ISLANDERS Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and More

ISLANDERS Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and More

ISLANDERS is a casual city-building game developed by Grizzly Games, an indie game studio based out of Germany. Originally a Steam release, the game was eventually released on consoles after publisher, Coatsink, acquired the franchise in 2022. Today the game is available on all modern platforms including Linux and macOS. The game has received generally favorable reviews since its release and currently sits on Metacritic with a score of 82. The game is praised for its simplicity in its mechanics, aesthetic, and soundtrack. The console version however received criticism because players felt that while the aesthetic and simple mechanics translated well, the controls couldn’t survive the jump to console controllers. ISLANDERS: Console Editon currently has a score of 76 on Metacritic.

The Premise Of ISLANDERS

When booting up ISLANDERS, you are given a small randomly generated island to start with. From there you are given the choice to develop this piece of land however you see fit. You can implement forestry, farming, and fishing buildings and you’ll earn points for doing so. The game stands out for streamlining and trimming features common to other city-builders. ISLANDERS has absolutely no sidequests or optional objectives, but there are achievements available for players to work towards. The game does have a multiplayer element but it largely consists of scoreboards that rank every ISLANDERS player’s highest-scoring gaming.

The Main Characters Of ISLANDERS

ISLANDERS is a minimalistic city-builder that is known for just how simple it is. It doesn’t have any characters or even a story, it is purely meant to be a vessel for its gameplay mechanics.

Other Titles In The Series

Currently, ISLANDERS is the only game in the franchise but more games are expected down the line.


ISLANDERS doesn’t have traditional cheat codes however, the Steam release can use cheat codes through third-party software called Trainers. Warning, Trainers are not supported by the official developers and come with a gang of risks. Use the following trainers at your discretion.


Plitch is an independent PC software that has 7 cheats for ISLANDERS. Unfortunately, the cheats are split as some of them are locked behind a paywall.

Free Cheats

Activate These Cheats FirstMoney/Resources CheatsHardcore Cheats
Prepare+10 ScoreReset score to 0
These cheats are free and available for everyone.

Premium Cheats

You still have to activate the PREPARE cheat before using these.

Money/Resources CheatsConstruction CheatsSystems Cheats
+50 ScoreUnlimited buildingsUnlock next Island
+100 Score
These cheats are only available for premium users.

Fearless Cheat Engine

Fearless Cheat Engine provides access to the following cheats:

  • Options Manager
  • Next Island Always Available
  • LocalGameManager Pointers

Cheat Happens Trainer

The Cheat Happens Trainer is completely free and allows you to manipulate the following game parameters:

  • Current Score
  • Score to Unlock Next Pack
  • Last Score
  • Score to Unlock Next Island
  • Next Island Available

ISLANDERS Unlockables

The game has a total of 26 achievements for completionists to work towards.

AchievementHow To Unlock
AdvancedScore 500 points in one match.
AdventurerExplore 20 islands.
ArchitectBuild 1000 buildings.
AthletReach the 3rd island within 4 minutes.
Brilliant PositionEarn 50 points from one building.
BuilderBuild 100 buildings.
ColonyReach the 3rd island.
ConstructorBuild 500 buildings.
EmperorEarn 20,000 points.
EmpireReach the 4th island.
ExpertScore 3,000 points in one match.
ExplorerExplore 30 islands.
InvestorLose a total of at least 100 points in one match.
IslanderReach a score of 800 on the first island.
KingEarn 10,000 points.
MayorEarn 2,000 points.
NewcomerFinish your first game.
Nice SpotEarn 25 points from one building.
Perfectly PlacedEarn 75 points from one building.
ProfessionalScore 1,500 points in one match.
Puzzle SolverReach a score of exactly 100.
SettlementReach the 2nd island.
Slow BurnReach a score of 1,000 without ever having more than 6 buildings in your inventory.
SprinterReach the 2nd island within 90 seconds.
TravelerExplore 10 islands.
WealthyHave at least 12 buildings in your inventory at once.

An Easy Way to Gain the Investor Achievement

To get this achievement, you have to lose at least 100 points in a match. Some of the buildings at the beginning of ISLANDERS have a negative point value. You can easily achieve this achievement by placing a negatively valued building like a temple, near an inn and a market. This placement will give you more than -100 points.

An Easy Way to Gain the Perfectly Placed Achievement

You can easily gain this achievement by using the Marked mechanic. Be sure to have enough points to use to keep getting more houses and mansions to keep adding to the area that the mark will be placed in. You can also use the tower and balloon as alternatives for reaching this achievement.

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