Horizon: Call of the Mountain Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 5

Bow in Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 5

Horizon: Call of the Mountain in the latest, 2023 addition to the Horizon series. This action-adventure game developed by the studio behind previous Horizon titles, Guerrilla Games, and the VR specialists at Firesprite offers a fresh perspective on the established universe. The game brings Horizon first time to the virtual reality realm and was a launch title for Sony’s new VR headset. The game is exclusively available for the PlayStation 5 and its virtual reality platform known as PlayStation VR2. Here we’ll dive into the game, its contents, and what cheats, tricks, and tips we can share about it.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain Premise

The game places players in the shoes of Ryas, a skilled climber, archer, and a former Shadow Carja rebel. Like its predecessors, it unfolds in a world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Players navigate a beautifully crafted landscape, where robotic creatures prowl seemingly everywhere. The gameplay is from the first-person perspective and blends exploration with intense combat. Ryas wields a hunter bow for taking down machines from a distance. The game has a single narrative but offers multiple routes for players to explore and tackle objectives.

Nature in Horizon: Call of the Mountain
Like previous titles in the series, this VR game features the same beautiful landscapes.

As players advance, they unlock new tools and gear, improving their capabilities in exploration and combat. Beyond the core storyline, Horizon: Call of the Mountain also offers a feature called Machine Safari. In this mode, a guide takes players on a tour of the game’s stunning landscapes.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain Characters

In Horizon: Call of the Mountain, characters play a pivotal role in the greater narrative. As an adventure game, the personalities are at the core of both the gameplay and the unraveling story. In a post-apocalyptic world where people are few and far between, each of them becomes more important. The player controls a new protagonist, who has previously been a minor character in the series. Players come across both familiar and new characters in their adventures in this wild world. These include the protagonist from the previous games, Aloy.

Key Characters

  • Ryas: The protagonist of the game, Ryas is a former Shadow Carja rebel, known for his expertise in climbing and archery. When he was released from prison at Sunstone Rock by Blameless Marad, he was tasked with investigating aggression by machines. He’s previously briefly featured in 2022’s Horizon Forbidden West.
  • Blameless Marad: One of the key figures in the game and an official in the court of the Carja Sun-King Avad. Marad assigns Ryas the mission of investigating the aggressive machines and as he is released from prison. He is the guide throughout the game and provides information from Ryas’s past.
  • Aloy: A familiar face from the Horizon series, Aloy appears in the game to guide Ryas toward his mission. However, she departs for her own mission. Aloy is the protagonist in both previous titles, Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West.
  • Urid: Urid is the older brother of Ryas, a former bodyguard of Sun-King Jiran, and the best climber in the lands. His disappearance is at the core of the game’s narrative. His investigations into the machines set Ryas on his mission.
  • Radel: Radel is a stranded Oseram engineer, who is encountered by Ryas on the Sunspear. He provides crucial information to Ryas about the mountain’s elevator and the necessary parts for its repair.
  • Asera: A rogue Oseram engineer who is the prime antagonist in the game. Asera is plotting to use machines against the Carja. Ryas discovers her plan to unleash an army of machines on Meridian and confronts her.
Characters in Horizon: Call of the Mountain.
The game is a narrative-based experience with various new and returning characters.

Games in the Series

The Horizon series is known for its post-apocalyptic setting, where beautiful nature intertwines with deadly machines running wild. The games blend exploration, combat, and narrative that places family, nature, and history of the land and its people at the forefront. The series was launched with Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017 and has since spawned two more titles plus expansions. The game series is exclusive to the PlayStation consoles and PC.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds  (2017)
  • Horizon Forbidden West (2022)
  • Horizon: Call of the Mountain (2023)
  • Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores (2023)

Horizon: Call of the Mountain Cheats

Horizon: Call of the Mountain does not feature cheats like classic video games. As a VR game, it relies on players’ controls more than other games. There are still ways for us to make it easier for you to achieve everything you desire in the game. That is why we’ve included the entire trophy selection, including secret trophies, so you can hunt for all the trophies more easily. 


TrophyDescriptionTrophy Type
Answered the CallEarned all Trophies in Horizon Call of the MountainPlatinum
Defeated a GrazerDefeated a Grazer in BrightdawnBronze
Crafted PickaxesCrafted your PickaxesBronze
Fully EquippedCrafted and Collected all of the ToolsSilver
Mastered the ElementsCrafted Elemental AmmoBronze
Fully ArmedCollected all of the Weapon and Ammo typesSilver
Warning BeaconShot a Warning BeaconBronze
AlertedShot all of the Warning Beacons in a MissionBronze
Full AlertShot all Warning Beacons in Horizon Call of the MountainSilver
Master ClimberCompleted a Legendary ClimbBronze
Legendary ClimberCompleted all Legendary ClimbsSilver
CollectorFound a Lore Collectible in Horizon Call of the MountainBronze
ScholarFound all Lore Collectibles in Horizon Call of the MountainSilver
Cairn BuilderConstructed a CairnBronze
Master Cairn BuilderConstructed all of the Cairns in Horizon Call of the MountainSilver
In your ElementTriggered an Elemental Explosion by Destroying a Machine’s CanisterBronze
Lights OutShoot a Watcher in the eye before it spots youBronze
Heavy HitterUsed the Ballista or Blaze Barrels to Damage a MachineBronze
Carja in ShadowGot through a Watcher Stealth Area UndetectedBronze
Disc Shot!Shot a Thunderjaw Disc out of the AirBronze
Clean RunCompleted a Mission without DyingBronze
Top of the ClassAchieved the highest score at the Dawn’s Grasp Assault CourseSilver
On TargetAchieved the highest score at the Dawn’s Grasp Archery RangeSilver
Machine SafariEmbarked on a Machine SafariBronze

Secret Trophies

Secret TrophyDescriptionTrophy Type
Defeated a ThunderjawDefeated the Thunderjaw at the top of TalonreachGold
Defeated a StormbirdDefeated the Stormbird at the top of Devil’s AngerGold
Defeated a FireclawDefeated the Fireclaw in Day’s EndGold
Defeated a BellowbackDefeated a BellowbackSilver
Defeated a ShellwalkerDefeated a ShellwalkerSilver
Defeated a Scrapper PackDefeated a Scrapper PackBronze
Defeated a Glinthawk FlightDefeated a Glinthawk FlightBronze
A Rock to the HeadClimbed Brightdawn to the view of Dawn’s GraspBronze
The SunspearCompleted the Pilgrims’ Trail to the top of the SunspearBronze
A New ThreatDiscovered the Powerful Machine Lure at the top of TalonreachBronze
The Metal DevilRepaired the Transmitter Box to Ascend to the Metal DevilSilver
Asera’s FallStopped Asera from reaching Meridian on her TallneckGold
Machines in Horizon: Call of the Mountain.
The player needs to dispatch massive machines using the bow and strategics.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain Cheats FAQ

Is PlayStation VR2 required to play Horizon: Call of the Mountain?

Yes, the game is designed specifically for the PlayStation VR2 headset, offering the first-ever Horizon virtual reality experience. It is not available in regular PS5 format.

Can players meet characters from previous games in the series?

Some of the game’s characters have roles in previous titles. While Aloy, the main protagonist from previous games, makes an appearance here as well, the game mainly focuses on characters like Ryas, who haven’t been featured much previously.

Is the game available for PC like the others in the Horizon series?

Unfortunately not. This game is a true exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and no other platforms have the game, at least of yet.

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