MythForce Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

The heroes of MythForce prepare to conquer the Castle of Evil.

MythForce Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

MythForce is a charming little roguelike game with a very distinct aesthetic. The roguelike genre has risen in prominence in recent years. Beloved games like Hades and Returnal have helped more fans experience this somewhat niche style of game. Now MythForce has combined the roguelike genre with the aesthetic of classic Saturday morning cartoons. This visually distinct video game launched on September 12, 2023. It was developed by Beamdog and published by Aspyr, a prolific indie publisher which is also working on a remaster of the original Tomb Raider games. If you’re feeling nostalgic for vintage cartoons or just want to explore a dungeon with your friends, read on for everything you need to know about MythForce.

MythForce Premise

Skeletal threats lurk throughout the halls of the Castle of Evil.
Skeletal threats lurk throughout the halls of the Castle of Evil.

MythForce has an appropriately cartoonish plot. It sees four heroes go toe to toe with the evil vampire lord Deadalus in order to prevent him from taking over the world. You play the game from a first person perspective, and each hero has a distinct set of moves. The game’s roguelike nature means that the layout of Deadalus’ castle changes every time you venture into it. By leveling up and acquiring powerful new gear, you can develop your character in order to better withstand the threats within. The game also offers co-op for up to four players. This means that you and your friends can assemble a full party in order to explore Deadalus’ sinister castle.

The game’s Saturday morning cartoon inspirations are evident throughout. The visual aesthetic is lifted straight from shows like He-Man and ThunderCats, though of course it’s been cleaned up a little for modern systems. The brightly colored and dramatic character designs are also a clear homage to the old cartoons, as are the mystical weapons you recover during your adventure.

MythForce Main Characters

The heroes of MythForce battle the evil mage Hexstar.
The heroes of MythForce battle the evil mage Hexstar.

MythForce has a primary focus on the action, meaning there isn’t a huge roster of characters to explore. That being said, no Saturday morning cartoon would be complete without its team of heroes. Each main character plays differently from the rest, so the decision of which character to control is just as important as the ones you make in the thick of battle. Here are all the major players in Mythforce.

  • Victoria: Victoria the Valiant Knight is the leader of MythForce, having founded the band in order to oppose the evil Deadalus. In combat, she is a primarily defensive hero. She’s good at close quarters combat and crowd control, and excels as a tank, a fitting role given her occupation.
  • Hawkins: Hawkins is a hunter, who fights primarily with bow and arrow. He can channel mystical powers through his ranged attacks in order to weaken foes, and he can temporarily enter the spirit realm in order to pass through opponents.
  • Maggie: Maggie the Mage is an archetypal glass cannon. She struggles at close range but from a distance she can be a major powerhouse. Her potent offensive spells can dish out some significant damage if she gets the distance and time to set them up.
  • Rico: Rico the Rogue once served as one of Deadalus’ own generals, but he now seeks redemption in MythForce. He’s good at one on one combat, and his high mobility lets him dash in and out of the fray.
  • Deadalus: This sinister vampire lord serves as the main antagonist of the game. His menacing and ever-shifting Castle of Evil is the setting for all of the characters’ adventures.
  • Hexstar: Hexstar is an evil necromancer who serves as one of Deadalus’ top lieutenants. Her cruelty knows no bounds, and she proves to be a major obstacle to the members of Mythforce during their quest.
  • Beastor: This terrifying brute is another major player in Deadalus’ army, and an early boss on your path to taking down the vampire lord himself.

MythForce Cheat Codes

The Merchant gives you a chance to upgrade your gear.
The Merchant gives you a chance to upgrade your gear.

Mythforce does not have official cheat codes. The game has a major focus on online play, so including cheat codes would likely lead to a severely unbalanced experience. As with many other PC games, third party cheat engines and trainers are available. These can artificially increase your stats, letting you breeze through Deadalus’ Castle of Evil without any difficulty. Of course, they also carry significant risk. If you download these cheat engines from the wrong source, you could expose your computer to malware. Always be careful when downloading software from a dubious source. If you want a more legitimate way to conquer MythForce, here’s all the achievements in the game and how to unlock them.

  • Perk Shard Punch Card: Purchase 5 Perk Shards.
  • First Strike: Complete Thicket of Bones, the first episode of Bastion of the Beast Lord.
  • Debuff Dogpile: Have 4 debuffs on a single enemy at once.
  • Hit ‘em Where It Hurts: Deal 10,000 Critical damage.
  • Faceroll the Bones: Defeat 250 Skeletons.
  • That’ll Leave a Mark: Deal over 500 damage on a single attack.
  • Mushroom Madness!: Defeat 250 Sporefolk.
  • Next Time on Mythforce…: Complete the Bastion of the Beast Lord.
  • Everything Must Go!: Empty the shelves of the Merchant’s table.
  • Ten Steps From The Grave: Be defeated ten times.
  • Spending Spree: Spend 100,000 gold at the Merchant’s table.
  • Horder Better Faster Stronger: Defeat 2,000 enemies.
  • Cold-Blooded Critters: Defeat 250 Lizardmen.
  • On This Episode!: Complete the Crypt of the Necromancer.
  • Death Becomes You: Be defeated 25 times.
  • Flawless Victory: Complete any episode without taking damage.
  • Deadication: Defeat 250 Acolytes.
  • Season Finale: Complete Cauldron of Bats.
  • The Harder They Fall: Defeat 10 Goliaths.
  • We’ve Got A Kaiju On The Field: Defeat Beastor on Mythic I.
  • The Fourth Gate: Gain a Mythic Tier perk on an adventure.
  • Vexed Her: Defeat Hexstar on Mythic II.
  • Deadalus and Loving It: Defeat Deadalus on Mythic III.

MythForce FAQ

The evil Deadalus awaits at the top of the Castle of Evil.
The evil Deadalus awaits at the top of the Castle of Evil.

Does MythForce have crossplay?

Unfortunately, while a big selling point for MythForce is its online co-op, this functionality does not extend across different consoles. While fans who bought the game on Steam can play with friends who bought it from the Epic Games Store, they still must both be on PC. PlayStation fans can only play with other PlayStation users, Xbox fans can only play with other Xbox users, and so on. The developers have cited various technical limitations as the cause of a lack of crossplay. There is no stated intent to change this at any point in the future.

Is MythForce on Xbox Game Pass?

Many Xbox fans prefer to play their games through Game Pass, a subscription service that grants access to a large catalog of video games online in exchange for a monthly fee. If any of those fans are interested in trying MythForce, however, they will have to buy their own copy, as the game is currently not offered as part of the Game Pass library.

Does MythForce require a constant online connection?

Many video games with an online component have suffered by forcing players to remain online while playing, even if they’re playing single player. This has led to controversy in the past when server troubles have prevented fans from enjoying their games, even if there’s no practical reason for them to be online at all. Fortunately, MythForce does not have this issue. If you don’t want to take part in online multiplayer, you can easily play in offline mode without issue. The game will automatically send you offline if it can’t detect a network connection.

Is MythForce balanced for singleplayer?

If you do want to play online, your experience will not be hindered by a lack of allies. MythForce scales to the number of players active, and the difficulty will be adjusted accordingly. This should ensure a balanced and stable gameplay experience regardless of how many allies you have.

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