Sifu Cheats & Mods for PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S

Sifu Nightclub Level

Sifu Cheats & Mods for PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S

Sifu Summary

Sifu is the second title from French developer Sloclap and is a modern spin on the classic beat-em-up genre. Players assume the role of a nameless protagonist who witnesses the murder of their Sifu (Chinese for “master”) as a child. Now as an adult and master of Kung-Fu, it’s time to exact your revenge against the assassins who killed your beloved Sifu. 

After originally being a PS5 exclusive, the title is now available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. Sifu made waves upon its release for its punishing difficulty but satisfying martial arts gameplay. The response to the game’s difficulty resulted in the addition of two new difficulty options. “Disciple” mode is the traditional Sifu difficulty and is tough but fair. “Student” is the new assisted difficulty for Sifu, and “Master” difficulty is the ultimate test for Sifu fans. 

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Sifu Female Protagonist

The title uses a heavily stylized graphical style that resembles Sloclap’s previous work on Absolver and gives the game the feel of an animated feature film. Additionally, Sifu uses a unique aging mechanic. Upon death, players have a limited number of resurrections available to them. However, each time you resurrect, you age the protagonist. This results in ultimately running out of second chances and meeting your demise.

Sifu Premise

Sifu Combat

Sifu is a third-person action fighting game that features rewarding and responsive martial arts combat. Players traverse through a series of linear levels and combat waves of enemies on their way to a boss. The general setup of each level is heavily reminiscent of classics in the beat ’em up genre like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. However, Sifu gives players a unique spin on the multiple lives that arcade coin-op beat ’em ups were famous for.

The tagline to Sifu is “Is one life enough to master Kung Fu?”. The game lives up to it via its resurrection mechanic. In Sifu, players can resurrect a limited number of times, but each time the protagonist ages. Players start the first level as a fresh-faced young man but will likely end the game as an elder. Each time players resurrect, they gain strength but lose help, creating an interesting trade-off for using the resurrection mechanic.

Sifu consists of 5 stages, each with its own boss. The boss fights at the end of each stage are one of the group of assassins who murdered the protagonist’s Sifu. The player’s age and death count carries over from one stage to the next, making early precision hugely important. The combat in Sifu is brutally difficult but fair and requires players to make careful use of their environment.

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Sifu Main Characters

Sifu Protagonist

Sifu begins with a plot setup straight out of a classic Kung Fu film, establishing the motive for revenge and the cast of villains the player will track down. In addition to the player character and their slain Sifu, there are 5 assassins that the protagonist is hunting down. The main characters in Sifu include:


  • The Protagonist: The player character in Sifu is a nameless hero that can either be male or female. After witnessing the murder of their Sifu at the hands of a group of assassins, the protagonist trains for years to eventually enact their vengeance. As the player character resurrects, their features visibly age.
  • Sifu: The titular Sifu is none other than the player character’s own father. Sifu, which means “master” or “teacher” in Chinese, is a skilled Kung Fu master and is murdered by his former pupil, Yang.


  • Yang (“The Leader”): Yang is the main antagonist of Sifu and the former student of the main character’s father. Yang is the final boss of the game and the head of The Sanctuary. He is the most difficult fight in all of Sifu thanks to his mastery of your father’s exact style of Kung Fu. He knows all of the player’s moves and is a more-skilled version of the player character.
  • Sean (“The Fighter”): Sean is the leader of The Club and the second boss fight in Sifu. He uses a bo staff and has an incredible reach that makes him difficult to approach. He is deadly at both mid and close range and presents a significant skill block for players.
  • Jinfeng (“The CEO”): Jinfeng is the elder of the group of assassins and is the penultimate boss fight of Sifu in The Tower. She is primarily skilled in long-range combat and is responsible for the betrayal of the protagonist’s father.
  • Fajar (“The Botanist”): Fajar is the first boss fight in Sifu. He is also the assassin who left the protagonist for dead in the Prologue. As the leader of The Squats, he is the first considerable challenge players will face.
  • Kuroki (“The Artist”): Kuroki is the leader of The Museum and the third assassin players face. She uses Kunai to keep targets at a distance and is extremely deadly.

Games in the Sifu Series

To date, Sifu is the only title in the series but the game does present itself as open to a sequel. The games in the Sifu series are:

  • Sifu (2022)

Sifu Cheats and Mods

As a title famous for its difficulty, many players were eager to discover any advantage that could make Sifu easier. Both the console and PC versions of the game feature unlockable modifiers and cheats, but at a cost. Additionally, the PC version of Sifu has a trainer available that unlocks various cheats using the WeMod software.

Sifu Cheats for PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X/S

As of Update 1.12, Sloclap has added several accessibility features to the game. This includes a list of cheats players can activate to alter the core experience. While the cheats are intended to make the game easier, some modifiers increase the challenge. To access the cheats and modifiers, players need to meet the following criteria:

  • Complete the game once
  • Complete challenges that unlock specific cheats and use the in-game currency to purchase them
  • Access the “Modifiers” menu from the level select screen
HealthChanges Health behavior (can be used for invincibility)
Infinite StructureStructure cannot be damaged
Guard IgnoredEnemy attacks go past your guard, you can only deflect or avoid them
SkillsTemporarily overwrite your skills
Shrine RewardsTemporarily overwrite your shrine rewards
Touch of DeathEnemies die on the first successful hit
BarehandedYou cannot pick up weapons or throwable items
Starting AgeTemporarily overwrite your starting age for the level
Golden WeaponMakes weapons indestructable
PendantChange pendant behavior
VampireDecrease age by killing enemies
Bullet TimeSlow down time when holding the selected action
Free ThrowYou can throw enemies at any time
Low GravitySome elements are a lot less affected by gravity
Enemy Attack SpeedChanges the speed of enemy attacks
Enemy LevelChanges enemy difficulty
Double DamageEnemy attacks deal twice as much damage

Sifu Cheats for PC

In addtion to the official cheats and modifiers that come as part of Update 1.12, PC players can use WeMod to download and install a cheat trainer for Sifu. Whereas the official cheats and modifiers disable the ability to save progress, the WeMod trainer cheats do not.

After downloading and installing the WeMod software, you can search for the Sifu trainer. The trainer for the title can be found here and includes the following cheats:

Player Cheats

  • God Mode/Ignore Hits
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Defense
  • Unlimited Focus
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Set Player Speed

Game Cheats

  • Set Game Speed

Stats Cheats

  • Edit Age
  • Edit Death Count
  • Edit XP
  • Edit Score

Enemy Cheats

  • Easy Break Defense
  • Easy Kill
  • Edit Score

Sifu Cheat FAQs

 How do you activate cheats in Sifu? While two accessibility modifiers are available in “Student” difficulty, others are unlocked by beating the game once. After finishing the game once, there are Goals that you can complete to earn in-game currency. This currency can be used to purchase the cheats and modifiers, which you access in the stage select screen.

Can you permanently unlock all skills in Sifu?
You can unlock skills early on in the game, but these unlocks are only temporary. To unlock a skill permanently, players will need to fully upgrade it.

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