How to Find Bigfoot on Grand Theft Auto V

Bigfoot in The Last One mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

How to Find Bigfoot on Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is not just about fast cars and criminal enterprises. The game has a massive open world filled with secrets and Easter eggs, most of them designed to offer the curious and dedicated player something of value, or at least amusement. Among the numerous secrets is the mythical Bigfoot, a creature whispered about in the game’s lore and even making brief appearances.

The story of Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto predates the latest iteration of the series. In fact, the myth of the GTA Bigfoot goes back to the PlayStation 2 days. Players have since rumored about the existence of Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto games. However, no official gameplay elements were introduced before Grand Theft Auto V. In this latest title, players are not only able to find the mythical creature but become one too. 

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This article is your comprehensive guide to not only spotting Bigfoot, but also unlocking the ability to play as him, and beyond.

Bigfoot Appearances

Finding Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto V is linked to specific missions and quests. While you can choose from countless activities within the game, certain missions offer a glimpse or a deeper dive into the myth of Bigfoot. This is an opportunity for players who are done with the general narrative and want to engage in a fun-filled and thrilling creature hunt.

Mission: Predator

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This is one of the missions involving all three main characters: Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. Here, you’re tasked with taking down the O’Neil brothers, but something unusual can be observed during the mission. 

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  1. Start the Predator mission: Engage in a mission that involves a high-speed chase and a hunt.
  2. Equip Thermal Scope: While you’re on the lookout for the O’Neil brothers, you’ll need a thermal scope to spot Bigfoot.
  3. Get a glimpse of Bigfoot: Scan the area with the thermal scope, and you’ll notice an odd figure. Zoom in, and it vanishes.

Side Quest: The Last One

Shooting at Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto V.

This side quest is only accessible if you have completed 100% of the game, offering it as a reward for your dedication. It’s a mission that throws you into a Bigfoot hunt with a comedic twist, as one can imagine.

  1. Achieve 100% game completion: This unlocks the side quest. The quest can be only performed by Franklin Clinton.
  2. Find the hunter: Franklin will come across a hunter seeking Bigfoot.
  3. Conclude the quest: Follow the mission to its humorous with a curious twist at the end.

Playing As Bigfoot

After you’ve spotted Bigfoot, the next natural step is to become him. GTA V offers this unique experience as a bonus for dedicated players who go above and beyond to complete the game in its entirety. 

The first steps involve completing the game and engaging in a treasure hunt for Peyote Plants. These unique plants play a significant role in your transformation into Bigfoot.

  1. Complete the game 100%: This includes finishing the The Last One side quest.
  2. Collect all 27 peyote plants: These are located all around Los Santos and are required for your transformation.

Golden Peyote Hunt

The Golden Peyote is the secret ingredient of this quest, and it’s not an easy find. Your hunt for this unique plant will be influenced by time and weather conditions. This means that finding it isn’t as simple as any regular peyote.

  1. Conditions for spawning: This specific plant appears only between 5:30 AM and 8:00 AM and requires certain weather conditions.
  2. Use cheat codes: If you’re finding it difficult to meet the requirements naturally, cheat codes can be used to manipulate the weather.
  3. Find and consume Golden Peyote: Upon finding it, consume the Golden Peyote to undergo the transformation into Bigfoot.

Additional Quest: Unlocking The Beast

This is an optional part of your Bigfoot adventures but well worth the effort if you’ve made it this far. Not only do you unlock more about the Bigfoot lore within the game, but you also get to face off against The Beast, another mythical creature. 

  1. Collect seven Golden Peyotes: Starting from Saturday, collect one Golden Peyote each day.
  2. Find the Sasquatch Hunter: After your final consumption, you’ll discover a shocking scene.
  3. Follow the howls: Follow the howls and trail of dead bodies to face a boss called The Beast.
  4. Defeat the secret boss: Beat The Beast to unlock both Bigfoot and The Beast in Discovery Mode.


Becoming Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto V is a rewarding experience, albeit hard to access. It provides not just a change in gameplay, but also a deep dive into one of the game’s most legendary myths. Whether you’re playing for the thrill of the hunt or to discover every hidden gem that the game has to offer, unlocking Bigfoot is a fascinating journey that showcases the depth and detail Rockstar Games has managed to include in the expansive open world.

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