Mordhau Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Mordhau Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Mordhau is a medieval hack-and-slash fighting game developed by Triternion. The game was released in 2019 and funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Players enjoy the in-depth fighting system and graphics, but there are complaints about toxic players in lobbies.

Despite these issues, the game crushed expectations, selling over one million copies in its first month of release. Due to its success, the developers continue to support the title with updates and DLC and ported it to consoles.   

Mordhau Premise

Players participate in multiplayer battles, fighting one another with medieval weapons and equipment. There are seven game modes to choose from, including a Battle Royale mode with 64 players. Players will have to use swords, spears, shields, and even siege weapons in order to win battles and claim victory.  


Mordhau Main Characters 

The game features customizable characters, making each one unique to the player. However, there are multiple classes to choose from, each fitting a play style. 


  • Brigand
  • Protector
  • Huntsman
  • Knight
  • Raider
  • Veteran 
  • Footman
  • Scoundrel 
  • Engineer

Mordhau Video Games in the Series

The game is currently a standalone title, with no other titles from the developers. Due to its success, it’s likely that we will see more games from the studio in the future. For now, they will continue to update their game and add content for fans. 

Mordhau Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, Mordhau has no cheat codes. The game is a multiplayer game, first and foremost, meaning that any cheats a player uses would give them an unfair advantage. However, there are console commands players can use to make navigating or changing gameplay mechanics easier. 

adminlogin <password>This command is required if you are looking to use any of the following.
adminlistProvides a list of current server admins.
adminadd <user name>Adds a new Admin to the Admin list.
removeadmin <STEAMID64>Removes the specified Admin from the list.
changelevel <map name>Changes the map.
restartlevelRestarts the level.
addbots <integer>Adds Bots.
removebots <integer>Removes the specified number of bots.
kick <user name / steamid64>Kicks the specified player.
ban <user name / steamid64)Bans the specified player.
unban <user name / steamid64)Unbans the specified player.
banlistLists all banned players.
exitQuits the game.
disconnectDisconnects from the server.
demorec nameRecords a demo.
demostopStops the demo.
demoplayPlays the demo.
Stat FPSDisplays your current FPS stats.
slomo <value>Slows down the game by the specified amount.
playersonlyPrevents all bots from moving, however normal players will not be affected.
changesize xChanges character size.
m.showcrosshair 0Disables your crosshair.
m.inverseattackdirection 1Inverts your attack direction.

Mordhau Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes for Mordhau?

There are cheat codes for Mordhau in the form of console commands. They will not alter gameplay but will make certain commands easier to input.

What are the achievements in Mordhau? 

The ABCsComplete the tutorial
BoxerKill 30 enemies with fists
I Know Kung FuFinish off 10 enemies with a kick
That’s No Ordinary ColdKill an enemy with an icicle
PoacherKill 5 enemies with the bear trap
ClobberedKill 5 enemies with the mallet
Training AccidentKill an enemy with the training sword
Ended RightlyKill an enemy with the pommel throw
Vlad the ImpalerKill 20 enemies with the ballista
VirtuosoKill 5 enemies with the lute
Living SculptureKill 10 enemies with the carving knife
Rock’n’RollKill 5 enemies with rocks
The Queen of WeaponsKill 20 enemies with the longsword
UnstoppableKill 10 enemies in a row without dying
Eagle EyeLand 10 headshots on enemies with projectiles in a single game
Lived to Tell the TaleRegenerate to full health after getting down to 1 health
Home RunDeflect a projectile with a strike
GutsKill two enemies with a single attack from a melee weapon
PyromaniacKill 10 enemies with fire
Whack-A-MoleKill 5 enemies with headshots with a couched weapon on horseback
Put That AwayPerform 20 disarms
Tough Nut to CrackBlock 1000 melee attacks
FlyswatterBlock 100 projectiles
ChambermaidChamber 200 attacks
HighlanderDecapitate 5 enemies in a single game
Keeps Coming OffLose your head three times in a single match
YoinkTake a melee weapon out of a living enemy’s body
Just a ScratchTake 400 damage without dying
CrybabyBattlecry 500 times
Justice from the GraveKill an enemy after dying
Stairway to HellKill 5 enemies while climbing a ladder
You’re WelcomeGet 30 assists in a single match
Meat GrinderGet 30 kills in a single match
Coming ThroughKill 5 enemies by trampling them with the horse
This isn’t SpartaCause someone to fall to their death after kicking them
Burning ManKill an enemy while you are on fire
Long List of NamesKill 1000 enemies
Friend IndeedReach 1000 assists
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