Stellaris Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC and Mac


Stellaris Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC and Mac

Stellaris is a sci-fi strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studio, released in 2016. The game was well-received by fans and critics upon release, who noted the RPG elements and high polish. The game also sold over 200,000 units within its first 24 hours and was Paradox Studios fastest selling game ever. It has sold over 3 million copies and received praise for its revolutionary development to 4X and strategy games. 

Stellaris Premise

Stellaris puts players in charge of their own ships as they battle for control of the galaxy. Starting the game, players will choose their empire or create their own. These customization options range from picking your species to ethics and civics. Once completed, the game will start, and you will have a single planet to work with. On this planet, you will have mines, research stations, ships, and military vessels. Also, you’ll want to expand and colonize other areas to build your empire. You can achieve this through civil means like diplomacy or starting wars and battling your way to the top.

Players must manage their resources throughout the game, consisting of energy credits, minerals, alloys, food, and consumer goods. Note that Stellaris is not for the faint of heart, as it has a steep learning curve. The mechanics of the game are not complex. However, the amount of mechanics at your disposal can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are resources online to help you, from walkthroughs to video tutorials. Players who stick through the learning curve will find a deep and fulfilling game that rewards their patience and skill. There is also a large community of players, including a Reddit page with over 400,000 members.      

Battle for the galaxy and grow your empire until you rule it all in Stellaris.

Stellaris Main Characters 

While Stellaris doesn’t feature main characters that talk with the player, there are a variety of species that the player can choose to play from. Based on the species and class chosen by the player, they will have different abilities and traits. Having such a large list and options to choose from means that players can customize their experience and have it fit their style of play. 

  • Anthropoid 
  • Avian
  • Fungoid 
  • Humanoid
  • Mammalian
  • Molluscoid
  • Reptilian 
  • Plantoid
  • Lithoid 
  • Necroid 
  • Aquatic 
  • Toxoid
  • Machine

Stellaris Titles in the Series 

While fans are hoping for a sequel to the game, there has been no official announcement as of yet. But Stellaris has an extensive array of DLC packs, so any player looking for more from the base game can pick those up. Each pack will add a variety of things like species, stories, and enemies.     

  • Stellaris (2016) 
  • Plantoids (2016)
  • Leviathans (2016)
  • Utopia (2017)
  • Synthetic Dawn (2017)
  • Humanoids (2017)
  • Apocalypse (2018)
  • Distant Stars (2018)
  • Megacorp (2018)
  • Ancient Relics (2019)
  • Lithoids (2019)
  • Federations (2020)
  • Necroids (2020)
  • Nemesis (2021)
  • Aquatics (2021)
  • Overlord (2022)
  • Toxoids (2022)
  • First Contact (2023)
  • Galactic Paragons (2023)
Featuring many mechanics, Stellaris offers players deep and meaningful gameplay.

Stellaris Cheat Codes

debugtooltip Reveals target’s id when hovering mouse cursor over it
activate_all_traditions Activates all Traditions
activate_ascension_perk (name) Activates the specified Ascension Perk
activate_tradition (tradition id) Activates the specified Tradition
add_anomaly (anomaly id) Adds (anomaly id) to the selected celestial body
add_opinion (source) (target) (amount) Grants (relic id), writing all instead of the ID grants all relics. The same relic can be added multiple times
add_relic (relic id) Grants (relic id), writing all instead of the ID grants all relics. The same relic can be added multiple times
add_ship (design id) Creates a fleet with one ship of (design id)
add_spynetwork_value (target) (amount) Adds specified amount of infiltration progress on specified target
add_trait_leader (leader id) (trait id) Adds (trait id) to (leader id), entering only the leader ID reveals all trait IDs for that class
add_trait_species (species id) (trait id) Adds (trait id) to (species id)
ai Toggles the AI on or off
alloys (amount) Adds (amount) of Alloys, default 5000
branchoffice Take ownership of a planet branch office
build_pops (amount) Adds (amount) of robot pops to the selected planet, only works if the empire has the technology to build robot pops
cash (amount) Adds (amount) of Energy Credits
colonize (colonizer pop id) Starts the colonization process of the selected planet using a copy of the pop with the ID given
create_megastructure (megastructure id) Creates a Megastructure in the current system
create_navy (amount) Adds (ethic id) to the player empire; using more than 3 ethic points will remove low attraction ethics
damage (amount) All ships in the selected fleet take (amount) hull damage
debug_nomen AI empires always refuse player proposals
debug_yesmen AI empires always agree to player proposals
effect add_building = (building id) Adds (building id) to the selected planet, multiple planet unique buildings will be removed a month after being added
effect add_deposit = (deposit id) Adds (deposit id) resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body
effect add_district = (district id) Adds (district id) to the planet
effect add_planet_devastation = (amount) Adds (amount) of Devastation to the selected create_archaeological_site, negative values lower it
effect country_add_ethic = (ethic id) Adds (ethic id) to the player empire, using more than 3 ethic points will remove low attraction ethics
effect country_remove_ethic = (ethic id) Removes (ethic id) from the player empire
effect create_archaeological_site = (archaeological site id) Adds (archaeological site id) to the selected create_archaeological_site
effect set_primitive_age_effect = (age id) Changes the age of a pre
effect shift_ethic = (ethic id) Shifts the player empire’s ethics to (ethic id)
event (event id) Triggers (event id)
engineering (amount) Adds (amount) of Engineering tech points
federation_add_experience (amount) Adds (amount) of Experience to the Federation
federation_add_cohesion (amount) Adds (amount) of Cohesion to the Federation
federation_add_cohesion_speed (amount) Adds (amount) of Monthly Cohesion to the Federation
federation_examine_leader Triggers a Federation succession
finish_research Finishes all active research
finish_special_projects Finishes all special projects
finish_terraform Finishes all terraforming processes
food (amount) Reveals target’s id when hovering the mouse cursor over it
force_integrate (country_id) Integrates (country_id) empire into the player’s empire
free_government Toggles allowing player to change governments without the time limit
free_policies Toggles allowing player to change policies without restriction, including policies previously disabled
grow_pops (amount) Adds (amount) of growing pops to selected planet
instant_build Toggles instantly finishing constructions and upgrades Note: This also applies to enemy AI, so only used while paused
intel Gives sight of the entire galaxy and disables first contact while active
influence (amount) Adds (amount) of Influence
invincible Player ships will not take damage
kill_pop (pop id) Kills (pop id) pop
max_resources Fills all resource storages
minerals (amount) Adds (amount) of Minerals
minor_artifacts (amount) Adds (amount) of Minor Artifacts
observe Switches to observer mode, use the play command to revert control Note: If the game is unpaused in observer mode the AI will take control of the player empire
own Take ownership and control of the specified fleet, starbase or planet
physics (amount) Adds (amount) of Physics tech points
populate Fills all Housing on selected planet with pops WARNING: Will crash the game as of version 2.5
planet_class (celestial body id) Changes the selected celestial body to (celestial body id)
planet_happiness (amount) Adds a modifier with (amount) Happiness to the selected planet
planet_size (size) Changes the (size) of the selected planet, can go above regular sizes but above 78 will move the planet backwards
play (empire ID) Switches player control to empire (empire ID)
remove_trait_leader (leader id) (trait id) Removes (trait id) from (leader id)
remove_trait_species (species id) (trait id) Removes (trait id) from (species id)
research_all_technologies (Boolean) Instantly researches all non
research_technology (technology id) Instantly research (technology id)
resource (amount) (resource) Adds (amount) of (resource)
skills (amount) Adds (amount) of skill levels to every leader under player control
skip_galactic_community_cooldowns Disables cooldown when proposing resolutions from the same group
society (amount) Adds (amount) of Society tech points
survey Surveys all planets, requires at least one science ship
techupdate Re
unity (amount) Adds (amount) of Unity
unlock_edicts Unlocks all edicts

Major Events

akx.8888The Horizon SignalStarts the Horizon Signal event, selected ship must have a leader and be in a black hole system
anomaly.95Voyager 1Starts the Solar Coordinates event if the Sol system exists in the galaxy
anomaly.186LimboWith the right technology and AI policies you can resurrect them as a new colony or as a new empire
anomaly.2523Gigantic SkeletonGain a Skeletal Giant army
anomaly.3085The PrinceEvent with small but permanent opinions effects
colony_mod.101Titanic Life Study: SuccessAbility to recruit Titanic Beast armies
crisis.50Rise of the SentinelsDoesn’t require the crisis but will add its sound effects
crisis.71Sentinel Fleet DonationDoesn’t require the crisis or the Sentinels
crisis.105Long live the Queen!Spawns the Domesticated Prethoryn Queen
crisis.2400Cybrex ReturnDoesn’t require the crisis
crisis.4550Star-Eater FiringThe current system is destroyed
fallen_empires_tasks.1A patronizing or machine Fallen Empire sends a random gift
galactic_features.301Fallen Empire mothballed fleet
galcom.16The Birth of the Galactic CommunityOption to instantly create or join the Galactic Community
nomad.1The NomadsWill not spawn if a Sentry Array is completed
precursor.98Vultraum Home System LocatedSpawns the Vultraum Home System
precursor.598Yuht Home System LocatedSpawns the Yuht Home System
precursor.1098First League Home System LocatedSpawns the First League Home System
precursor.1598Irassian Home System LocatedSpawns the Irassian Home System
precursor.2098Cybrex Home System LocatedSpawns the Cybrex Home System
story.107Amoebas Pacified
story.207Crystals Pacified
action.96Birth of the Galactic Market
origin.5605Teachers of the ShroudUnlocks the Shroud Beacon starbase building
leviathans.3103Dreadnought Repaired
utopia.3000Enter the ShroudWorks even if still on cooldown
utopia.3021Avatar (army)
utopia.3190The Chosen One
utopia.3304Whisperers in the VoidAbility to form a covenant
utopia.3305Composer of StrandsAbility to form a covenant
utopia.3306Eater of WorldsAbility to form a covenant
utopia.3307Instrument of DesireAbility to form a covenant
syndaw.545A QuestionBegins the AI-Related Incidents situation
syndaw.1000Machine UprisingRequires the AI-Related Incidents situation and at least 1 robot pop
marauder.85Mercenaries Become AvailableTrigger multiple times for each Marauder empire
distar.172Neural SymbiosisOption to get the Brain Slug Host trait for some pops and leaders
distar.212Death of the MatriarchRewards for defeating the Tiyanki Matriarch, with Leviathan Transgenesis it unlocks the Polymelic trait
distar.260Wild EukaryotesCreates a pre-sapient species with the Docile Livestock trait on the world
distar.1001Paradise LostCreates a nearby system with a Gaia World and a Stone Age primitive civilization
distar.1081AziziansOption to enable the recruitment of Azizian armies on a random owned world
distar.2050Alien EntitySpawns the Enigmatic Cache in the galaxy
distar.3014The NivlacCreates an empire with a permanent -100 opinion modifier
distar.3016The NivlacCreates an empire with a permanent +100 opinion modifier
distar.3055Alien Box OpenedGain one of three free traits
distar.5006The VoidspawnThe selected celestial body is turned into a cracked world from where a Voidspawn hatches
distar.5012Gargantuan EvolutionRewards for defeating the Voidspawn with Leviathan Transgenesis
graygoo.400A Quiet StrollEncounter Grey
ancrel.4000Whispers in the StoneCreates the Whispers in the Stone archaeology site
ancrel.4058The SentinelsOption to gain Sentinels armies
ancrel.6130Zarqulan’s ChosenAllows colonizing Holy Worlds and gives +150 permanent opinion from Holy Guardians
ancrel.10050Secrets of the YuhtUnlocks the Initiate Yuht Cleansing Process decision
aquatics.120The Time Has ComeOption to unlock the Dragon Hatchery starbase building
paragon.3999ArrivalSpawns Talon

Galaxy Changes

crisis.199Prethoryn ScourgeSpawns crisis
crisis.1000The UnbiddenSpawns crisis
crisis.1100The AberrantDoesn’t require the Unbidden
crisis.1200The VehementRequires the Unbidden
crisis.2000The ContingencySpawns crisis
fallen_empires_awakening.1Sleepers AwakeYou must select a Fallen Empire with the play command
galactic_features.401Space Storm Hits Galaxy
galactic_features.403Space Storm Dissipates
war_in_heaven.1000War in HeavenWill awaken two fallen empires
utopia.3308End of the CycleOption to form a covenant
utopia.3320The ReckoningRequires accepting the covenant in the previous event to work properly
fallen_machine_empire.1Ancient Caretakers AwakenMust select the Ancient Caretakers with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken
marauder.500The Drums of WarMust select a Marauder Empire with the play command beforehand
distar.232Junk RatlingsCreates the Ketling species
distar.236Junk RatlingsCreates the Ketling Star Pack empire
distar.11000Spawn L-ClusterSpawns a sealed L-Cluser
distar.13000The L-Cluster (L-Drake)Doesn’t require the L-Cluster but will open every L-Gate as well
graygoo.1The L-Cluster (Gray Tempest)Requires L-Cluster to work
graygoo.100The L-Cluster (Dessanu Consonance)Requires L-Cluster to work
Live up to your potential and rule your empire in Stellaris.

Stellaris Cheat Code FAQ

Does Stellaris have cheat codes?

Yes. Stellaris features cheat codes in the form of console commands. Players can choose from an extensive list of commands that will change and alter their gameplay. However, this is only available on PC and Mac, so console players are out of luck. Although the feature is wanted, it is unlikely to come to consoles as it’s not a high priority.

How do I enable Cheats in Stellaris?

Simply press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to access the in-game console. Shift+Alt+C works as well. Once you open the console, type in the command you wish to use, and it should work instantly. Also, some commands require prerequisites for them to work, but you should usually be able to use them without issue.

Can I use cheat codes in Stellaris multiplayer?

No, and yes. Some commands on the console don’t affect gameplay and can be used in multiplayer games. However, other commands typically used in single-player that alter gameplay are not allowed.

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