Midnight Fight Express Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Midnight Fight Express is an action fighting game developed by Jacob Dzwinel. The game was released in 2022 and received positive reviews from players. Fans enjoyed the best em’ up style gameplay with non-stop action and combat. It was developed by one person, leading fans to label the game as a work of passion.  

Midnight Fight Express Premise

Midnight Fight Express has a simple premise of an ex-member of the criminal underworld trying to prevent a citywide criminal takeover. While some parts have dialogue and story, the game mainly focuses on the combat. Players will battle through gauntlets of enemies, battling with their fists, melee weapons, and firearms.  

Midnight Fight Express Main Characters

Players begin their fighting journey with Babyface. It’s explained at the beginning that since the police have no records of the player, they opt to call them Babyface. Although there aren’t many characters to choose from, there are many skins that change your character’s appearance.  

  • Dareman
  • MMA Master
  • The Valiant
  • The Night Out
  • The Demon Knight
  • The Entrenched
  • The Spelunker
  • The Spy
  • The Anarchist
  • The Silent Assassin
  • The Wanderer
  • The Nunchucker
  • The First Mate
  • The Lowlife
  • The Organ Harvester
  • The Street Fighter
  • Eric Jacobus
  • The Clown Princess
  • The Harbinger
  • The Honorable
  • The Commander
  • The Farmer
  • The Crimson Cowl
  • The Ass Kicker(John Wick)
  • The Cruel Clown
  • The Paperboy
  • Holy Boi
  • The Nun
  • The Technobrawler
  • NoiseCream
  • The Prowler
  • The Buffalo Soldier
  • The Future Soldier
  • The Shadowkiller
  • The Ancient Master
  • The Detective
  • The Blind Brawler
  • The Monstrosity
  • The Opressor
  • The Judgment Lady
  • All Drone Skins

Midnight Fight Express Video Games in the Series

Midnight Fight Express is currently the only game developed by Jacob Dzwinel. There has been currently no word if they will create another title in the future. Players can, however, buy the soundtrack with the game or the Crime Story Bundle that includes Midnight Fight Express, Serial Cleaners, and Gamedec. 

Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, Midnight Fight Express does not feature any cheat codes. Any alterations to the game would be through mods, glitches, or exploits. As game development becomes more advanced and with modding communities bigger than ever, there is less reason to add cheat codes to video games today. It’s also a lot to ask from a solo developer to implement cheat codes for players. 

One great way to change your gameplay is by completing achievements. While they will not grant you alterations, they do provide fun, new ways to play that can give you a challenge to work towards.

Combo MasterGet 100x combo on foot.
They Probably Deserved ItKill 500 enemies.
Who Will Clean Up This MessKill 2000 enemies.
Way Over The Line BuddyKill 4000 enemies.
Dummy’s Best FriendKill 500 dummies in the Playground.
This Is Just The BeginningComplete the Factory mission.
Leave No TraceComplete the Wavechase mission.
Give Me A BreakComplete the Highway mission.
One Last RideComplete the Alleyway mission.
Watch The SunriseFinish the game.
I Was Born To DieDie 500 times.
You have a S-tyle!Get an S-Rating on 20 levels.
You Won’t Be Forgotten My FriendGet an S-Rating on all levels.
Tooth FairyCollect 150 golden teeth.
That’s What I Came ForComplete your first 25 challenges.
King Of ChallengesComplete all challenges.
Everything Is A WeaponThrow 150 environmental items at enemies.
Parry MasterParry 150 attacks.
Melee Finisher MasterKill 250 enemies using melee finishers.
Weapon Finisher MasterKill 150 enemies using weapon finishers.
Stay DownKill 50 enemies using ground finishers.
Kiss The WallKill 50 enemies using gun finishers.
Gun FuKill 50 enemies using gun finishers.
Give Your Fists A RestShoot 500 enemies.
Let Them FlyKill 75 enemies using explosives.
Face JewelryStick 50 sharp weapons into the heads of enemies.
Bloody ShowerSlice 75 enemies.
Don’t Hug MeEscape from grapples 50 times.
Skills EnthusiastDefeat 15 enemies with different types of kills on a single level.
Too Much PressureKill 6 enemies while in Rage.
How Could You Do That To Noisecream?Mute the music.
People PersonTalk with all special characters.
I Have A Wedding TommorowComplete a level without getting hit.
ImpressiveComplete all levels on hard difficulty.
Hotline ExpressComplete all levels on realistic difficulty.
I Want To Look PrettySpend 50000$ on clothes.
Make Them Shake For YouElectrocute 100 enemies.
Let Them Finish ThemselvesLet 100 enemies kill each other.
Get Over Here!Damage 100 enemies using rope.
Smile, Please!Blow up 50 enemy heads with secondary gun.

Midnight Fight Express Cheat Code FAQ

Does Midnight Fight Express have cheat codes?

No, Midnight Fight Express does not have any cheat codes. However, the chaotic combat and fast-paced action remove the need for cheat codes, but there is always the option to use mods.  

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