New World Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

New World Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

New World is an MMORPG where players colonize a fictional land modeled after the mid-seventeenth-century Americas. New World was released on September 28, 2021, and was developed by Amazon Games Orange County. The game received positive recognition after its initial launch.

New World was nominated for multiple awards in the year of its release. It was nominated for Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards 2021 and Best original soundtrack at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. New World has maintained a healthy player base and even managed to be one of the top-played games on Steam.

New World Premise

Players are thrust into the height of the Age of Exploration. In New World, players begin their adventure on the fictional island of Aeternum somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. To survive on this island, players will need to collect resources so that they can take on Aeternum’s many challenges. Monsterous creatures and other players will be a constant threat as players forge their new lives in Aeternum.

New World Gameplay

Aeternum is an open world designed to be explored and conquered by players. This multiplayer game encourages players to form groups or join one of the three factions in the game: Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant. The resources in the game allow players to craft weapons and equipment to help them survive.

As players progress in the game, their avatar will level up and unlock new skills, making survival easier. New World is basically a second life where players can purchase a property like housing and furniture. There is even a player-controlled economy where resources can be traded for gold coins.

New World Series

Unfortunately, for players looking for more of New World, the game is standalone. There are no prequels or sequels for the series. Luckily, Amazon Games has created similar games that allow players to explore new and strange worlds. Lost Ark is another MMO that is similar to New World. Here is a list of Amazon Games that might interest New World players.

TitleYear of Release
Airport Mania: First Flight2010
Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips2011
Air Patriots2012
Simplz: Zoo2012
Lucky’s Escape2012
Living Classic2012
To-Fu Fury2014
Tales From Deep Space2014
Sev Zero2014
The Unmaking2014
Lost Within2015
Til Morning’s Light2015
Dragon’s Lair2018
The Grand Tour Game2019
New World2021
Lost Ark2022
Blue Protocol2024

New World Cheat Codes

Sadly, there are no in-game cheat codes in New World. Because New World is an MMORPG, if there were cheat codes, they would create unfair advantages. Cheats that duplicate gold coins would also destroy the game’s economy. Players will need to use their own skills in order to survive on Aeternum.


While players are struggling to colonize Aeternum, they can also try to collect all 133 achievements in New World. There is plenty of content for players to explore as they attempt to become the ultimate survivor on Aeternum. Here is a short list of just some of the achievements you can collect.

Achievement Requirement
ScoutDefeat 250 Corrupted enemies
SentryDefeat 1000 Corrupted enemies
WatcherDefeat 2000 Corrupted enemies
ProtectorDefeat 4000 Corrupted enemies
Defender of HumanityDefeat 8000 Corrupted enemies
On a Reaving RoadDefeat 250 Lost enemies
For The Corpse CorpsDefeat 1000 Lost enemies
Towards A Coffin CureDefeat 2000 Lost enemies
Lost and UnlearnedDefeat 4000 Lost enemies
With These HandsDefeat 8000 Lost enemies
Natural SelectionDefeat 250 Angry Earth enemies
Blood and BurningDefeat 1000 Angry Earth enemies
Not Much for NatureDefeat 2000 Angry Earth enemies
Why So Serious?Defeat 4000 Angry Earth enemies
If It Bleeds, It Can Be KilledDefeat 8000 Angry Earth enemies
Food Is FoodDefeat 250 animal predators
Mighty HunterDefeat 1000 animal predators
All In A Day’s WorkDefeat 2000 animal predators
Meat. It’s What’s For DinnerDefeat 4000 animal predators
Mass ExtinctionDefeat 8000 animal predators
I thought they could fly! Kill 100 Turkeys
It’s actually ‘Baseball Season’ season Kill 100 Rabbits
Let’s mooove this along, shall we? Kill 100 Cows
You Mean they’re dull? Kill 100 Boars
That Is Not DeadDefeat 25 named Corrupted enemies
Which Can Eternal Lie`Defeat 100 named Corrupted enemies
With Strange AeonsDefeat 200 named Corrupted enemies
Even Death May DieDefeat 400 named Corrupted enemies
Servants Of An Ancient MadnessDefeat 800 named Corrupted enemies
Invasion DefenderWin your first Invasion
Those Pesky NeighborsWin 5 Invasions.
Home TurfWin 10 Invasions.
A Defiant Cry Against The DarknessWin 25 Invasions.
Official DeniabilityWin 50 Invasions.
Invasion: AeternumWin 100 Invasions.
Into The Breach!Dispel 25 Corruption Breaches
The Only Breaches I Allow Are PantsDispel 100 Corruption Breaches
Quarantine BreachDispel 500 Corruption Breaches
Healing The EarthDispel 2500 Corruption Breaches
Local RenovationsDispel 5000 Corruption Breaches
Just Me And The GangWhile Grouped, Defeat 100 Aeternum enemies
Come With Me If You Want To LiveWhile Grouped, Defeat 500 Aeternum enemies
Winners, Party Of FourWhile Grouped, Defeat 2000 Aeternum enemies
Squad Up!While Grouped, Defeat 5000 Aeternum enemies
Quad SquadWhile Grouped, Defeat 10000 Aeternum enemies
For The Humans!Defeat 1000 Aeternum enemies
Reducing The FieldDefeat 4000 Aeternum enemies
Departure Time Is NowDefeat 12000 Aeternum enemies
Bloody InvestmentDefeat 25000 Aeternum enemies
Hours Of The DragonDefeat 45000 Aeternum enemies
Following The Beaten PathsGet 1,000 items using a skinning knife
Careful! Don’t Step In The SpoorGet 4,000 items using a skinning knife
More Than 1 Way To Skin A RabbitGet 8,000 items using a skinning knife
Meat On The Hoof. Or FootGet 16,000 items using a skinning knife
I Can Also Make Pelt RugsGet 32,000 items using a skinning knife
Increase Skill Means Faster SpeedCollect 1,000 items using a logging Axe
There’s A Skill To Proper TippingCollect 4,000 items using a logging Axe
Getting Muscles On MusclesCollect 8,000 items using a logging Axe
Nary A Crushed House (So Far)Collect 16,000 items using a logging Axe
Ready For The Logging FestivalCollect 32,000 items using a logging Axe
So Many To PickMine 1,000 items using a mining pick
Ore Is Metalliferous? You Made That Word Up!Mine 4,000 items using a mining pick
If It’s Useful, I’ll Figure Out How To Mine ItMine 8,000 items using a mining pick
You Don’t Mine Steel. Stop Asking!Mine 16,000 items using a mining pick
I Can Smell The Ore, At This PointMine 32,000 items using a mining pick
I SickleHarvest 1,000 items using a harvesting Sickle.
Working With Renewable SourcesHarvest 15,000 items using a harvesting Sickle.
Swinging To And FroHarvest 15,000 items using a harvesting Sickle.
A Sharp Blade Means A Cleaner CutHarvest 30,000 items using a harvesting Sickle.
Aeternian HavesterHarvest 50,000 items using a harvesting Sickle.
There’s this expedition boss that needs defeating…Defeat Simon Grey in Amrine Excavation.
There’s this expedition boss that needs defeating…Defeat ‘Greundgul the Regent’ in Starstone Barrows.
There’s this expedition boss that needs defeating… Defeat Empress Zhou in the Dynasty Shipyard.
A Damaging BeliefPersonally defeat 150 Covenant players.
Bashing The BarbariansPersonally defeat 150 Marauders players.
False SciencePersonally defeat 150 Syndicate players
The Phantom DuelistsYou have your first duel.
Fort FlippingOutside of War, capture a Control Point To claim the fort for your faction.
My First RodeoWin your first War.
We Win, Yet AgainWin 5 Wars.
Gets Tiring, All This WinningWin 10 Wars.
Excellence Proves ItselfWin 25 Wars.
Winning StreakWin 50 Wars.
We Will Be LegendsWin 100 Wars.

New World Cheat Codes FAQ

Does New World have cheat codes?

No, cheat codes are unavailable for New World. Cheat codes would give players an unfair advantage in the game and ruin the game’s economy.

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