Horizon Forbidden West Cheats & Cheat Codes

The main protagonist Aloy of Horizon series wielding a bow.

Horizon Forbidden West Cheats & Cheat Codes

In Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll venture into the expansive open world of an action role-playing game. This beautiful game combining fantasy and sci-fi was created by Guerrilla Games exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In this latest iteration of the Horizon franchise, players delve deeper and travel further than ever before, unveiling mysteries beneath the surface of seas, lakes, and rivers in an extensive, diverse map. 

Secrets are available in locations around the game world, from the Sundom’s Daunt to the Lowland Clan’s Thornmarsh. Players engage in battles requiring strategy and quick reflexes against towering machines and opposing humans, using a variety of weapons, gear, and traps. In addition, with the game’s enhanced weapon system, players can upgrade their arsenal at workbenches and outfit Aloy with new, skill-enhancing gear. 

The equipment and items the character carries play a major part in the game. The better the equipment, the easier the journey through the game. However, there is one specific way to acquire some of the best gear, which in turn is going to propel Aloy to new heights — secret loot vaults.

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Aloy riding in the plains of Horizon Forbidden West.
The expansive world of Horizon Forbidden West has various locations, including ruins of the Old World.

Security Terminals

In the rich and diverse open world of Horizon Forbidden West, there’s a lot to experience. While exploring the beautiful world is a price in itself, there are actual treasures to collect, too. Killing enemies will give you access to loot, and there are a lot of other places to acquire better gear. However, secure places often hide some of the best loot. It can sometimes be a challenge to find these secret doors, which are safeguarded by security terminals. To crack open these doors and claim the treasure inside, players must input the correct passcode into each terminal.

The good news for the players is that these passcodes aren’t a one-time secret. Each player encounters the same passcode, so they can also aid other players. The game’s Datapoints often have these number combinations and are often nearby locked doors.

Behind these secret doors, players can find a variety of loot. These range from common items to prized legendary loot caches. These caches can be a goldmine for players, holding some of the best outfits in the game. However, some of the loot is randomized so cross your fingers as you open the door.

Flying above the lands of Horizon Forbidden West.
In Horizon Forbidden West, the structures of the Old World are overgrown with vegetation.

Door Codes

Various locations around the world have locked doors during the progression of the game. Some of them are accessible very early in the game, others require certain quests. There are even doors that do not open with only the terminal code but require a key to access. In these cases, the player has to find the key, and cannot bypass the process.

Naturally, before the passcode can be entered, the players need to access the door. This might require combat, puzzle-solving, or exploring the environment.

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Relic Ruins

In Horizon Forbidden West, players can choose to embark on Relic Ruins adventures. As the name suggests, they are ruins of the Old World, featuring buildings and remains of what the world used to be. These might include rusty, broken-down school buses or overgrown factories. Each Relic Ruin has a puzzle attached to it, which rewards the player with an ornament behind the door. There are several Relic Ruins in different locations on the map. Here are the passcodes for them.

  • Relic Ruin: The Daunt Code: 1705
  • Relic Ruin: No Man’s Land Code: 2204
  • Relic Ruin: Restless Wealds Code: 1923
  • Relic Ruin: Dunehollow (Nights of Lights side mission) Code: 739135

Isle of Spires

The Isle of Spires is the westernmost area in the world of Horizon Forbidden West. There’s a special Relic Ruin that portrays parts of the city of San Francisco. To open the Isle of Spires Relic Ruin, the player needs to access three codes. In addition to these, the Main Office Key is necessary to obtain as it opens the passage.

  • Floor Level 9 Code: 2109
  • Floor Level 7 Code: 109
  • Floor Level 6 Code: 2109109

Other Security Door Codes

  • The Base Code: 9626118
  • Main Quest: Gate of Death – Death’s Door Code: 7482
  • Main Quest: Cradle of Echoes – Distress Signal Code: 237
  • Side Quest: Breaking Even – The Breakthrough Code: 2054
  • Side Quest: Forbidden Legacy
    • First Door Code: 102023
    • Second Door Code: 402625

NOTE: Some of these locations, Relic Ruins, or security doors might not be accessible depending on the progression of your character. So, to access some of them, there might be prerequisite quests, required keys, or challenging opponents in the way of getting the treasure.


Does Horizon Forbidden West have cheat codes?

The simple answer is no, the game does not have traditional cheat code system. This means that the developer didn’t implement a system where the player could acquire abilities or items via entering a simple code.

Does Horizon Forbidden West have a PC version available?

At the time of writing this Horizon Forbidden West is only available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The developer plans to release a PC port, potentially arriving in 2023, though a specific release date is yet to be announced.

Does Horizon Forbidden West have a bigger world than Horizon Zero Dawn?

In terms of world size, Horizon Forbidden West is a little larger than its predecessor. However, the variety of environments is much most extensive. With improved graphics, this makes the game even more vibrant and enjoyable.

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