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Arrows in Ninja Master

Ninja Master Cheats & Cheat Codes

Ninja Master is an action game focused on the rigorous journey of ninja training The game was brought to life in 1986 by Firebird Software and Tron Software. Developed for various home gaming systems, this title takes players through the paces of mastering ninja skills. It also sets the stage for a sequel, Oriental Hero, which expands the narrative and gameplay further into the ninja world. Let’s take a careful look at Ninja Master and the potential cheats available for the game.

Ninja Master Premise

Ninja Master brings along a unique gameplay experience where players step into the shoes of a ninja undergoing a series of skill tests. These tests are designed to challenge the player’s reflexes and precision, with a requirement to score minimum points to progress. Failure to meet the score results in the game ending, pushing players to hone their skills with three chances per test. 

The game cycles through four distinct tests. Each test increases in difficulty and demands a higher level of accuracy from the player. The tests include everything from dodging arrows to breaking boards, intercepting shurikens, and aiming blowguns to take down flying objects. Each test is a step towards achieving the coveted ninja belt, which comes in different colors symbolizing skill improvement.

Shuriken in Ninja Master
The player needs to swap away the throwing stars with the sword.

©Screenshot for Ninja Master – Original

The game begins with the player positioned in the center of the screen, tasked with deflecting arrows. The next challenge is in an arena. The player is surrounded by a crowd and has to demonstrate strength by breaking a board. The third and penultimate test of precision requires blocking shurikens with a sword. The gameplay culminates in a test of accuracy with a blowgun. Players need to time the shots as the objects fly above the head of the ninja. As all four tests are completed successfully, the game presents the player with a ninja belt, the color of which is determined by the points.

Ninja Master Characters

Ninja Master revolves around the journey of a single, unnamed ninja, challenging players to embody the spirit and skill of a martial artist. In the shoes of this ninja, players navigate through the rigorous tests set before them. There’s no specific storyline or narrative for this simple game, except for the ninja’s aim to complete the tests and receive a belt. There are also no other characters in the game.

Belt in Ninja Master
The game awards the player with a ninja belt at the end of the game.

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Games in the Series

Ninja Master is part of a series of video games that includes its sequel, Oriental Hero. Both of the games are by Tron Software. This series delves into the exploration of martial arts, focusing on the journey of mastering ninja skills. The initial title focuses on the development of skills with tests that need to be passed to complete the game. The second title includes taking them to the ultimate test of beating enemies with said skills. Oriental Hero is a simple side-scrolling beat ’em up, while Ninja Master doesn’t feature combat.

  • Ninja Master (1986)
  • Oriental Hero (1987)

Ninja Master Cheats

While Ninja Master challenges players with its rigorous tests, the game itself does not feature any sort of cheats. The very limited gameplay, which only requires players to complete timing-based tests in four categories, likely makes cheats unnecessary for this game as well.

Ninja Master Cheats FAQ

What platforms is Ninja Master available on?

Ninja Master was released for various 8-bit home computers, including Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum.

How do I pass the tests in Ninja Master?  

Passing the tests requires quick reflexes, precise timing, and practice. Each test has specific mechanics, although the controls are similar, and include deflecting arrows and breaking boards.

Is there a sequel to Ninja Master?

Yes, the sequel to Ninja Master is Oriental Hero, released a year later, where players take on opponents using the ninja’s combat skills.

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