Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Summary

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction – originally Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine – is a cooperative multiplayer tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Launched on January 20, 2022, this game is a spin-off from the renowned Rainbow Six Siege and centers on combating parasitic aliens called Archæans. Available on multiple platforms, the game drew mixed critical reception.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Premise

In Rainbow Six Extraction, players jump into locations riddled with alien and form teams of up to three. Their main mission is to complete objectives such as gathering intel, collecting samples, and confronting the parasitic Archæans. Each mission – termed an “incursion” – takes place on three interconnected sub-maps, with objectives and enemy placements being procedurally generated. The game promotes stealth, tactical play, and team collaboration. It introduces an innovative element: if an operator is incapacitated, they become “missing in action”, pushing the team to initiate a rescue mission to get them back. While many operators from the earlier game, Rainbow Six Siege, return, they now assemble under a new unit, the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT).

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Main Characters

As Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a cooperative multiplayer game, it doesn’t focus on individual character arcs. There are 18 different operators with unique abilities.

AlibiPrisma – Deploys holographic decoys that appear as herself, which can be used to deceive and confuse enemies.
AshM120 CREM – Fires explosive breaches remotely from a launcher.
DocStim Pistol – Fires health darts to heal allies from a distance.
ElaGrzmot Mine – Deploys concussive mines that disorient any enemy in their proximity.
FinkaAdrenal Surge – Boosts the health of all teammates for a short period of time, helping them recover and withstand damage.
FuzeCluster Charge – Deploys a gadget on walls, floors, or ceilings that releases a cluster of small grenades on the other side.
GridlockTrax Stingers – Throws a device that deploys a wide area of spike traps, slowing and damaging any enemy that moves over them.
HibanaX-KAIROS Launcher – Fires explosive pellets that can breach reinforced walls and hatches.
IQElectronics Detector – Utilizes a wrist-mounted scanner that detects electronic devices through walls and surfaces.
JägerActive Defense System – Deploys a gadget that intercepts and neutralizes thrown grenades or projectiles within its vicinity.
LionEE-ONE-D – Deploys a drone that scans for enemy movement, highlighting any moving enemy momentarily.
MuteSignal Disruptors – Places jammers that disrupt remote electronic gadgets and prevent them from being deployed or activated.
NomadAirjab Launcher – Shoots non-lethal repulsion grenades that knock back enemies when they come into proximity.
PulseHB-5 Cardiac Sensor – Uses a scanner that detects heartbeats through walls and surfaces.
RookArmor Pack – Drops a bag with armor plates for teammates to pick up for additional protection.
SledgeTactical Breaching Hammer – Uses a massive hammer to breach soft walls, floors, and barricades.
SmokeRemote Gas Grenade – Deploys toxic gas canisters that can be remotely detonated to release poisonous smoke.
ThermiteExothermic Charge – Places a special breaching charge on reinforced surfaces to burn through and create openings.

Other Titles in the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Series

The Tom Clancy video game cannon is extensive. The Rainbow Six series is only a small part of it.

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  • Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch (1999)
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  • Rainbow Six: Vegas (2006)
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (2008)
  • Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard (2011)
  • Rainbow Six Siege (2015)
  • Rainbow Six Extraction (2022)
  • Rainbow Six Mobile (2023)

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Cheat Codes

While there is cheat software / mods that available Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, there are no traditional cheat codes. However, there are achievements to unlock.

AchievementHow To Unlock
AdrenalineKill an enemy while prone.
Bigger KahunaComplete all Objectives and extract from 5 incursions with a Level 10 Operator.
BoomKill 50 enemies with explosive gadgets or abilities.
CharmedEquip a Legendary Charm
Clear ‘Em OutEliminate 100 Grunts.
ConsequentialComplete 20 Objectives in Truth or Consequences.
CuriouserInteract with a Point of Interest.
Dark ReflectionKill a Protean.
DefeatedKill 5 Smashers with a Takedown.
DefusedTakedown 50 Breachers or Bloaters.
DissectedTakedown 50 Nests.
Don’t Talk to RangersKill 150 Tormentors and Spikers.
Eagle EyeScan 50 enemies with REACT Tech.
EncyclopediaInteract with 100 Points of Interest.
EeeeeeeewKill 75 Sludges with Explosives.
FieldworkInteract with 5 Points of Interest in each Region.
Frisco BoundComplete 20 Objectives in San Francisco.
Girl’s NightComplete all Objectives on an Incursion with only female Operators.
Gun NutEquip 15 Weapon Attachments.
High ScoreEarn a score of 55,000 XP in a single incursion.
It’s All ConnectedRead each Region’s final Study Description.
Keep ‘Em Comin’Kill 5 different enemies in a row.
Major FlexExtract from an incursion after completing all Research Studies.
Mission ProbableExtract from an Incursion with all Objectives completed and no one MIA.
No HugsKill 50 Rooters without being caught by them.
Not Afraid of GooDestroy Sprawl with the REACT Laser in an Incursion.
Out With the BoysComplete all Objectives on an Incursion with only male Operators.
Proud PapaEquip Headgear on 18 different level 10 Operators.
ReaperKill 30 Sowers.
RegicideKill 10 Apexes.
Slap FightHit 3 enemies with melee attacks.
SpiffyEquip a Uniform on 9 different Operators.
SpecialistEarn at least 30,000 XP on 5 Assignment or Crisis incursions.
Stayin’ AliveRevive 3 allies.
Tidying UpKill 30 Blinding Spores.
To the NorthComplete 20 Objectives in Alaska.
UnflinchingComplete 15 Objectives in the third Sub-Zone or further without falling DBNO.
UnscathedExtract from an incursion at 80% health or above after completing all Objectives
VertigoStun 100 enemies.
Welcome HomeRescue 1 of your Operators.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction FAQs

How hard is Rainbow Six Extraction?

As with most of the games in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, it starts off pretty manageable, but things get tougher as you go deeper into the alien zones. The game encourages teamwork and strategic planning, and its challenge can escalate when facing diverse alien types and managing limited resources. While the initial levels may be more forgiving, the difficulty ramps up in the latter stages, demanding precise coordination.

Can you get banned from Rainbow Six Extraction?

Yes, an in-game ban is possible. Because of the PVP and cooperative nature of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, the utilization of cheat software or exploits can – and usually will – end with a swift whack from the ban hammer.

What happens if you lose all operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

In Tom Clancy’sRainbow Six Extraction, if you find your operators constantly getting captured, there is a safeguard in place. The game you will not leave you empty-handed; even after multiple losses, it always retains at least three operators for you to deploy. So, while losing your favorite operators can be a gut punch, the game’s got your back, making sure you’re always in the action.

Can you cheat in Rainbow Six Extraction?

As previously mentioned, yes. Cheat bots and exploits are available for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction but can possibly result in a ban.

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