Hi-Fi Rush Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

In-game photo of Hi-Fi RUSH.

Hi-Fi Rush Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Does Hi-Fi RUSH have any known cheat codes?

On the latest release date, Hi-Fi RUSH unveiled itself as an electrifying rhythm-action adventure developed by the renowned Tango Gameworks. They’re the masterminds behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo. This innovative game immerses players in the heart-pounding journey of Chai, an aspiring rock star. Their life transforms when a malevolent megacorporation mistakenly merges a music player with his heart. The corporation brands him a defect and relentlessly pursues him with hordes of robotic enforcers.

Players immerse themselves in the action, swaying to the rhythm and orchestrating every move with the beat of the game’s killer mixtape. And for those seeking a little extra edge, Hi-Fi RUSH offers a streamer-friendly alternate audio mode, ensuring a seamless streaming experience without the need for cheat codes. The game released back on Jan. 25, 2023.

Its unique gameplay is described perfectly by the developers: “Everything in Hi-Fi RUSH automatically syncs to the music, from swinging your trusty ‘axe’ to dodging out of the way of an oversized metallic fist. The game isn’t locked to the music track, however – Hi-Fi RUSH is rhythm-action with the emphasis on ‘action.’ Players must feel the rhythm to enhance Chai’s actions, pulling off heavy Beat Hits at the end of a combo like a cymbal crash, or syncing up with one of his allies for a devastating tag-team finisher. In Hi-Fi RUSH, every battle is an opportunity to play out your own music video fantasy, seamlessly coordinating all your moves with the soundtrack.”

Hi-Fi RUSH Premise

In-game photo of Hi-Fi RUSH.

In Hi-Fi RUSH, players step into the shoes of Chai, an aspiring rock star. Their life transforms dramatically when a megacorporation mistakenly integrates a music player into his heart. The corporation brands him as a defect, prompting an unyielding pursuit by an army of robotic enforcers. To navigate this adventure, players must synchronize their actions. Players must meticulously use the dynamic rhythms of the game’s diverse soundtrack. The game perfectly blends music and movement, giving way to fantastic fun. For those looking for a rebellious adventure while keeping rhythm, Hi-Fi RUSH is for you!

Hi-Fi RUSH Characters

The game is filled with dynamic and unique characters that includes:

  1. Chai
  2. 808
  3. Peppermint
  4. Macaron
  5. CNMN
  6. Rekka
  7. Zanzo
  8. Korsica
  9. Mimosa
  10. Roquefort
  11. Kale Vandelay

Hi-Fi RUSH Installments

As this is the only game in the series, it’s the only game overall. There are no sequels or prequels. It’s the only one.

Hi-Fi RUSH Cheat Codes

The only way to use cheat codes is to download a third-party trainer. Once you have done so, you can use multiple inputs for various results. As with all third-party programs, download at your own risk.

Hi-Fi RUSH Cheat Codes FAQ

How do you unlock Rhythm Master Mode?

To unlock Rhythm Master Mode, players must first complete the main story once. After this accomplishment, Rhythm Master Mode becomes accessible. In this new difficulty tier, players face a stricter penalty during combat: receiving a Game Over if their ranking drops below a specific grade.

When starting a new game, players can select their initial difficulty level. However, the option to change the difficulty is available within the game. To make this adjustment, go to the “Settings” menu, then navigate to “Gameplay,” followed by “Other Settings,” and finally select “Rhythm Master.” It’s essential to note that changing the difficulty mid-game will reset the player to their most recent checkpoint.

What are the achievements for Hi-Fi RUSH?

Achievement NameDescriptionFinished Percentage
Feeling the Beat!Land 20 beat-hit attacks on enemies.82%
Start with a Bang!Achievement Icon82%
You Can Pet the Cat!Play with 808 in the hideout.76%
Who Put Gears in There?Destroyed your first golden statue of Kale.69%
Cream of the CropAchievement Icon64%
Thanks for the Free Chip, Peppermint!Purchase and equip your first upgrade chip.63%
You Got This, Peppermint?Destroy 10 barriers by calling in Peppermint.58%
Perfect ParrySuccessfully parry with perfect timing 15 times.55%
Alright, That Felt Awesome!Defeated your first enemy with a Rhythm Parry Attack.55%
I Play My Own Way!Purchase and equip your first Special Attack.53%
Does That Say Weakpoint?Destroy QA-1MIL’s face, revealing its shame.49%
This Will Cost You Big TimeAchievement Icon48%
Uh, They Were Broken When I Got HereDestroy 200 Vandelay security robots.47%
Z-Shielding’s Got Nothing on Us!Shatter 10 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.46%
Kissing the Sky!Perform 50 Aerial Raves.45%
Whoa! There’s Another Health Bar!?Increase your health to where you unlock a second tier.44%
The NegotiatorAchievement Icon40%
Out in a Puff of SmokeAchievement Icon35%
HeadlinerAchievement Icon35%
I Look Cool. But I Can Look Cooler.Equip any costume.35%
You Must Like Calling Me In, ChaiDestroy 50 barriers by calling in Peppermint.34%
Time to Pay Up!Achievement Icon33%
Perfecter Parry-er!Successfully parry with perfect timing 200 times.33%
Who’s the Boss Now?Achievement Icon32%
I Have to Read These Things?Find and read half of the Vandelay Vlogs on the campus.32%
There’s Such a Thing as TOO HelpfulFind and engage with every Smidge, while completing all of his practice tips.24%
I Told You I’d Be Fine, Peppermint!Complete the ride through production on the transit rail without taking damage.22%
That’s a Lot of Junk Metal…Destroy 500 Vandelay security robots.21%
Beat-Hit ManiaLand 500 beat-hit attacks on enemies.21%
Well That Was a Rush!Finish the game and complete every level on the Normal difficulty.17%
Check Out My Moves!Achievement Icon16%
Chip-TunedIncrease your chip slots to the maximum capacity.15%
Wanna Hear My Playlist?Change the background music in the hideout.14%
I Hit Things with a Guitar Really WellFinish a stage with an S rank for every Chorus. (Any difficulty.)12%
We’re Jammin’Successfully pull off 20 Jam Combos.11%
I Think I Deserve Some Praise, Here!Finish the game and complete every level on the Hard difficulty.10%
You Ever Parry a Volcano?Successfully parry a volcanic rock outside of research and development.10%
First We Parry, Then We CounterPerform 20 parry counters using any partner.10%
I’m Not Done with You YetOverkill 20 enemies.9%
I Think I Found Your Calling, MacaronShatter 50 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.8%
This Is a Breeze!Achievement Icon5%
OK, Well THEY Came After ME!Destroy 1000 Vandelay security robots.4%
With Our Powers Combined…And to the Rhythm…Perfectly time your takedown of your largest foe yet in a musical finale.4%
Problem Solved… Wait, What?Achievement Icon3%
Now This Is How You Fight Like a Team!Perform 100 parry counters using any partner.3%
Fully Powered Up!Fully upgrade your Reverb Gauge to the maximum.3%
I Am a Good Person Who Likes to HelpHelp out 3 Vandelay robots with their pressing issues.3%
I Can’t See This Ever Being a Problem AgainAchievement Icon3%
And the Crowd Goes Wild!Finish the game and complete every level on the Very Hard difficulty.2%
NOW We Got a Kickass Hideout!Achievement Icon2%
Easy ListeningFinish the game completing every level on the Easy difficulty.2%
I Saw All Those Hits Coming a Measure Away!Perfectly parry every non-boss enemy’s Rhythm Parry attack. (Only for enemies in the main game.)2%
OK, I THINK I Know What I’m Doing NowSuccessfully pull off every combo and attack in the Training Room.2%
My Ultimate SetlistComplete all the floors in the Rhythm Tower.1%
This Was… Not What I Expected.Have “The Artist” decorate your hideout.1%
I’m Untouchable!Finish a stage without taking any damage. (Any difficulty.)1%
I Think That’s Enough Health for NowFully upgrade your health bar by collecting all Life Gauges.1%
Have We Met Before?Find Vandelay HR’s investigator and hear all of its monologues.1%
Call Me Turbo ChaiAchievement Icon1%
I Have to Read ALL of These Things?Find and read every Vandelay Vlog on the campus.1%
I’m Trying to FOCUS HERE!Find and shoot down every hovering announcement drone.1%
Didn’t Skip a Beat!Finish the game and complete every level on the Rhythm Master difficulty.1%
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