Shadow Warrior 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, and More

Official artwork for Shadow Warrior 3.

Shadow Warrior 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, and More

Shadow Warrior 3 is a fast-paced first-person shooter by Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital. It is a sequel to Shadow Warrior 2, released in 2016. This game continues the series’ legacy of intense action combined with witty humor. It launched on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, between 2022 and 2023. Here, we’ll take a look at the game and what sort of cheats it includes.

Shadow Warrior 3 Premise

In Shadow Warrior 3, players step into the shoes of Lo Wang, a familiar protagonist from previous titles in the series. He is the battle-hardened protagonist with a unique, humorous take on things. The game’s structure is a linear series of levels with an upgrade system to go with it. This makes a clear distinction from its more open-world predecessor. Lo Wang can use various firearms and his trusty katana for close-quarters combat to dispatch enemies.

The gameplay emphasizes both ranged and melee combat, allowing players to execute wounded enemies and use the environment strategically to bring down opponents. As the game progresses, players unlock new weapons and gadgets, bringing new strategies to combat. New movement options like wall running, double jumping, air dashing, and using a grappling hook to traverse platforms add to the gameplay, making combat and exploration more exciting.

The world in Shadow Warrior 3.
Shadow Warrior 3 features a unique and vibrant fantasy world.

The story unfolds sometime after Lo Wang accidentally releases an ancient dragon, leading to a dramatic fall of global civilization to despair. Wang’s former nemesis, Orochi Zilla, pushed Wang to continue fighting despite the threat of both inner demons and real ones.

Shadow Warrior 3 Characters

Shadow Warrior 3 features a diverse cast of characters that make the game what it is with a colorful narrative and story that develops through the game. Players control the humorous protagonist, Lo Wang, and come across various NPCs from fellow allies to powerful adversaries. Here are some of the key characters in the game.

  • Lo Wang: The game’s protagonist, a skilled warrior equipped with a host of firearms and a katana for close-quarters combat. Wang’s story goes into his past life and the issues he deals with as he takes on the new quest.
  • Orochi Zilla: Orochi Zilla was formerly Wang’s nemesis. Now, Zilla plays a significant role in convincing Wang to continue his fight against the dragon and the demonic beings.
  • Motoko: Motoko is a witch with knowledge of mystical arts. She is instrumental in the plot to defeat the dragon using the energy in Hoji’s mask.
  • Hoji: Another key character in the game, whose resurrection changes the course of the narrative. Hoji is a spirit creature, banished to the mortal realm. 
  • Tanuki: Tanuki is Motoko’s familiar. This nosey little follower of Motoko does anything that Motoko asks for.
Lo Wang in Shadow Warrior 3.
Log Wang wearing his mask in Shadow Warrior 3.

Games in the Series

The Shadow Warrior series is a first-person shooter renowned for its blend of sharp humor and action-packed gameplay. The series got a reboot with the 2013 Shadow Warrior, a remake of the 1997 game of the same name. The game is known for its charismatic protagonist since its inception, Lo Wang. Also, the game involves a combination of both traditional shooter mechanics with unique melee combat. Each game in the series has built upon the last, expanding the universe and story of Lo Wang.

  • Shadow Warrior (1997)
  • Shadow Warrior (2013)
  • Shadow Warrior 2 (2016)
  • Shadow Warrior 3 (2022)

Shadow Warrior 3 Cheats

Unfortunately, Shadow Warrior 3 doesn’t feature in-game cheats or codes. Thus players who want to cheat in the game have to use third-party applications. However, this is not always the safest option. These programs may harm the game’s saves or even other files. That is why we cannot vouch for any third-party trainers or other software. However, for those who want to unlock every achievement on Xbox and trophy on PlayStation, we’ve included an exhaustive list for both.

PlayStation Trophies

TrophyDescriptionTrophy Type
The End of the WorldComplete “The Dragon’s Back”Bronze
Let Me In! LET ME IN!Complete “Way to Motoko”Bronze
Down the Raccoon HoleComplete “Motoko’s Thunderdome”Bronze
Damn, That’s a Big DamComplete “That Damn Dam”Bronze
Lo Wang, First of His NameComplete “Walking on Eggshells”Bronze
I Don’t Have Friends, I Got EggComplete “Egg Express”Bronze
Big-Laser-Gun-10000Complete “Doomsday Device”Bronze
Lookin For That Special SomeoneComplete “Wayfarer’s Forest”Bronze
Ski PassComplete “The Fast and the Furry”Bronze
Shiny! What Does It Do?Obtain your first upgradeBronze
SurgeonPerform Finisher 15 timesBronze
Show Me What You’re Made OfObtain all Gore Tool typesBronze
SamuraiKill 100 enemies with the katanaSilver
AcupuncturePut 50 enemies on spikesBronze
Cool Guys Don’t Look at ExplosionsExplode 50 explodablesBronze
Don’t Come CloserKill 200 enemiesBronze
-273 KelvinFreeze 75 enemiesBronze
Caution! Watch Your HeadObtain the “Brain Tonic” Gore Tool from ShogaiBronze
A Cold Day in HellObtain the “Brain Freeze” Gore Tool from KugutsuBronze
Stop! Hammertime!Obtain the “Equalizer” Gore Tool from Oni HanmaBronze
Disco InfernoObtain the “Disco Grenade” Gore Tool from Laser ShogunBronze
Anyone Has a Corkscrew?Obtain the “Penetrator” Gore Tool from MoguraBronze
Eye See You!Obtain the “Seeking Eye” Gore Tool from Seeking ShokeraBronze
New Year Has Come EarlyObtain the “Swarm Launcher” Gore Tool from Slinky JakkuBronze
Your Sword is Mine!Obtain the “Blade of Hattori” Gore Tool from HattoriBronze
What You’re Cooking Here?Obtain the “Hungry, Hungry Heart” Gore Tool from Chef Oboru GurumaBronze
Size Does MatterObtain the “Double Trouble” Gore Tool from Gassy ObariyonBronze
Inside OutComplete “Midnight Snack”Silver
I’m Something of a Gunsmith MyselfFully upgrade a ranged weaponSilver
Master Smith Would Be ProudFully upgrade the katanaSilver
Awake Your Inner WangFully upgrade one character skill branchSilver
ExecutionerPerform Finisher 100 timesSilver
Set the World on FireSet 25 enemies on fireSilver
Baddies Go ‘BZZZZZ’Electrocute 50 enemies (without Motoko’s help)Silver
Dragon SlayerComplete “Intestinal Inspector”Gold
Coaching Is OverratedObtain all upgradesGold
Gore MasterKill 100 enemies with Gore WeaponsGold
It’s Dangerous Out ThereKill 150 enemies with environmental hazardsGold
My Precious!Collect all TrophiesPlatinum
Lo Wang with katana in Shadow Warrior 3.
Lo Wang can take care of enemies with his trusty katana.

Xbox Achievements

AchievementDescriptionGamer Points
Shiny! What does it do?Obtain your first upgrade10
Show me what you’re made ofObtain all Gore Tool types10
Caution! Watch Your HeadObtain “Brain Tonic” Gore Tool from Shogai10
A Cold Day in HellObtain “Brain Freeze” Gore Tool from Kugutsu10
Stop! Hammertime!Obtain “Equalizer” Gore Tool from Oni Hanma10
Disco InfernoObtain “Disco Grenade” Gore Tool from Laser Shogun10
Anyone Has a Corkscrew?Obtain “Penetrator” Gore Tool from Mogura10
Eye See You!Obtain “Seeking Eye” from Seeking Shokera10
New Year Has Come EarlyObtain “Swarm Launcher” Gore Tool from Slinky Jakku10
Your Sword is Mine!Obtain “Blade of Hattori” Gore Tool from Hattori10
What You’re Cooking Here?Obtain “Hungry, Hungry Heart” Gore Tool from Chef Oboru Guruma10
Size Does Matter.Obtain “Double Trouble” Gore Tool from Gassy Obariyon10
SurgeonPerform Finisher 15 times20
AcupuncturePut 50 enemies on spikes20
Cool guys don’t look at explosionsExplode 50 explodables20
Don’t come closerKill 200 enemies20
I’m something of a gunsmith myselfFully upgrade a ranged weapon30
Baddies go ‘BZZZZZ’Electrocute 50 enemies without Motoko’s help30
The end of the worldComplete “The Dragon’s Back”30
Let me in! LET ME IN!Complete “Way to Motoko”30
Down the raccoon holeComplete “Motoko’s Thunderdome”30
Damn, that’s a big damComplete “That Damn Dam”30
Lo Wang, first of his nameComplete “Walking on Eggshells”30
I don’t have friends, I got eggComplete “Egg Express”30
Big-Laser-Gun-10000Complete “Doomsday Device”30
Lookin for that special someoneComplete “Wayfarer’s Forest”30
Ski passComplete “The Fast and the Furry”30
Inside outComplete “Midnight Snack”30
Dragon SlayerComplete “Intestinal Inspector”30
ExecutionerPerform Finisher 100 times40
SamuraiKill 100 enemies with the katana40
Gore MasterKill 100 enemies with Gore weapons40
Set the world on fireSet 25 enemies on fire40
-273 KelvinFreeze 75 enemies40
It’s dangerous out thereKill 150 enemies with environmental hazards40
Master Smith would be proudFully upgrade the katana50
Awake Your Inner WangFully upgrade one character skill branch50
Coaching is overratedObtain all upgrades70


Is Shadow Warrior 3 multiplayer?

No, Shadow Warrior 3 focuses on its narrative and solo gameplay experience as a single-player game.

Can I play Shadow Warrior 3 on next-gen consoles?

A: Yes, in addition to PC and previous generation consoles, Shadow Warrior 3 is available on next-gen consoles. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S offer enhanced graphics and performance over PS4 and Xbox One.

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