Top 10 Pokémon To Use In Pokémon Unite

Pokemon Unite's arena features many battlefields for Pokemon to test their might.

Top 10 Pokémon To Use In Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is something of an unconventional spinoff for the illustrious Pokémon franchise. The game is a MOBA, not unlike League of Legends, where teams of Pokémon square off and compete to win. While it’s never reached the same level of acclaim as the main series Pokémon RPGs, Unite is still going strong. It now boasts a roster of 58 Pokémon, with a 59th, Meowscarada, coming in December. These range from classics like Pikachu and Charizard to more recent legendaries like Zacian and Urshifu. With this many Pokémon around, however, not all of them are created equal. Here are the ten best creatures for you to try. Bear in mind that the game is constantly receiving updates. Aside from new additions, the Pokémon listed here can be tweaked and nerfed. You should always keep an eye on the meta if you want to stay competitive.

#10: Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a recent addition to Pokemon Unite.
Mimikyu is a recent addition to Pokémon Unite.

This eerily adorable ghost-type was a fan favorite when it was first introduced in Generation 7 with Pokémon Sun & Moon. The naturally lonely creature disguises itself as a Pikachu in order to attract friends using the popularity of that iconic electric rodent. In Pokémon Unite, Mimikyu serves as an all-rounder. As the name suggests, this lets the creature slot in virtually wherever it’s needed most. Mimikyu boasts a surprisingly high damage output and versatile skills, with cooldown reduction abilities to keep it in the fight. With high mobility to boot, Mimikyu is a dangerous opponent in spite of its small size.

#9: Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is an elegant and icy variant of the iconic fox.
Alolan Ninetales is an elegant and icy variant of the iconic fox.

Alolan Ninetales is a versatile Pokémon Unite competitor, boasting a healthy mix of support skills and damage. As its icy nature suggests, its moves allow it to not only damage opponents but freeze them in place. By disabling enemy Pokémon and supporting its allies with tactical buffs, Alolan Ninetales can really shine in the early game. Unfortunately, it’s a bit on the fragile side. Furthermore, while it shines in the early game, it can run out of steam as the match drags on. Still, if you enjoy controlling the battlefield, this icy fox might be the right choice for you.

#8: Slowbro

The beloved Slowbro dates back to the very first games.
The beloved Slowbro dates back to the very first games.

Slowbro is a potent defender whose high defense allows it to take a lot of punishment. However, this is offset by a low HP score. This creature excels at disrupting and controlling enemy Pokémon, and can completely disable major threats to swing the odds of a big fight. Unfortunately, its own attack score is very limited. If Slowbro is overwhelmed, it can go down fast. If you want to get the most out of Slowbro, you’ll need a strong Pokémon Unite team. Your friends must be ready and able to help protect it while it controls the battlefield from a safe distance.

#7: Inteleon

Inteleon is a strangely suave Pokemon from Generation 8.
Inteleon is a strangely suave Pokémon from Generation 8.

This slick and slippery lizard is a powerful damage dealer if it’s given the time to develop its skills. As befits its appearance as a sniper, Inteleon can dish out major damage from afar, and its chameleonic nature allows it to turn invisible to get out of a scrape. Unfortunately, this remarkable power comes with a major catch. Inteleon takes a long time to level up its best skills, making the early game a bit of a slog. It’s also got a high skill ceiling, making it a bit inaccessible for new players. If you’ve got the patience and the skills though, Inteleon is well worth it, dealing major damage in the closing minutes of the match.

#6: Umbreon

Umbreon is one of the franchise's iconic Eeveelutions.
Umbreon is one of the franchise’s iconic Eeveelutions.

Umbreon is an excellent pick for the defense-inclined Pokémon Unite player. It has a signature move which allows it to steal shields from opponents, using them to boost its own defense. Its excellent scaling allows it to stay competitive throughout the match, and it has many ways to heal itself as well. This lets it stay in the fight when other Pokémon would be forced to retreat. Its Wish move even lets it support its allies with buffs and healing. The tradeoff for this diverse moveset is a relative lack of durability. However, the benefits more than outweigh the costs for this versatile creature.

#5: Blissey

Blissey has a rich history of nurturing and support.
Blissey has a rich history of nurturing and support.

Blissey is arguably the best support in Pokémon Unite. Its high health pool lets it take a lot of punishment while it delivers healing and buffs to its allies. This impressive moveset lets it counter a lot of burst damage from major threats like the aforementioned Inteleon and keep its friends in the fight. Of course, like so many other supports in so many other games, this powerfully helpful moveset prevents the creature from functioning very well without an ally at its side. Encountered alone, Blissey’s potential goes downhill very fast.

#4: Zacian

Zacian Pokemon

The flagship legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Sword appears in Unite as a devastating heavy hitter. Using the legendary sword in its mouth, Zacian can dish out a lot of damage. And with reliable cooldown reduction mechanics, the beast can power through a lot of prolonged encounters in order to continue punishing its enemies. This extremely potent suite of attacks is held back by a comparatively low movement speed, as well as a much more unique drawback. Because Zacian relies on its unique held item the Rusted Sword in order to excel in combat, it’s effectively reduced to two held item slots instead of the usual three. This severely limits the creature’s versatility in battle, but for most engagements, the high attack stat will more than make up for it.

#3: Urshifu

Urshifu is an imposing addition to the Pokemon lineup.
Urshifu is an imposing addition to the Pokémon lineup.

This legendary creature appeared in the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield. Its imposing physique and martial prowess make it a prime choice for Pokémon Unite, where it excels as a damage dealer. Like in its original appearance, Urshifu can choose between Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style. The former can dish out major damage in a single blow, as the name suggests, Meanwhile, the latter excels at combos, and can reduce move cooldowns to deal a lot of damage quickly. Unfortunately, since you’re locked into a moveset depending on which style you choose, Urshifu is considerably less customizable than most Pokémon in Unite. Still, its extreme damage output makes it a very valuable inclusion for any Pokémon Unite team.

#2: Mega Mewtwo Y

An in-game screenshot from Pokémon Unite.

©Screenshot from Pokémon Unite.

One of two potent alternate forms for Mewtwo, Mega Mewtwo Y is an Attacker who excels at controlling the battlefield with psychic prowess. The creature’s immense telekinetic strength grants it amazing ranged attack potential, and it grows more powerful simply from attacking other creatures. One downside of Mega Mewtwo Y is that it cannot be on a team with the other Mewtwo form. If a teammate selects Mega Mewtwo X, you’re out of luck. Other than that, the only things holding this creature back from absolutely dominating the battlefield are the low durability common for ranged damage dealers, and a bit of a struggle to stay competitive in the early game. If you can make it past these hurdles, you’ll have a major damage dealer on your side.

#1: Mega Mewtwo X

An in-game screenshot from Pokémon Unite.

©Screenshot from Pokémon Unite.

The other Mewtwo form is no less devastating than its counterpart. Mega Mewtwo X is one of Pokémon Unite’s best all-rounders, with a phenomenal balance of attack, mobility, and durability. Its Pressure move allows it to increase its own stats still further, giving it even more of an edge in battle. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same drawback as its counterpart, as it can’t exist on the same team as Mega Mewtwo Y. If you’re lucky enough to secure the team’s single Mewtwo slot, however, you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of a major asset and a serious threat to the opposing team.

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