Top 10 Pokémon in Pokémon Sword

Zacian from Pokémon Sword.

Top 10 Pokémon in Pokémon Sword

Pokemon is one of the world’s leading franchises, with over 25 years of history, and many, many games to choose from. Starting from the legendary Pokemon Red and Blue, which had 151 Pokemon to collect and train, each one in its area and habitat. Then, with the next game, Pokemon Gold and Silver expanded the world with a new region, with more Pokemon than you can shake a stick at.

Cover art for Pokémon Red and Blue.
What are the main differences and similarities for Pokémon Red and Blue?

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This continued for years, with Pokemon becoming one of the world’s most successful IP cultures ever. There have been movies, TV shows, card games, board games, and more. The latest release, Pokemon Sword and Shield has added another roster of pocket monsters to pick from, so in this article, I will be listing the top ten Pokemon in Pokemon Sword

And quick reference, this will be covering Pokemon who can only be found in Pokemon Sword, so any exclusives to Pokemon Shield will not be counted. Alright, sound good? Then let’s begin!

Also, one quick note: this list is opinion and not fact. You are free to use whatever Pokemon you like in your team, even if they’re not the strongest or fastest.

10. Gyarados


Starting with an old favorite, Gyarados is the evolved form of Magikarp, and is one of the oldest Pokemon in the series, as it first showed up in Pokemon Red/Blue. Gyarados is a Water-type Pokemon who excels in physical moves. While they lose some of their more technical strategies that came from Mega Evolution, the fact remains that Intimidate is still a go-to move for this giant laser beam-firing water lizard.

But keep in mind, that Dragon Dance won’t keep you alive forever. So be sure to rely on your wits and skills alike!

9. Barraskewda

And speaking of water types, we have the Barraskedwa (try saying that five times real fast). This short fish…thing is known as the Skewer Pokemon, with a speed rating of 136. Needless to say, it’s fast. Very, very fast. Its main abilities lie around speed, so expect to dodge a lot with this fishy speedster.

Sadly, its defenses are about as thin as spilled water on a counter, so be sure to use its Swift Swim ability to stay afloat! Okay, I’ll stop with the puns…

8. Hydreigon


A three-headed Dark/Dragon Pokemon, what’s not to love? Hydreigon is the evolved form of Deino, and as a Dark type, they can take on any number of Pokemon types, including the Ghost type. This flying hydra is built around its special attack, with a high base stat pool. Meaning it can really, really hurt an enemy when it gets a proper chance with its Draco Meteor.

7. Dragapult


It’s a bit odd that this Pokemon has what appears to be a Lockheed F-17 Nighthawk as a head, but this critter’s speed. At 142 base, it is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game and can be maxed out at 421. As a Dragon/Ghost Type, it can be built into a sweeper (a Pokemon who can take care of a lot of enemies by themselves. Or a mixed type for more options. The point is, Dragapult is a heck of a Pokemon to have on your team.

But with this comes a bit of a drawback, as Dragapult is the sort of critter that has be built around. Rather than just added to your roster.

6. Aegislash

Pokemon X Aegislash

Is it a Pokemon? Is it a sword? Or maybe it’s a Sword Shaped Pokemon. Who knows? But it is, however, a Steel/Ghost type, with sky-high attack power and defense. With a wide move pool that lets it tackle a variety of situations.

5. Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan

An adorable-looking snowman it may be, but it’s quite powerful. Zen mode, for example, can raise its attack stat to 160, and give it access to additional fire and ice-type moves. Not bad for a Pokemon straight out of Monster’s Inc.

4. Cinderace


While they may appear to be a pants-wearing rabbit, this little bundle of white fluff can turn an enemy into cinders with its various fire-related attacks. Its real power, however, shines with Court Change, a Status move that exchanges the effects of the field with the opponents. For example, if you have a bad environment has one that you want? Court Change is your ticket then!

3. Whimsicott


Sometimes, you just have to be really, really annoying. Whimiscott, as the name implies, is all about following whims. With a variety of moves that affect status conditions, setups, or terrains, Whimsicott may lack sheer offensive potential, but it makes up for this with versatility and adaptability.

Also, it looks cute.

2. Eternatus


The final legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield. This creature of Darkness earns its place in the top 3, and for good reason. As a posion/dragon type, it has moves exclusive to it, and each one of them hits harder than a truck. With base 130 Speed, 145 Special Attack, and 140 HP, it already has sky-high stats and is only likely to increase with each level.

1. Zacian

Zacian from Pokémon Sword.
Zacian is an exclusive legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Sword.

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If you’re thinking of the Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark Souls as you look upon this Pokemon, I don’t blame you. Zacian, the titular “Sword” of Pokemon Sword, is a fairy and steel-type Zacian is a monster, whose attack stat, at base, is 170. But, with its ability, Intrepid Sword, its attack power increases by +1 every time it gets switched in.

Meaning, that if you switch out another Pokemon for this sword-wielding doggo, then he can show them how a dog uses a sword with, quite frankly, terrifying skill.

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