Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 4 and PC

Aloy and her bow in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 4 and PC

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is part of the Horizon franchise and was released in 2017. The series is known for its post-apocalyptic setting with roaming robotic creatures. It was initially released for PlayStation 4 and a few years later for PC. The game blends a gripping narrative with role-playing elements and action-packed fight scenes. Here’s a closer look at Horizon Zero Dawn and what it offers in terms of cheats.

Horizon Zero Dawn Premise

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a future where machines dominate the Earth. Players embark on an epic journey that involves discovering artifacts of the old world and surviving beastly metal creatures that have come to life. Dark witchcraft of mysterious origin has breathed life into these machines. The game introduces players to a richly detailed world where nature and technology collide. The game’s protagonist, Aloy, is a skilled hunter seeking knowledge of her past and the world as it used to be. While seeking wisdom, she needs to navigate a landscape overrun by powerful mechanical creatures. 

Machines in Horizon Zero Dawn.
The game’s wilderness is filled with roaming machines.

The gameplay focuses on combat using ranged weapons, a spear, and stealth tactics. Players can enhance Aloy’s abilities through a skill tree. By unlocking new skills and bonuses, Aloy can down ever larger and more dangerous creatures. The game has an open world that takes Aloy through different terrains and environments with side quests awaiting at each turn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Characters

The game features a set of characters representing various tribes in the post-apocalyptic world. The cast is led by the brave protagonist, Aloy, and expands to a range of allies, adversaries, and tribal members. Many of the game’s characters are designed with deep backstories and personalities that reflect their motivations. Many of these characters expand Aloy’s knowledge about the world and give new quests that take the protagonists to new adventures. Here are some of the key characters in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Key Characters

  • Aloy: The protagonist, a young female hunter on a quest to uncover her past and the mysteries of the world she finds herself in. As the player character, Aloy becomes more powerful with new skills and weaponry she gains during her journey. Aloy is the protagonist in Horizon Forbidden West and its DLCs.
  • Rost: Aloy’s guardian and mentor, a member of the Nora tribe who raises and trains her in the ways of a hunter. As an outcast, he takes care of Aloy in her childhood, as she has no one else to turn to being an outcast herself.
  • Sylens: Sylens is an important figure in the game. He is a wanderer and archaeologist who brings in knowledge of the long-lost old world and the Old Ones. Sylens is the founder of the Eclipse and the Sons of Prometheus. 
  • Helis: Helis is one of the main antagonists in the game. He is the current leader of the Eclipse cult. This violent cult leader has a tie with the violent dictator Sun-King Jiran.
  • Avad: The new Sun-King of the Carja tribe. Unlike his father, Sun-King Jiran, he is known to be a much gentler and fairer leader. After overthrowing his father and taking the throne, he endorsed friendly relations with other tribes.
  • Erend: Erend is a Vanguard captain of the Oseram tribe, he becomes an ally and friend to Aloy. He is one of the core members of the Sun-King Avad’s troops. Erend plays a significant role in helping Aloy find out the truth about her family’s past.
  • Teb: A member of the Nora tribe who has a childhood connection with Aloy and assists her in her journey.
Aloy and Rost in Horizon Zero Dawn.
Rost is Aloy’s mentor and guardian.

Games in the Series

The Horizon series is known for its unique world that fuses a post-apocalyptic world with primitive tribes and animal-like machines. This action role-playing series is the work of Guerilla Games, who were before this franchise responsible for the highly-regarded Killzone games. The series started in 2017 with the release of Horizon Zero Dawn and has since expanded its narrative and gameplay with subsequent releases. At this point, the series features three mainline titles as well as a couple of expansions, one for both the first and the second game in the series.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC (2017)
  • Horizon: Forbidden West (2022)
  • Horizon: Call of the Mountain (2023)
  • Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC (2023)

Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats

Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t include traditional cheat codes. Instead, players can unlock various in-game items and bonuses through gameplay. This includes special outfits, weapons, and resources that enhance the gaming experience. However, some tips can help with replenishing ammo and recognizing dangerous enemies, which we cover below. Also, for those who want to collect trophies, we’ve included an exhaustive list below.

Health and Heavy Ammo Exploit

Reloading from a saved game state will replenish your health and any heavy weapon ammunition. This is great when using heavy weaponry, like the Stormslinger, the Forgefire, or the Icerail. To use this exploit, follow these simple steps. First, save your game at a campfire while you still have remaining ammo for the heavy weapon. Then, reload the save, and you should find the ammo restored to full capacity.

Purple Tentacles

Take note of the robots that have been corrupted by the invading artificial intelligence the tribe calls the Daemon. You can spot such machines from the purple tentacles spawning out of them, which also happens to mean that they are not reprogrammable, like the corrupted machines in the base game. However, complete the main quest line, and you’ll see some of these robots infested by HEPHAESTUS turning into regular machines.

World of Horizon Zero Dawn.
The world of Horizon combines machines and lush environments in a post-apocalyptic setting.

PlayStation Trophies

TrophyDescriptionTrophy Type
Stealth killed 10 machinesPerformed a stealth kill on 10 machines.Bronze
3 Strikes From AboveKilled 3 enemies using the Strike from Above skill.Bronze
Tore off 10 componentsDetached 10 components from machines during combat.Bronze
10 Vulnerable machine killsKilled 10 machines weak to Fire while burning, or weak to Freeze while frozen.Bronze
Tore off 5 heavy weaponsDetached 5 heavy weapons from machines during combat.Bronze
7 types of machine overriddenUnlocked and used the overrides for 7 different types of machine.Bronze
Headshot 30 human enemiesKilled 30 human enemies by landing headshots on them.Bronze
Downed 23 Grazer dummiesFound and knocked over all of the Grazer training dummies in the Nora region.Bronze
First ModificationUsed a Weapon Coil or Outfit Weave on a modifiable weapon or outfit.Bronze
All Acquisition machines killedKilled at least one of every type of Acquisition machine.Bronze
All Recon machines killedKilled at least one of every type of Reconnaissance machine.Bronze
All Combat machines killedKilled at least one of every type of Combat machine.Bronze
All Transport machines killedKilled at least one of every type of Transport machine.Bronze
Reached level 10Reached player level 10.Bronze
Reached level 25Reached player level 25.Bronze
Reached level 40Reached player level 40.Bronze
Reached level 50Reached player level 50.Bronze
All Skills learnedLearned all available skills.Bronze
First Tallneck OverriddenScaled a Tallneck and accessed its information.Bronze
First Bandit Camp clearedTook back a settlement from a bandit clan.Bronze
First Core OverriddenReached the Core of a Cauldron and accessed its information.Bronze
All Suns at one GroundEarned at least a Half Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.Bronze
Blazing Suns at one GroundEarned a Blazing Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.Bronze
First Corrupted Zone clearedKilled all the corrupted machines in a Corrupted Zone.Bronze
All machines cataloguedEncountered and Focus scanned every type of machine.Bronze
First Vantage foundFound and accessed a Vantage datapoint.Bronze
First Metal Flower foundDiscovered a strange metal flower.Bronze
First Banuk Figure foundFound a wooden effigy left by a Banuk traveler.Bronze
First Ancient Vessel foundFound an ancient vessel once used by the Old Ones.Bronze
All Vantages foundFound and accessed all of the Vantage datapoints.Bronze
All Metal Flowers foundFound all of the Metal Flowers.Bronze
All Banuk Figures foundFound all of Arnak’s figures.Bronze
All Ancient Vessels foundFound all the Ancient Vessels.Bronze
Got the Shield-Weaver outfitRecovered an ancient technology and put it to use.Bronze
Followed Rost’s teachingsLearned to hunt and fight alongside Rost.Bronze
Defeated the SawtoothDefeated the Sawtooth that threatened the Nora.Bronze
Triumphed in the ProvingOvercame adversity and placed first in the Proving.Bronze
Fought back the corruptionDestroyed the corruption inside the Nora valley.Bronze
Learned of the ancient pastLearned of the ancient past at Maker’s End.Bronze
Crashed the Eclipse networkInfiltrated the Eclipse battle camp and crashed their network.Bronze
Discovered the truthDiscovered the truth of Zero Dawn.Bronze
Broke the siege of All-MotherDefeated the invaders and went inside the sacred mountain.Bronze
Recovered a powerful weaponExplored the Mountain That Fell and recovered a powerful weapon.Bronze
All allies joinedGiven Aloy’s actions, all possible optional allies joined the defense.Bronze
Victorious with the War-ChiefFound the Nora War-Chief and defeated the killers in the Ring of Metal.Bronze
Saved Meridian from its foeHelped Erend investigate Ersa’s fate, and foiled a plot against Meridian.Bronze
Aided the defectorsAided the escapes of Uthid and the child king Itamen from the Shadow Carja.Bronze
Hunted Redmaw with TalanahRose through the ranks of the Hunters Lodge and helped Talanah defeat Redmaw.Bronze
All Tallnecks OverriddenScaled all of the Tallnecks and accessed their information.Silver
Cleared all the Bandit CampsTook back all settlements from the bandit clans.Silver
All Cores OverriddenReached the Core of every Cauldron and accessed the information within.Silver
All Suns at all GroundsEarned at least a Half Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds.Silver
All Corrupted Zones clearedKilled all the corrupted machines in every Corrupted Zone.Silver
Blazing Suns at all GroundsEarned a Blazing Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds.Gold
Ended the war machine threatEnded the threat of the ancient war machines.Gold
All trophies obtainedObtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.Platinum

Horizon Zero Dawn Cheat Codes FAQ

Can Horizon Zero Dawn be played on Xbox?

No, unfortunately not. The game was released for the PlayStation 4 and later for PC, but there is no Xbox version available. 

Is there multiplayer in Horizon Zero Dawn?

No, Horizon Zero Dawn does not feature a multiplayer mode. It is a story-driven single-player game.

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