Side Pocket Cheats & Cheat Codes

Game modes in Side Pocket.

Side Pocket Cheats & Cheat Codes

Side Pocket is a pocket billiards simulation, first introduced to the arcade scene by Data East in 1986. This game quickly found its way into the hearts of gamers and billiards enthusiasts, thanks to its easy-to-pickup gameplay. Subsequent ports to platforms like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Game Boy were released to expand to the home console and handheld market. Further improvements were made to ports for Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and Game Gear. Here’s a look into Side Pocket and the cheats it offers players.

Side Pocket Premise

At its core, Side Pocket offers a straightforward billiards experience in a compact and easy-to-play format. The game’s main mode, Pocket Game, challenges players to score points by potting balls in a sequence. Each level introduces more balls and requires higher scores to progress. Special bonuses are given to players who pot balls into pockets marked by a flashing star. This allows players with quick reflexes and immaculate virtual billiards skills to attain much higher scores. Additionally, the game includes a competitive two-player mode and a variety of trick-shot challenges, which let players practice their precision.

Map in Side Pocket.
Traverse across the United States taking on pool challenges.

©Screenshot for Side Pocket

The game has been released across different platforms, each version bringing its unique tweaks to the gameplay. In the newer adaptations, the players take on different challenges in different cities in the United States. However, from the initial arcade title to improved home console versions, Side Pocket maintains its approachability, regardless of the differences in levels and game modes. This is why it became such a phenomenon among gamers and has likely influenced more modern pool games.

Side Pocket Characters

Side Pocket is not necessarily a game that focuses on the storyline and characters. As a billiards video game, it aims to provide a compelling experience on the table, regardless of who the underlying characters playing the game are. However, there is some backstory to the game, particularly for the SNES and Genesis versions. The game is loosely based on the 1986 feature film The Color of Money, which stars Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. This is why the two portraits in these two versions of the game for characters Vincent Lauria and Fast Eddie resemble the two Hollywood stars.

  • Vincent Lauria: One of the two playable characters in the game, based on the Tom Cruise character of the same name from the movie The Color of Money.
  • Fast Eddie: The second player in two-player mode represents the other star of The Color of Money, Fast Eddie, played by Paul Newman in the film.
Characters in Side Pocket.
Play as Tom Cruise’s and Paul Newman’s characters from the movie The Color of Money.

©Screenshot for Side Pocket

Games in the Series

Side Pocket has established itself as a beloved series among both pool fans and gamers who were looking for fun arcade billiards games. Its journey began with the original arcade release, which was followed by ports to various home consoles, including NES, SNES, Genesis, and more. The series expanded its reach with sequels like Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend and Side Pocket 3, introducing new gameplay elements, environments, and challenges. This evolution throughout the years ensured that the series remained a favorite for gamers looking for virtual pool experiences.

  • Side Pocket (1986)
  • Pocket Gal (1987)
  • Super Pool III (1989)
  • Pocket Gal 2 (1992)
  • Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend (1995)
  • Side Pocket 3 (1998)

Side Pocket Cheats

Side Pocket emphasizes skill and strategy, as sports and competitive games do. However, players looking for help in the single-player mode can get ahead with one cheat. With a simple cheat code, while loading up the game, players can have access to hundreds of balls in one game. We’ve also included additional cheats that are available for those who possess a Game Genie device.

Get 256 Balls in One Game

Begin the game and navigate to the screen displaying Let’s Challenge. Input the following sequence: Left, Right, Right, B, Right, Left, B, Left, B, Right, Left, B. Allow the game to start automatically without pressing the Start button. Successfully executing this sequence grants you 256 attempts on one playthrough.

Game Genie Codes

Unlimited Shots (Pocket Game)C2CE-1FAF
Start with 25 Shots (Pocket Game)FB66-CDDD
Start with 50 Shots (Pocket Game)7466-CDDD
Start with 75 Shots (Pocket Game)0866-CDDD
Start with 99 Shots (Pocket Game)1766-CDDD


Can Side Pocket be played in multiplayer mode?

A: Yes, the game includes two distinct two-player modes, one of them is for Pocket Game and another for 9-Ball Game. In these games, players play against each other with different rules.

Are there modern versions of Side Pocket?

Side Pocket was developed for various platforms but no version exists past the SNES and Genesis generation. However, players that want to play the game can access it via emulators.

Is Tom Cruise really in Side Pocket?

Absolutely, although it depends on the version of the game. In the SNES and Genesis versions of the game, players can find the two characters, Vincent Lauria and Fast Eddie, portrayed by their respective actors in the film The Color of Money, Tom Cruise and Paul Newman.

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