Trek to Yomi Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Official artwork for Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Released in 2022, Trek to Yomi is a unique side-scrolling action-adventure game that takes players back to the age of the samurai. Taking cues from classic Japanese films, Trek to Yomi features a unique cinematic style and difficult sword combat. If your katana skills still need sharpening and you’re looking for some cheat codes to make your trek to Yomi a little easier, keep reading.

Trek to Yomi Summary

Trek to Yomi is a side-scrolling adventure/combat game developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital. The game launched in May 2022 for Windows PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. A port for the Nintendo Switch came out in January the following year. The game features a blend of side-scrolling exploration and fast-paced sword combat.

Players must progress through levels and fight with enemies (often several at a time) and bosses in Katana duels. Melee combat is broken down into light, fast attacks and heavy, slow attacks, with a parry system that requires precise timing but allows the player to create an opening in an enemy’s defenses. The game features a cinematic style and black-and-white aesthetic inspired by classic samurai films.

A screenshot of Trek to Yomi gameplay

Trek to Yomi Premise

Trek the Yomi takes place in feudal Japan, presumably at some point during the Warring States period. The main player character is Hiroki, a young samurai in training. In the first act, his village is attacked, and Hiroki is thrust into combat against a gang of bandits and their ruthless leader, Kagerou. The attack is repelled, but not without a cost.

After the opening act, Hiroki, now an adult and a full samurai, must once again defend his village from Kagerou and his men. This takes Hiroki on an unexpected journey to Yomi, the land of the dead, where he’ll face both old enemies and friends. The young samurai must journey through Yomi to escape death and defeat Kagerou once and for all.

Trek to Yomi Main Characters

The main character in Trek to Yomi is Hiroki, a young samurai who lives in a rural village. The game begins with Hiroki as a teenage boy training to become a samurai under his master, Sanjuro. Sanjuro’s daughter, Aiko, is Hiroki’s friend and later becomes the village leader.

In the first chapter, the village is attacked by a ruthless bandit leader named Kagerou, the game’s main villain. Kagerou later re-appears as a more powerful warlord, still bent on terrorizing innocents and raiding villages such as Hiroki’s. On his journey through the land of the dead, Hiroki will also encounter the restless spirits of people from his past.

A screenshot of Trek to Yomi gameplay

Trek to Yomi Cheat Codes

Trek to Yomi doesn’t support official cheat codes. However, players will unlock the “one-hit kill” mode after beating the game. This mode works both ways: Enemies and Hiroki will both fall with one stroke of the katana. This can make the game much more interesting but also much more difficult.

PC players can also trainer software to enable cheats in Trek to Yomi. Popular cheat engines that work with Trek to Yomi are WeMod and Cheat Engine. These allow players to use cheat codes such as infinite health, unlimited stamina, and unlimited shuriken. Use caution when using cheat engines to not accidentally install malware or corrupt your game.

A screenshot of Trek to Yomi gameplay

Trek to Yomi FAQs

Is Trek to Yomi a good game?

Upon release, Trek to Yomi received generally favorable reviews. It currently holds a “mostly positive” rating on Steam with more than 1,300 user reviews and an average rating of around 70/100 on Metacritic. Players and critics praised the cinematic art style and presentation of the game. However, some criticized the difficulty, monotonous combat, and short length.

How long is Trek to Yomi?

Players can beat the main story of Trek to Yomi in about five hours on average. Completionists can expect to spend around 12 hours finishing and collecting everything in the game.

Are there multiple endings in Trek to Yomi?

There are three “normal” endings and one secret ending in Trek to Yomi. There are no branching story paths in the game, however. Of the three normal endings, which one you get depends on the choice you make at the end of Chapter 6. Here, you must choose between Love, Duty, or Fury. We won’t spoil what happens after this choice, but each one sets Hiroki down a different path after the events of the game.

There’s also a fourth possible ending, but it’s very difficult to unlock. In Chapter 3, when Hiroki faces Kagerou again, the bandit-turned-warlord is much more powerful. You are generally expected to lose this fight and get killed, which sends Hiroki into Yomi, where his journey continues. However, if you manage to defeat Kagerou here, you’ll trigger an early ending.

Note that you only get one chance to do this. If you die, the story advances, and your game auto-saves. Consider duplicating your save file before this fight so you can try again. Admittedly, this secret ending is not very satisfying, so don’t worry too much if you miss it.

A screenshot of Trek to Yomi gameplay

Trek to Yomi is a love letter to old-school samurai movies and, despite its flaws, is an interesting blend of side-scrolling action with fantasy elements. It’s worth a play if you’re looking for a short, stylish, and challenging game to occupy your time for a few days. And, if you’re on PC, you can always fire up a cheat engine and use codes if the game proves too difficult. Good luck on your journey through the land of the dead!

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