Terraria Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Official Artwork for Terraria.

Terraria Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Terraria is a unique sandbox game that combines exciting action and explorative adventures in a two-dimensional world into a fresh gaming experience. Game studio Re-Logic is behind this game, which was released for the PC in 2011. The game has gotten several updates and expansions over the years, the latest one in 2020. Here in this article, we try to cover everything about the game, including the setting, the characters, and of course, the cheats and codes available for Terraria.

Terraria Premise

In Terraria, players enter a wondrous 2D universe sprawling with colorful creatures that pose opportunities and challenges to the explorer. Players start the game from the surface of the world and dig in to explore what the underground terrain has to offer. In addition to creatures that might be dangerous to the mission, the player finds layers upon layers of valuable resources. These can include metal ores or rare containers, used in the game’s expansive crafting system. Creating new and more powerful equipment and other items is essential to progress further.

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The procedurally generated world of Terraria offers players new challenges each time, which makes it excellent in terms of replay value. Eventually, though, players are going to find themselves taking on some of the most challenging enemies. In addition to regular hostile creatures, bosses lurk in the darkness. Players need to gather resources to build a fort to protect themselves from enemies and weapons to ultimately defeat them.

A fort in Terraria.
The action takes place both below and above the ground.

Terraria Characters

Terraria‘s main character is the player character, which sets on an adventure to explore the world around them. The character is customizable and can be given a name, in a true role-playing game fashion. However, the player character also comes across various NPCs and bosses that have unique characteristics. 

Here are some of the game’s NPCs:

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  • Guide: Provides gameplay tips, crafting recipes, and a guide to other NPCs. The first NPC in new worlds, with some exceptions. Wields a Wooden Bow with various arrows. The character’s unique item is the Green Cap.
  • Merchant: Sells basic tools and supplies. Becomes available when players have a combined total of over 50 coins. In “Not the bees” worlds, he’s the initial NPC. The weapon of choice is the Throwing Knife.
  • Nurse: Offers healing to the player and removes debuffs for a price. Appears when a player has more than 100 health and the Merchant is present. Uses Syringes as her weapon.
  • Demolitionist: Sells explosive items. Appears when a player has an explosive and the Merchant is present. In “For the worthy” worlds, he starts as the first NPC. Wields Grenades as his weapon.
  • Dye Trader: Specializes in dyes and sells the Dye Vat crafting station. Spawns when the player holds a dye. Arms himself with the Exotic Scimitar, which also can be a rare drop.
  • Angler: Assigns fishing tasks and provides rewards for them. Found in Ocean biomes. Uses the Frost Daggerfish as his weapon.
  • Zoologist: Sells creature and critter-themed items. Becomes available when 10% of the Bestiary is completed. Fights with Claws.
  • Dryad: Sells nature/Corruption/Crimson items and provides details about the Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages. Appears after the Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu, or Skeletron is defeated. Uses Dryad’s Blessing which buffs players and harms enemies in an area of effect.
  • Painter: Deals in paint, painting tools, and unique paintings. His weapon is the Paintball Gun and he has a special Jim’s Cap vanity item, but only when named Jim.
  • Golfer: Provides Golf Clubs, Balls, and other golf equipment. Can be found in the Underground Desert. Uses Golf Balls as his chosen weapon, which he throws at enemies.
  • Arms Dealer: Offers guns, bullets, and various ammunition. Becomes available when a player possesses bullets or a firearm that uses bullets. His weapon of choice ranges from the Flintlock Pistol to Minishark in Hardmode.
Fishing in Terraria.
One of the activities in the game is fishing.

Here are some of the game’s bosses:

  • King Slime: A giant blue slime creature that can teleport under certain circumstances. Not a gateway to game-advancing items but offers unique loot.
  • Eye of Cthulhu: A large eyeball that spawns minions and uses aggressive dash attacks, especially when weakened.
  • Eater of Worlds: A colossal worm, the only source of Shadow Scales and abundant Demonite Ore.
  • Brain of Cthulhu: This flying brain has the least health of the bosses and is found in the Crimson’s chasms. The only source of Tissue Samples in the game. It has two forms that have different behavior. Summons illusions of itself in Expert Mode
  • Queen Bee: Found in the Underground Jungle, this bee is the only source of Bee Wax in the game. Attacks the player in two ways: charging at the players while spawning bees and shootings stingers while moving left and right.
  • Skeletron: The torso-less Skeleton. Guards the entrance to the Dungeon, using its hands and head to attack players.
  • Deerclops: A one-eyed deer that can spawn during a Blizzard. It has a diverse set of attacks including Ice Spikes and throwing ice chunks.

Games in the Series

At this point, Terraria is still a standalone title. It was released for the PC in 2011 and garnered quite a cult following. The developers of Terraria, Re-Logic, have released several expansions for the game over the years that augment the features and content of the game. However, there’s still no Terraria 2, which means that it isn’t a series yet. 

However, Re-Logic has referenced the possibility of a successor many times. Most of these have been later classified as having fun and joking, but the developer still holds it possible that Terraria 2 will become a reality

Since its initial release on PC, the developers have also ported the game to other platforms, including Xbox 360 as well as Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Buildings in Terraria.
Gathering resources allows for building bigger and more impressive structures.

Terraria Cheats

Thanks to the developers of the game, Terraria has a console command system. While it is not the more extensive of all cheat systems, it does allow players to adjust the game and the server. To access these commands, the players need to just simply open the in-game console and type in the commands. These commands are mostly used for changing settings with the server and include things like showing current players, kicking players, and changing the world time.

Here are all the console commands.

lobbyDetermines if friends can join your server.
steamEnables steam support.
noupnpTurns off the universal plug-and-play.
worldnameSets the name of the world when it is auto-created.
secureAdds cheat protection to your server.
banlistSets the location of the banlist text file.
autocreateAuto-creates a world for you.
worldAutomatically loads a world for you and launches it.
mordSets your server’s message of the day.
passShows your server’s password.
passwordSets the password to the server.
playingShows all connected players on the server.
maxplayersSets the max number of players allowed to join the server.
portPrints the listening port.
clearClears the console.
exitExits the game and saves it.
exit -nosaveShuts down the server without saving.
helpDisplays a list of commands in the console.
kickKicks a player from the server.
banBans a player from the server.
dawnSets time to 4:30 am.
noonSets time to 12:00 pm.
duskSets time to 7:30 pm.
midnightSets time to 12:00 am.
settleCalms all the water in the world


Is Terraria 2 coming?

It’s hard to say as the developers of the original game, Re-Logic, haven’t really given a solid answer on that. While they’ve been teasing the game, they’ve shrugged at least some of it off as just joking. However, they’ve also said they’ve considered a successor. Perhaps there is a Terraria 2 in the making.

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