Rise Of The Tomb Raider Cheats & Cheat Codes for All Platforms

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Cheats & Cheat Codes for All Platforms

Tomb Raider as a series is a landmark in gaming. Its main protagonist Lara Croft was one of gaming’s first serious female leads who wasn’t just a damsel in distress. Instead, Lara Croft was a serious treasure hunter and fighter. Unfortunately, the series lost a lot of steam around 2008 with the Underworld: Series. This set of games is most likely forgotten by the vast majority of players and the series was considered dead to most.

That was until 2013 when Square Enix decided to breathe new life into the series with a serious reboot. Instead of having Lara be this military badass that treasure hunts on the side, she is a survivalist and actual archeologist who has to learn how to fight, evade, and survive. The Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) comes to the world as the second installment in the series. This game is as crushing as it is beautiful.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Premise

A screenshot of Rise of the Tomb Raider

As a direct sequel to the first, Rise of the Tomb Raider is set a year after unexplained supernatural events and PTSD are troubling Lara Croft. To try and quiet her mind Lara sets off to find the mythic city of Kitezh following the work and trail of her late father. Set deep in the Siberian wilderness Lara will have to fight off the wilds, cold and snow, and Russian mercenaries to follow in her father’s footsteps. As Lara learns more about what her father was looking for in the city the more danger she is thrust into.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Main Characters

early concept art for Tomb Raider

Lara Croft – The Main Character with a “sick with it” and “I’m not dying here” attitude. She is dressed in winter gear with a high ponytail, ice axes, and a crudely crafted bow as one of her main weapons.

Jonah Maiava – Jonah is a classic support character for the game. He is one of Lara’s friends and serves as a guide for Lara during the first massive snowstorm/set piece of the game. He is of Kiwi (New Zealander) descent and is dressed in winter and mountain survival gear.

Ana – Ana comes to the game as a slight surprise as she is a senior agent of Trinity, a mythic organization trying to find immortality for world domination. She is blonde, English, and is always dressed as she is ready for an impromptu TED talk at any moment.

Jacob – Jacob is the true prophet of the city of Kitezh and is considered Deathless. He is still human but save the human end to use his own words. Jacob looks like if the Roman depiction of Jesus spent a bit of time as a WWII fighter pilot.

Titles of The Tomb Raider in the Series

Tomb Raider Legend screenshot
Screenshot of Tomb Raider Legends

©Crystal Dynamics – Original

The Tomb Raider is long and far-reaching. Players have seen several different versions of Lara Croft spanning over 20 years!

  • Tomb Raider (1996)
  • Tomb Raider II (1997)
  • Tomb Raider III (1998)
  • Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (1999)
  • Tomb Raider – GameBoy Color (2000)
  • Tomb Raider Chronicles (2000)
  • Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword (2001)
  • Tomb Raider: The Prophecy (2002)
  • Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (2003)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend (2006)
  • Tomb Raider: Anniversary (2007)
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008)
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (2010)
  • Tomb Raider (2013)
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (2014)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015)
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)

Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheat Codes

Much like every other modern game, Rise of the Tomb Raider does have cheat codes directly. There is no special screen where players can just type in a random code and get insane power-ups. Instead, there are ways to exploit existing structures and systems in the game to level up way faster.

Infinite XP

Simply fast travel back and forth between the two Flooded Archives camps to get 500 XP every time. Note: This glitch worked on an unpatched version of the game. The patch is coming soon. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. Easily avoid the patch from installing. Just disconnect from the internet until they are ready for the game to install new patches.

Other than that glitch which is most likely patched at the time of writing there aren’t really many cheats to be had. However, there are several achievements players can get that take a bit of skill to unlock. Here is a quick list.

Single Player

ActionMelee kills an enemy using a bottle
Defend the Remnants from the Trinity invasionA Helping Hand
Kill 5 enemies within 10 seconds using any rifleA Trusty Old Friend
Purchase all items from the Supply ShackAvid Shopper
Kill a razorback boar using a Molotov cocktailBacon!
Melee kill an enemy using a bottleBar Brawl
Perform 25 special stealth kills with the knifeBlade of Justice
Complete any Challenge TombChallenging
Kill 5 enemies with one Poison ArrowChemical Warfare
Complete every ChallengeCompulsive
Craft 5 pieces of EquipmentCraftswoman
Get 25 headshots using the Bolt-Action RifleDead Ringer
Headshot an enemy with an arrow from a distance beyond 25mEnglish Pedigree
Kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the legFall Guys
Defeat a Deathless Swordsman using only melee attacks and a finisherFearless
Defeat two enemies or more using a single Molotov CocktailFirestarter
Reach max proficiency in one languageFluent
Enter the Syrian tomb of the Lost ProphetFollowing in Father’s Footsteps
Dive into a wellFor My Next Trick…
Complete a level in Score Attack with a gold scoreGilded
Drown 3 enemies using a water finisherGlub Glub Glub
Complete every level in Score Attack with a gold scoreGolden Child
Complete 3 MissionsGood Samaritan
Kill 50 animals while wearing the Huntress outfitHuntress
Complete a level in Score Attack using 5 cardsIron Will
Unearth 40 Survival CachesKeen Eye
Kill 6 enemies with the Revolver without reloadingLaying Down The Law
Complete 5 ChallengesLooking for Trouble
Craft 25 of each special arrow type (Fire, Grenade, Poison)Master Fletcher
Complete a level in Score Attack with a card bonus of 200% or moreMy Own Worst Enemy
Perform a 2.5 second or longer swan diveNo Guts, No Glory
Achieve 100% game completionNo Stone Unturned
Stealth kill an enemy while he is having a conversationOne-Sided Conversation
Attend a funeralPaying Respects
Shoot 15 deer in the heartQuick and Painless
Find the best seat in the houseQuiet Time
Survive the avalancheQuite A Tumble
Collect 150 cardsQuite the Collector
Heal yourself in combat 3 timesRapid Recovery
Translate one MonolithReading the Past
Melee 5 enemies off a ledgeRenegade
Shoot a chicken out of the air with a fire arrowRotisserie
Purchase all skills in one categorySelf-Improvement Junkie
Beat 15 combat encounters after completing the gameSiberian Ranger
Rescue Jacob from the gulagStrange Acquaintance
Light the signal fire in the Remnant ValleyTaking the High Road
Complete 3 Replay Challenges in one Score Attack levelThat All You Got?
Uncover the remains of all Jacob’s disciplesThe Chosen Few
Recover the AtlasThe Key To It All
Finish the game on any difficultyThe Price of Truth
Unlock the path to KitezhThe Road Less Travelled
Collect 300 cardsThese Belong in A Museum
Complete all Challenge Tombs in one playthroughTomb Raider
Survive a night in the Siberian wildernessTougher Than She Looks
Shoot a bottle out of the airTrick Shot
Kill 3 enemies with 1 Shotgun blastTriple Threat
Collect 25% of all narrative assets (relics, murals, and documents)Truth Seeker
Finish the game on Survivor difficultyUltimate Survivor
Replay 5 different levels without taking any damageUntouchable
Collect 75% of all narrative assets (relics, murals, and documents)Voices of the Past
Kill any animal with an explosiveWas That Really Necessary?
Complete every level in Score Attack with a bronze score or betterWay to Go
Fully upgrade one weaponWeaponsmith
Complete 10 different levels in Score Attack with a gold scoreWell Begun Is Half Done
Rescue Jonah from KonstantinWhatever It Takes
Complete every MissionWoman of the People
Perform a manual zip line transferZipper

CO-OP Adventure

Endurance Co-op Challenge: Collect an Artifact while your partner is down“Teamwork”
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Eat the meat of 3 wolves with your partnerA Dinner for Two
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Eat the meat of 3 bears with your partnerA Feast for Two
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Eat the meat of 5 rabbits or squirrels with your partnerA Snack for Two
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest with 5 Medium and Large ArtifactsAdventure Besties
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest with 5 ArtifactsAdventure Friends
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Spend at least one day more than 60 meters apartAlone Time
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest after surviving for 7 days with at least 10 ArtifactsBonding Time
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Kill 5 enemies that have been marked by your partnerCommunication Skills
Blood Ties: Collect all of the Documents in Croft ManorComplete Family History
Lara’s Nightmare: Destroy a Skull of RageEnter the Nightmare
Finish the game on Extreme Survivor difficultyExtreme Survivor
Lara’s Nightmare: Defeat 100 enemiesFight the Fear
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Clear 3 Enemy Camps at night in a single expeditionFor the Night is Dark
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Kill an enemy attacking your critically injured partnerGet Away from Her!
Blood Ties: Collect all of the Relics in Croft ManorHome Raider
Blood Ties: Acquire the Master KeyKey to the Past
Blood Ties: Find truth of Croft ManorLegacy
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest after surviving 10 days with at least 20 ArtifactsMaster and Apprentice
Blood Ties: Open Lord Croft’s SafeMaster Detective
Blood Ties: Collect 50% of the Documents in Croft ManorMeet the Crofts
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Revive a player 3 times in a single expeditionNo One Left Behind
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Revive a playerPick-Me-Up
Blood Ties: Collect 50% of the Relics in Croft ManorRelic Hunter
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Eat with your partner while at least one of you is starvingSay “Aaah”
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Kill a combined total of 10 dangerous animals in a single ExpeditionSisters of Artemis
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Kill a combined total of 25 enemies in a single ExpeditionSisters of Athena
Lara’s Nightmare: Defeat the NightmareSweet Dreams
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest after 7 days without using a single reviveTeam Survival
Endurance Co-op Challenge: Warm up from freezing by standing next to a campfire lit by your partnerTeamwork

Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheat FAQ

Rise of the Tomb Raider promo trailer screenshot
An early Promo of Rise of the Tomb Raider

The internet is still burning with questions about Rise of the Tomb Raider. CheatCC has the answers to their dying questions.

Are there any cheats in Tomb Raider? – Yes, just not for this title in the series.

How do you get 100 percent in Rise of the Tomb Raider? – This one is easy, a player just has to –

  • Finish the game
  • Find all major collectibles:
    • Strongboxes
    • Monoliths
    • Relics
    • Documents
    • Murals
    • Survival caches
    • Coin caches
    • Codices
  • Complete all optional Missions
  • Complete all optional Challenges

How do you get unlimited ammo in Rise of the Tomb Raider? – You don’t, at least not in this Tomb Raider. There is a community of modders that have posted their literal cheat codes to various forums but for the console players…they will be a bit out of luck.

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