Humanity Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

A crowd of people navigates a level in Humanity.

Humanity Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Humanity is a puzzle-platformer that was released earlier this year for PS4, PS5, and PC. It was developed by tha LTD, a creative design firm primarily known for interactive art pieces. Enhance Games joined the project as publisher, and the full game was released in May 2023. Both the PC and PlayStation versions boast optional VR support for added immersion. Reception has been largely positive for the game’s unconventional level design and satisfying puzzle gameplay. The avant garde nature of Humanity makes it a particularly memorable puzzle game. If you’re interested in giving it a try, read on for tips, tricks, and cheats you can utilize to make your experience that much smoother.

Humanity Premise

Humanity's levels include strange features like gravity-defying water.
Humanity‘s levels include strange features like gravity-defying water.

The world of Humanity is, in a word, unconventional. You play as a spectral shiba inu inhabiting a series of abstract, brutalist levels. These levels are populated with large crowds of people who mirror the actions of the player character. By commanding and herding these crowds, you must navigate each level and complete specific goals in order to progress. Optional objectives in each level complicate matters. By completing these side objectives you can unlock giant gold beings to assist you in solving puzzles.

In addition to the main campaign, Humanity boasts an in-depth level editor. Once you’re done playing the levels tha LTD designed, you can try your hand at levels from other fans online. You can also try making your own. Even though the base game is only about 12 to 15 hours long, the level editor gives the title near-infinite replayability. As long as there are creative fans interested in the game, there will be new content to explore.

Humanity Main Characters

This game’s bizarre and abstract nature means it doesn’t have the structured narrative one might be used to in more traditional video games. The ghostly dog you play as in Humanity is really the only character in the game. It doesn’t have a formal backstory, dialogue, or even a name, however. It’s also completely alone in Humanity except for the vast crowds of literally faceless humans you herd through each level. Later levels also introduce the Others, crowds of antagonistic figures that your human crowds must battle in real-time strategy fights. While these figures add a level of danger to the puzzle game, they don’t really serve as characters with motivations or backstories to understand. The odd nature of this game makes a structured list of characters largely impossible.

Humanity Cheat Codes

The game's towering Goldy figures are key to success.
The game’s towering Goldy figures are key to success.

Unfortunately, Humanity does not have any formal cheat codes to speak of. This makes some sense, as Humanity is arguably just as much an art piece as it is a video game. Letting players skip their way through levels with exploitative cheats and hacks would undeniably tamper with the message the game is trying to send. Of course, as a puzzle game, it’s easy enough to look up walkthroughs or guides if you get stuck. Many puzzle game fans might consider this a cheat in its own right, as there’s a certain amount of pride to be had in beating a challenging puzzle without any outside aid. However, once you’ve paid for a video game, that game is yours to experience as you see fit. If looking up a walkthrough is more rewarding to you than getting stuck for hours on a tricky puzzle, go for it.

That said, if you want to try to get through the game without looking up a walkthrough, there are plenty of tips and tricks to aid you. For instance, the aforementioned golden figures, broadly referred to as Goldies, should be prioritized whenever possible. While they are mostly rewards for optional challenges, in some cases you will need to acquire them to unlock the final sequence in a level. They also reward special gameplay and progression perks that can prove instrumental in clearing later levels. Carefully observing levels and getting in the habit of using your humans sparingly and judiciously are more tricks you can use to guarantee success in Humanity.

Humanity FAQ

Humanity's levels can get truly mind-bending.
Humanity‘s levels can get truly mind-bending.

Is Humanity hard? Difficulty in video games is always a rather subjective matter. This is especially true for puzzle games like Humanity. Some people will find it easier to wrap their minds around the game’s challenges than others. Most reviewers agree that the game is challenging enough to provide a rewarding experience without becoming frustrating. If puzzles aren’t generally your forte, you might disagree with that assessment, but it does seem to be the general consensus. The only surefire way to figure out how hard Humanity is for you, though, would be playing it yourself.

How many levels are in Humanity? Humanity sorts its levels into Sequences, each of which contains a set number of trials. There are seven Sequences, with six to eight trials present in each. Many sequences also contain optional challenge trials that can inflate the level count if you choose to pursue them. There are also four boss Sequences, each of which confronts the player with a boss in the form of a giant Core. All told, Humanity has more than 90 levels to work through. This makes it a pretty substantial game, but ultimately, the amount of content you experience is up to you.

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