Grounded Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Promotional cover art for Grounded.

Grounded Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Grounded is a 2022 action-adventure game by Obsidian Entertainment. Influenced by other Obsidian Entertainment games such as Fallout, Grounded is a survival role-playing game. Players arrive in a sandbox world with endless possibilities and tasks. Scavenging the backyard for items, battling giant insects, building protective shelters, and leveling up the character’s stats are all essential for surviving and conquering the game. Grounded continuously receives positive criticism, and the game even received an “Xbox Game of the Year” award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2022. The success of the game has not gone unnoticed by fans, either. Microsoft reported in December 2022 that the player base grew to over 15 million players following the Version 1.0 release in September 2022. 

Grounded Premise

Players looks as an insect emerges from a sandbox in Grounded
Players transport to a hostile world where they are the size of insects.

Players find themselves transported to a familiar, yet terrifying world. The player wakes up in a cave, oblivious as to what happened. After emerging from the cave, it quickly dawns on the player that they are now the size of an insect! Blades of grass tower above, baseballs are now the size of small mountains, and small ponds are now the size of oceans. Most terrifying of all, however, are the insects and critters that are after them. Now a part of the food chain of a backyard, players must battle insects and other creatures as they find a way to return to teenage size.

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Grounded Main Characters

Main character Max posing in Grounded.
Players get to choose from four playable characters.

Upon starting the game, players choose from four playable characters. The four teens must stick together and survive, honing their personalities and skills to find a way to revert to their actual sizes. 

Maxwell “Max” Smalls: Confident in his abilities and full of charisma, Max takes on the role of de facto leader of the group. He also is easygoing, and he functions as the comic relief. 

Ally “Hoops” Nguyen: Energetic, eager, and determined, Hoops (nicknamed due to her skill in basketball and athletics) is ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. 

Peter “Pete” Boggs: Pete is the “nerd” archetype of the group. Despite being the butt of every joke, he is caring and resourceful. Even though he is timid and anxious, he still aspires to be adventurous.

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Willow Branch: Kind and empathetic, Willow takes on the role of the “mature” one in the group. Willow is clever, delivering witty and sarcastic one-liners every chance she gets. 

Grounded How to Enable Cheat Codes

The RPG and survival aspects of the game can be challenging. Because of this, many players utilize cheats and cheat codes to switch up their gameplay and make it less difficult. Grounded is available for both Windows PC and Xbox. Unfortunately, cheats and cheat codes only work for Windows PC. The game requires third-party console software for enabling and typing in cheat codes called Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker. After downloading and installing, the cheat code menu opens by pressing the “~” key on the keyboard. Players should save their game before typing in and enabling cheats, as they can glitch, crash, or corrupt your game. 

Grounded Cheat Codes

  • AddFood #: Fills hunger meter according to the specified amount entered.
  • AddScience #: Gives the amount of Raw Science according to the specified amount entered.
  • AddWater #: Fills in the water meter according to the specified amount entered.
  • BuildAllBuildings: Constructs all blueprints laid out.
  • ChangeSize #: Adjust your size according to the specific number entered.
  • DamageTarget #: Inflicts damage on the target for the amount specified.
  • FullRestore: Completely replenishes your stamina, health, thirst, and hunger.
  • god: Takes no damage. 
  • InfiniteDamage: Allows players to kill enemies with one hit. 
  • kill: Kills player and takes them back to spawn. 
  • open AR_00_World_Dev: Allows players to see a developer-mode world with still unfinished areas. (Must be entered from the main menu).
  • open SurvivalTest: Access the developer’s test level. (Must be entered from the main menu).
  • pause: Pauses the game. Enter “pause” again to unpause. 
  • RepairAllItems: The player’s entire inventory repairs.
  • ResearchAllItems: Researches and analyzes all items available in-game. 
  • SetCurrentBreath #: The breath sets to the specified amount entered.
  • SetCurrentFood #: The food sets to the specified amount entered.
  • SetCurrentWater #: The water sets to the specified amount entered.
  • sg.PostProcessQuality0: Removes depth of field blurriness.
  • show: Shows all graphic settings and options.
  • showdebug: Displays coordinates on the screen.
  • ShowWaveStats: Shows statistics.
  • stat fps: Displays the FPS counter.
  • stat unit: Displays frame time on screen.
  • teleport: Teleports to wherever the player’s crosshair is aiming at.
  • timespeed #: Sets the speed at which time passes according to the specified amount. Increasing the number will speed up the day. By entering “0”, time is stopped completely.
  • toggledebugcamera: Gives players the ability to fly around the game as the camera, not as the character.
  • unlockallperks: Unlocks all perks and mutations.
  • UnlockAllRecipes: Every weapon and tool recipe unlocks.
  • UnlockAllTechTrees: All Tech Trees are unlocked.

Grounded Cheat Codes FAQ

Do these cheat codes work for the Xbox version?

Unfortunately, these cheat codes are not available on the Xbox version. These cheat codes require the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker, which can only be downloaded and installed on the Windows PC version of the game. 

Can you spawn creatures in Grounded?

While this list focuses on cheats and cheat codes, there are other console commands which are not considered cheats. These console commands include the “summon” command, which can spawn any insect and creature in the game.

Are these cheat codes stable?

These cheat codes are stable for the most part. When spawning in too many items or maxing out stats at high numbers, the game can glitch, lag, or crash. To avoid losing progress and data, save the game before inputting cheat codes.

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