Best Grand Theft Auto V Videos by jacksepticeye

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Best Grand Theft Auto V Videos by jacksepticeye

Grand Theft Auto V and jacksepticeye. It’s a great combo – one of the biggest games ever, alongside one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. While his channel has taken a change in direction since, back in the day, jacksepticeye was an extremely prolific Grand Theft Auto V YouTuber, putting out plenty of content on Rockstar’s classic.

Even in 2023, the videos are still well worth a watch. They hold up well, and it’s interesting to see his style evolve as the videos progress. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best Grand Theft Auto V videos by jacksepticeye.

10. Grand Theft Auto V | ATOMIC BLIMP & JET GAMEPLAY | PS3 HD

This is where it all began. Released just after the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the video serves almost as a bizarre time capsule. Here, jacksepticeye begins to explore the game for the first time, getting to grips with everything Los Santos has to offer. Considering how familiar and engrained in pop culture Grand Theft Auto V is today, it’s fun to see someone experiencing it for the first time!

Here, jacksepticeye explores the early areas of the map as Franklin, before heading to find a blimp to fly. Then, he moves to the airport, where he earns a massive Wanted level and steals a plane. It’s classic GTA V chaos, and most players will be able to relate as he wanders Los Santos causing mayhem.

9. Grand Theft Auto V Challenges | STEALING A TANK, SINGING AND BUS SIEGE | PS3 HD Gameplay

This video sees jacksepticeye a little further in Grand Theft Auto V‘s story, breaking into Bolingbroke Penitentiary to steal a tank. Safe to say, it doesn’t fully go to plan. As well as this, he finds himself in the wild, where he breaks into song to connect with nature. It’s every bit as insane as it sounds. Finally, he tops the video off with a couple of run-ins with the law, which again, don’t go brilliantly.

Ultimately, jacksepticeye Grand Theft Auto V videos are at their best when they go off the rails. This particular video does just that, which is why it’s one of his best ever.

8. WE MAKE A GREAT TEAM | GTA Online #1 (GTA V Next Gen)

Yes, jacksepticeye is fun by himself. But add Markiplier and LordMinion777 into the mix, and you’ll have a great time. This video focuses on Grand Theft Auto Online, and the fun you can have mindlessly wandering with no real objective.

That’s probably the best part about this video. The trio aren’t actually trying to do anything in particular. They’re just three guys in Los Santos, making their own fun. Along the way, they cause trouble in the subway system, parachute onto a mountain, and steal multiple fighter jets, among other things. It’s definitely a top-tier jacksepticeye GTA V video.

7. Grand Theft Auto V Challenges | SUBMARINES & SHARKS UNDERWATER ADVENTURES | PS3 HD Gameplay

For a slight change of pace, we had to highlight this video. Instead of his usual antics, this time jacksepticeye is taking on some nautical adventures. It begins in a submarine, with him seeing what the sea has to offer.

However, it wasn’t long before he decided to take a dive for himself. Playing as Michael, he decides to explore the sea outside of the safety of the submarine. He gets lucky for a while, and even manages to find a few interesting structures. But yes, the inevitable happens – he does in fact get eaten by a shark.

Watching jacksepticeye explore the underwater of Grand Theft Auto V is definitely different – but it doesn’t make it any less interesting.

6. IT’S FINALLY HERE! | Grand Theft Auto V (PC) #1

After two years of waiting, Grand Theft Auto V finally arrived on PC, and jacksepticeye was PUMPED. In this video, he spends his time exploring the new version, in all of its stunning detail. It’s very much a back-to-basics video. He’s not doing crazy challenges, or playing with friends. It’s just him, Los Santos, and the famous Grand Theft Auto V sandbox.

In many ways, it’s a retread of his very first video, giving you a sense of what it was like to explore the game for the first time all over again. We just think that’s neat.

5. BECOME AN ANIMAL (Peyote Plants) | Grand Theft Auto V (Next Gen Gameplay) #2

This is certainly one of jacksepticeye’s stranger Grand Theft Auto V videos. By using peyote plants in-game, he’s able to turn himself into a variety of animals in-game, using his new form to cause chaos in Los Santos. He starts off as a pig, running into civilians, before turning into a brutal killer whale. His final form is a cat, which he uses to bring traffic to a halt.

It’s silly fun, which he tops off by parachuting off the top of Mount Chilliad. A must-watch for fans of jacksepticeye.

4. LAUGHING TILL DEATH | GTA Online w/ Mark, Bob and Wade

This would go on to be the final Grand Theft Auto V video jacksepticeye ever made, and he went out with a bang. He’s back again with Markiplier and LordMinion777, as well as muyskerm, in an episode that focuses heavily on GTA V‘s flying mechanics.

What’s so great about this video is the group is simply trying to cause each other as many problems as possible. From crashing into each other’s helicopters, to blowing up each other’s vehicles, this video has it all. The contagious laughter from start to finish really makes this one a winner.

3. Grand Theft Auto V | I LOVE STICKY BOMBS | Moon Gravity + Invincibility

This video is just jacksepticeye really testing the limits of Grand Theft Auto V‘s sandbox. He turns on moon gravity early on, making everything extremely floaty. Then, he begins experimenting with sticky bombs, as he attempts to send various vehicles into orbit through the power of explosions. Combine this with invincibility, and it’s a fun time.

It doesn’t all quite go to plan, so jacksepticeye gives up on the whole thing, instead moving on to killing hordes of police officers. It remains some of the best Grand Theft Auto V content he has ever put out, which is reflected in it being one of the highest-viewed videos in the series.

2. Grand Theft Auto V | OFFICER MIKE | Baddest cop in town

Before GTA RP became a massive deal, gamers had to roleplay for themselves in single-player. Luckily, the game provided players with ample material to work with, which is what jacksepticeye shows off in this video. Here, he roleplays as Officer Mike, a cop with a dangerous power complex. It starts out innocently, but quickly descends into mayhem as he attempts to pull over a blimp, and kills a bus driver for simply not stopping. Officer Mike then steals a plane and swiftly crashes it into a mountain.

It’s safe to say that Officer Mike isn’t particularly great at his job. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun to watch unravel.

1. SUPERPOWER MOD | Grand Theft Auto V (PC) #2

Here it is – the best-ever jacksepticeye Grand Theft Auto V video, and with good reason. In this video, he uses the superpower mod for GTA V to bring a reign of terror to Los Santos. Among most of these videos, chaos has been a common theme. This video takes that to the next level, and he explodes cars with just the power of his kicks, and absorbs bullets as if they were from a Nerf gun. He uses his newfound powers to gain a massive Wanted level, and doesn’t hold back on terrorizing the community.

It’s just dumb fun, perfectly encapsulating what both jacksepticeye and Grand Theft Auto V are all about. That’s why it sits on the top spot of this list.

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