Blacktail Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, and Windows

A screenshot of Blacktail

Blacktail Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, and Windows

If you’re on the prowl for Blacktail cheats, you’ve come to the right place. Developed by Polish studio The Parasight, this game blends action and fantasy elements in a first-person shooter based on the story of the mythical witch Baba Yaga. It’s a unique experience, to be sure, and not one without its challenges. If you could use some help on your journey, keep reading to see what cheat codes are available to make your adventure through the world of Blacktail a little easier.

Blacktail Summary

Blacktail is the creation of Polish game developer The Parasight, and Focus Entertainment published the game. Players may recognize Focus Entertainment as the publisher behind popular indie titles such as Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, A Plague Tale, and My Time at Portia.

Blacktail hit shelves (and digital marketplaces) in December 2022. It’s available for Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X. It’s a first-person shooter that combines elements of action, fantasy, survival, and horror genres, offering a unique experience for gamers.

A screenshot of Blacktail

Blacktail Premise

The story of Blacktail takes inspiration from the tale of Baba Yaga, a mythical witch from Eastern European folklore. Players take on the role of Yaga, a young woman cast out from society after being accused of witchcraft. During her journey, Yaga faces memories from her past, which have taken on the form of monstrous spirits she must defeat. Players wield a bow and a magical broom to engage enemies and craft various potions and arrows that give Yaga an edge in combat.

Yaga’s mission is to track down her missing sister Zora, battling hostile manifestations of her memories along the way. Side quests throughout the story reward the player with items that can level up Yaga’s combat skills. The game also features some role-playing elements along with a morality system that affects Yaga’s abilities and her interactions with NPCs she encounters. The player’s moral choices ultimately shape the conclusion of the game’s story.

Blacktail Main Characters

The main character of Blacktail is Yaga, a young woman based on the witch Baba Yaga from Slavic folklore. Baba Yaga appears in many myths and stories from Eastern Europe dating back to at least the 1700s, if not earlier. In the game, a 16-year-old Yaga is accused of witchcraft and exiled from her village to fend for herself and her sister, Zora.

The story revolves around the development of Yaga into the mythical witch, allowing the player to shape her character’s growth via actions and choices made throughout the game. Ultimately, Yaga can become a benevolent guardian of the forest or a terrible witch. This reflects the nature of the “real” Baba Yaga, an enigmatic figure in Slavic folklore who is either benevolent or malicious, depending on the story.

A screenshot of Blacktail

Blacktail Cheat Codes

As with many modern games, Blacktail doesn’t support cheats in the traditional sense. However, PC players can download a cheat engine (also called a “trainer”) that enables cheat codes. Note, however, that this is only available for the PC version – console players looking for Blacktail cheats are out of luck.

Wemod is a popular and trusted PC cheat engine that allows for Blacktail cheat codes. Available trainer cheats include invincibility, unlimited mana, unlimited resources and items, move speed and jump height multipliers, and instant kills.

The usual caveats apply here: If you plan to download and install a cheat engine for Blacktail, always use caution. Ensure you’re downloading from a trusted source and know how to safely modify game files, if necessary.

A screenshot from Blacktail

Blacktail FAQs

Is Blacktail a hard game?

Fans and critics consider Blacktail to be a difficult game. Yaga has no melee weapons and must rely on her bow, magic broom (which she can use to pull and push enemies around), and elixirs to fight. Because Yaga can only carry a limited number of arrows at a time, players frequently have to craft new arrows in the middle of battle. Bosses are also very punishing. However, there are difficulty levels in the game, including an easy mode. Players are also free to change the difficulty level at any point.

How long is Blacktail?

The main storyline of Blacktail takes approximately 12 hours to complete. Of course, this varies from player to player. You can beat it more quickly if you skip side-quests, while completionists can extend the game by taking on the side missions and hunting for all of the collectibles scattered throughout the game.

Is Blacktail an open-world game?

Blacktail features a linear story progression set in a semi-open-world environment. The game’s storyline takes the player through various areas that are separate from each other. When inside these areas, players are free to traverse the environment and explore as they please. Aside from fighting enemies and progressing through the story, players can also hunt, gather resources, and craft supplies.

Since its release in 2022, Blacktail has impressed gamers and reviewers with its interesting blend of first-person gameplay and fantasy themes. It’s a stiff challenge, but PC gamers can use a trainer to enable cheats to make their Blacktail adventure easier. Unfortunately, console gamers are out of luck, but don’t be ashamed to flip the difficulty to “easy” if you get stuck. But whatever platform you play on, and whether you decide to become a benevolent forest guardian or a malevolent witch, Blacktail is sure to provide you with a unique fantasy experience.

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