  • Tools: Gives you a Propulsion Cannon, Survival Knife, Flashlight, Habitat Builder, Air Bladder, Pathfinder Tool, Scanner, Repair Tool, Laser Cutter, Flare, and a Light Stick.
  • Vehicleupgrades: Gives you all upgrades.
  • Item jukeboxdiscsall: Gives you one jukebox disc that unlocks every music track.
  • Day: Sets the time to noon.
  • Night: Sets the time to midnight.
  • Accelweather (number): Accelerates weather events to the given number.
  • Daynight (number): Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are midnight, and 0.5 is noon.
  • Daynightspeed (number): Sets the speed multiplier of the day/night cycle.
  • Forcenextweather: Advances the current weather event to the next one in the timeline.
  • Lightning: Toggles lightning.
  • Precipitation: Toggles rainfall.
  • Resetweather: Re-rolls all weather events for the next 24 hours.
  • Skiptime (number): Skips a specified number of seconds.
  • Weather: Toggles weather events.
  • Weatherevent (name): Sets the current weather event to a specified one.
  • Wind: Toggles wind.
  • Cambob: Toggles camera bobbing. The code “camerabobbing” has the same effect.
  • Camshake: Initiates a camera shake.
  • Collect: Performs a garbage collection script.
  • Debughoverbike: Opens the debug menu for Snowfoxes. This code is only usable while you’re riding one.
  • Debugmusic: Lists what music is currently playing, if any.
  • Debugstartmap: Places 1000 black cubes at the starting area.
  • Entreset: Resets all loaded entities.
  • Farplane (number): Changes your viewing distance. The default is 1000.
  • Fog: Toggles in-game fog.
  • FPS: Shows FPS.
  • Freecam: Allows you to leave your character and freely roam the terrain. An irreversible bug has been reported when this code is used while seated, so use caution.
  • Gamereset: Resets the game’s terrain. This code should also not be used in a vehicle.
  • Ghost: This command functions like the freecam code above, except the player model is teleported to the camera position when it is canceled, as opposed to the other way around.
  • Iceworm: Forces all spawned ice worms to exit the ground, wait a few seconds, and then burrow back into the ground.
  • Interpolate: Toggles interpolation of player movement.
  • Killvehicle: Explodes all seatrucks.
  • Limitshadow (number): Limits all shadows to a restricted radius around you.
  • Listambience: Lists all the ambience files currently loaded in the game.
  • Nobloom: Removes bloom effects.
  • Noshadows: Removes shadow effects.
  • Pcannon: Gives all items that can be picked up by the propulsion cannon a blue glow, similar to the effect seen when scanning an object.
  • Printbiome: Shows what biome you’re currently in on-screen.
  • Resetachievements: Resets all achievements.
  • Rib: Toggles background running for the game.
  • Scene (name): Loads a scene based on the given parameter.
  • Dbc: Toggles the creature debugger. The code “debugcreatures” will also achieve this.
  • Sizeref: Spawns a model of the player character.
  • Skiptrack: Ends the currently playing music track and starts a new one.
  • Spikeytraphunt: Forces all spawned Spike Traps into hunting mode.
  • Spikeytraprest: Forces all spawned Spike Traps into resting mode.
  • Target: Toggles target debug.
  • Targetframerate (number): Sets the maximum frame rate for the game.
  • Techtype (name): Prints the techtype for a given name.
  • Vranim: Toggles VR animations.
  • Vsync: Toggles VSync.
  • Weathergui: Toggles the weather debug GUI.
  • Biome (name): Teleports the player to a certain biome. Type “biome” without a name to see a list of biomes.
  • Goto (name): Teleports the player to a specific location. Type “goto” without a name to see a list of locations.
  • Warp (x) (y) (z): Teleports the player to a specific set of coordinates.
  • Batch (x) (y) (z): Teleports the player to the center of a specific batch.
  • Chunk (x) (y) (z): Teleports the player to the chunk of their choice.
  • Gotofast (name): Functions like the “goto” command above, but quicker.
  • Gotospam: Teleports the player between two locations until you exit the game or use the “gotostop” command.
  • Spawnnearby: Teleports you half a meter in a random direction.
  • Warpforward (number): Teleports you forward a specified number of meters.

Subnautica: Below Zero Cheat Code FAQ

Subnautica: Below Zero lets you build extensive seabases on the ocean floor.
Subnautica: Below Zero lets you build extensive seabases on the ocean floor.

Do leviathans lay eggs in Subnautica: Below Zero? While it is tempting to try to farm the giant, imposing sea creatures of Below Zero, this is easier said than done. The Glow Whale is the only leviathan in Subnautica: Below Zero to lay an egg, which will hatch in 2 days.

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