Maneater Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and More

The shark in Maneater.

Maneater Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and More

Maneater is a fun, albeit gruesome, game where you play as a shark, exploring and surviving in the big ocean. The game combines ocean exploration with RPG elements and more. Included are challenging boss fights, secrets in the dark part of the ocean, and upgrades that require specific nutrients. Maneater can be a challenging game, and sometimes, players might need some external help to become the king of the seas. That’s where cheats, codes, tips, and tricks may come in handy. In this article, we dive into what Maneater is all about and how one can advance quicker.

Maneater Premise

Maneater offers a unique gaming perspective as it places you in the role of a shark. Starting as a small pup, your bull shark grows and evolves as it hunts and engages with other sea creatures. This growth unlocks new regions of the game’s world, reveals hidden surprises, and provides powerful abilities to your shark.

Set in a diverse open world, Maneater includes a range of underwater and human-populated areas. As a player, your mission extends beyond mere survival. You’re also tasked with asserting dominance over the other ocean life. The game narrative adds a personal twist as your shark seeks revenge against a shark hunter, making your quest for survival a more personal one. In Maneater, the oceanic world is filled with both dangers and opportunities. Your aim as the shark is to become the apex predator.

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Battle-scarred Shark in Maneater.
Shark with upgrades and battle scars.

Maneater Characters

Maneater is not just about the shark, but also about other interesting characters that contribute to the narrative. While the player character, the shark, is at the helm of the game, each non-player character adds more to the story. The pool of characters is limited but there are still various types of antagonists that the player comes across. Some even might not be that hostile.

The Player Shark: The main character of the game, which the player controls. Starting as a young pup, this bull shark evolves and becomes more formidable as the game progresses.

Scaly Pete: The primary antagonist of the game. Scaly Pete is a shark hunter with a personal vendetta against sharks. 

Kyle LeBlanc: Scaly Pete’s son, who follows in his father’s footsteps but has his doubts about their mission. Not all humans are bad, as it turns out.

Apex Predators: These are unique, boss-like creatures that pose significant challenges to the player. Each Apex Predator is a distinct species, including creatures like the Apex Alligator, Apex Barracuda, and others.

Other human adversaries: Throughout the game, the player shark encounters various human enemies, from beachgoers and fishermen to bounty hunters. These bring new types of challenges to the player.

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Shark attacking a human in Maneater.
Maneater doing what it does best.

Games in the Series

Maneater is a standalone game developed by Tripwire Interactive. At the time of writing this, there are no preceding or subsequent games in the series, although that might change in the future. In 2020, the game was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Nintendo Switch version followed in 2021.

Maneater Cheats

Like many other modern games, Maneater doesn’t come with a cheat code system.  In terms of unofficial cheats, there might be trainer programs that allow cheats, but we cannot vouch for their safety and functionality. While the developer decided to forgo a traditional cheat system, there are still ways to make progress easier for newcomers. Here are some tips that might help you progress in the game.

Eat, eat, and eat: It is always important to be acquiring nutrients by eating every fish you come by. Different creatures provide different types of nutrients when consumed. Diversify your shark’s diet to ensure you get a mix of proteins, fats, and minerals, which will help in different types of upgrades.

Evade is key: Evading is a critical mechanic in Maneater. It allows you to dodge incoming attacks from both marine creatures and human enemies. Mastering the movement can mean the difference between life and death, especially when battling apex predators or when you’re under fire from bounty hunters.

Explore thoroughly: The open-world setting of Maneater is filled with hidden goodies, including nutrient caches, license plates, and landmarks. These can offer valuable experience points and resources for your shark, so make sure to explore each area fully.

Don’t forget to upgrade: As you gather nutrients, ensure you use these to upgrade your shark’s abilities. These upgrades can significantly improve your performance, making you stronger, faster, and more lethal.

Know when to swim away: While it’s tempting to stand your ground and fight, sometimes retreating is the best strategy. Remember that you can use the vast ocean to escape and live to fight another day.

Maneater shark swimming in the bottom of the ocean.
The underwater world in Maneater.

Maneater FAQ 

Is Maneater ok for everyone?

The game is a gruesome tale, and not fit for all audiences. According to ESRB, it is rated M for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, and Mild Language.

How long does it take to beat the game?

Depending on the player and their pace, it usually takes around 10 hours to beat the game. This might change a few hours or more to one side or the other.

What is the hardest boss in Maneater?

None of the Apex Predators are by no means easy, but the hardest of them all is Apex Sperm Whale. Defeating this boss will be a challenge even for a Mega Shark.

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