Why You Should Play the PC Version of Grand Theft Auto V

Why You Should Play the PC Version of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 for the seventh and eighth generation of consoles. Ten years later, the game is still going very strong. It still receives new content and is available for gamers no matter what console they prefer. Well, except for Nintendo Switch, to no one’s surprise. However, these ports are not created equal, and honestly one of them rises above the rest. This is why you should play the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

PC Gaming Is Just Better

Before we even talk about the game itself, we have to talk about the hardware. While the gap between PC and consoles is ever closing, PC has always been ahead due to its flexibility. PCs are capable of doing everything consoles can do plus so much more. High-end gaming PCs offer the best graphics available and can run games with higher frame rates. Most modern PCs and even laptops are sold with solid-state drives providing shorter loading times.


PCs are upgradeable, so you can buy new parts instead of a new console when a new game comes out. Usually at a cheaper price too. Usually. With a PC, your online service isn’t tied to a subscription service like consoles are. You have access to massive gaming libraries because PCs are usually compatible with older titles. There’s also emulation software that can even emulate console titles. Before you even launch Grand Theft Auto V you benefit from all the other benefits of owning a gaming PC.

Grand Theft Auto V On PC Looks Incredible

There is a major leap in quality between the PC version and the seventh generation of consoles when using max graphics settings. For those with the best rigs, the game can display 4K images at a high framerate. The PC version also has better draw distances than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports. The PC version even competes with the current generation of consoles, but it requires a few extra steps and installations. Although it doesn’t affect the average PC gamer, panoramic triple monitor setups are supported. This allows for a unique immersive way to experience the game if you can afford the extra monitors.

Grand Theft Auto V graphic comparison.

Self Radio

Grand Theft Auto V allows PC players to listen to their own music on the in-game radio. After creating shortcuts or placing copies of these songs in a specific folder, players can listen to them on the Self Radio station. The game even auto-scans for new songs upon starting the game. Players can play the songs in order, shuffle them, and even have the game integrate them into a complete radio experience. Yes, Self Radio can have commercial breaks for that extra level of immersion.

Mods Can Completely Overhaul The Experience

With a game as popular as Grand Theft Auto V, you can expect a booming modding scene. Mods can completely overhaul aspects of the game like a character menu that allows you to turn into any NPC in the game. Add in modded cars, take the quality of your game’s visuals to the next level with post-processing effects, access a save file with a billion dollars, change the field of view, and even import characters from Final Fantasy as pedestrians.

An example of a Final Fantasy character modded into Grand Theft Auto V.Source is

Roleplay Servers

While GTA Online is a fun time sink itself, mods also open the door to Grand Theft Auto Roleplay Servers. A Grand Theft Auto Roleplay Server is exactly what it sounds like — turning the map into a clean slate, allowing you to take on various roles in the ecosystem of Los Santos. You can play as a cop, a cashier, an ex-convict trying to change their life around, or even an active gang member.

Some servers are more hardcore than others but usually, the only real rule is not to break character. Servers usually spawn entire communities and websites that provide specific mods necessary for roles and help newcomers with setup. Being a part of these servers adds endless replay value to the game because you never know what will happen when you load in. These servers are only available on the PC version of the game.


With Grand Theft Auto VI seeming light years away, it is still a perfect time to get into Grand Theft Auto V. While the game is available on almost every console at this point, if you can invest in a PC version through Steam, Epic Games, or Rockstar directly, I highly recommend it. There are just so many ways to get the most bang for your buck with customization options, mods to shake up the single-player experience, and roleplay servers to turn it into a brand new game even after you’ve put hundreds of hours into the single and multiplayer.

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