Slime Rancher Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Slime Rancher Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Slime Rancher is a charming, first-person adventure game. It was both developed and published by indie studio Monomi Park. While it was released as early access in January 2016, it was officially released on August 1, 2017, on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Xbox One. It was later released for the PlayStation 4 on August 21, 2018, and August 11, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch.

This vivid open-world game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the start. Critics have praised it for its catharsis, addictive gameplay, and amazing-cartoon style graphics.

Slime Rancher Premise

This adorable life simulation has players running the most slimetastic farm you’ve ever seen. The Ranch is on an alien planet known as the Far, Far, Range. Players can discover and collect dozens of colorful and unique slimes. Grow fruits and veggies and raise chickadoos to feed your ever-growing collection of hungry slimes. Collect their Plorts to sell on the market.

Players can upgrade their tools and unlock new ones, including a jetpack. Trade resources with NPCs that each have a distinct and charming personality. Players can even combine these cute balls of goo to create over a hundred different types of hybrid slimes. And don’t forget to explore every nook and cranny of this vast open world to discover all of its secrets.

Slime Rancher Main Character

The main character of the Slime Rancher series is Beatrix LeBeau. This outdoorsy girl is the new owner of the Ranch, which was previously run by Hobson.

Before her arrival to the Far, Far, Range, Bea owned a shop and had a “special someone” named Casey. Throughout the game, Casey sends Bea starmail, which reveals information about Bea’s life before the Ranch and her relationship with Casey. Bea will also receive starmail from multiple NPCs, including the previous owner Hobson and people Bea can trade with.

Slime Rancher Series

While Slime Rancher may have no prequels, it does have an equally adorable sequel, Slime Rancher 2, released on September 22, 2022. A feature film is also currently in development.

Slime Rancher: Secret Style Pack DLC

Slime Rancher’s first DLC, “Slime Rancher: Secret Style Pack”, is available for purchase on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation versions. That DLC is included in the Nintendo Switch version of the game, no extra purchase necessary. There is also a free DLC for PC Windows players called “VR Playground”. It is a standalone experience based on the world of Slime Rancher. Players can experience three VR playgrounds based off of the Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, and Ancient Ruins.

There are also has several free platform exclusive DLC bundles.

Galactic Bundle• Ruby Chroma Pack
• Galactic Fashion Pod
• Beeper Bot Slime Toy
PC (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Piratey Bundle• Emerald Chroma Pack
• Piratey Fashion Pod
• Treasure Chest Slime Toy
Xbox One
Heroic Bundle• Sapphire Chroma Pack
• Heroic Fashion Pod
• Bop Goblin Slime Toy
PlayStation 4

Slime Rancher Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players on all platforms, Slime Rancher does not have any in-game cheat code system implemented. Cheat codes are becoming a thing of the past. Since they were originally a tool for gaming developers and are no longer needed, they are being phased out in modern gaming.

But fortunately for our PC players out there, there are cheat trainers available that can be downloaded for free online. These trainers can make your gameplay more interesting by doing the following:

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Energy
  • Infinite Currency
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Enable Jetpack
  • No Radioactivity
  • Reveal Map
  • Godmode
  • Lucky Slime Won’t Flee
  • Freeze Time
  • Fast Capture
  • Flight Mode
  • Low Gravity
  • Super Jump
  • Super Movement Speed
  • No Item Loss on Death
  • Increase Game Speed
  • Decrease Game Speed
  • Reset Game Speed
  • Currency Multiplier
  • Edit: Game Speed
  • Edit: Current Health
  • Edit: Max Health
  • Edit: Current Radiation
  • Edit: Max Radiation
  • Edit: Currency
  • Edit: Keys

Slime Rancher Achievements

While Slime Rancher may not have any cheat codes, players can still spend hours of their time achievement hunting. The game has a whopping 57 achievements.

Plort PeddlerSell 100 Plorts at the Plort Market
You… Monster!Send an adorable chick to a fiery end, the same place you’re now destined to go
TransplorterSell 500 Plorts at the Plort Market
Plort AuthoritySell 1,000 Plorts at the Plort Market
Plort PowerhouseSell 2,500 Plorts at the Plort Market
Plort TycoonSell 5,000 Plorts at the Plort Market
Buck Buck Bagu-Feed 100 chickens to slimes on the Ranch
Fruit CocktailHave 3 different fruit trees on the Ranch at the same time
Salad BarHave 3 different veggie gardens on the Ranch at the same time
FortunateEarn over 5,000 newbucks
Well-Off RancherEarn over 25,000 newbucks
Upper CrustEarn over 100,000 newbucks
A Quick NewbuckEarn 5,000 newbucks in a single day
Up All NightStay awake from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day
Not My MorningBe knocked out before 10 AM
While You Were AwayReturn to the Ranch after more than 24 hours
Catch!Shoot food into an airborne slime’s mouth
OmnivorousFeed pink slimes on the Ranch 10 different types of food
Tasty!Feed 50 slimes on the Ranch their favorite food
Mine, All MineDiscover the Indigo Quarry
On the Other SideDiscover the Moss Blanket
Smoke, Fire, and MirrorsDiscover the Glass Desert
Into the PastDiscover the Ancient Ruins
Jelly Belly BurstBurst a gordo slime
Open Says MeOpen a slime gate
CarouselIncinerate an elder chicken
Burstin’ at the SeamsCompletely fill a fully-upgraded silo
Fully LoadedHave a maximally upgraded corral, coop, and silo on the Ranch
Hasty ExchangeFulfill a Range Exchange request within two hours of receiving it
Free Rangin’Collect 50 plorts on the Range in a single day
Hat TrickObtain at least 3 gold plorts from a single gold slime
That Only Works in Comic BooksStand inside a rad aura for at least 15 seconds
Once Bitten, Twice…BittenHold onto a tarr for 15 seconds
Boop!Let a tabby slime headbutt you right on the nose
FireworksShoot a boom slime largo into the air that explodes before landing
Controlling the ChaosConstrain more than 15 slimes in your vac stream at once while on the range
Six PackHave at least 6 different types of slimes in the same corral
Risky BusinessHave at least 3 different types of largos in the same corral
Pool PartyFill a pond on your ranch with at least 5 different types of slimes
DiversificationHave at least 10 types of largos on the Ranch
Ball PitJump into a corral containing at least 40 slimes
Rush ChallengerReach at least 10,000 newbucks in Rush Mode
Rush ChampionReach at least 35,000 newbucks in Rush Mode
Rush PlortmasterReach at least 75,000 newbucks in Rush Mode
Onward…. To SCIENCE!Fabricate your first Slime Science gadget
Bea the BuilderFabricate 35 Slime Science gadgets
Never Stop CreatingFabricate 100 Slime Science gadgets
Best of the WorstPlace a tarr on the #1 Slime Stage
She’s on Fire!Score 50 points in a single game of slimeball
One Person at a TimeJoin the 7Zee Rewards Club
Color Me ImpressedUse chroma packs to change the color of the ranch house, tech, and vacpack
Mint in BoxPurchase at least 10 different types of slime toys
Doors Like TheseDiscover where Hobson’s journey ended, and started once again.
The Hunter Has Become… The Other ThingSnare a Hunter Gordo
RenewalStart bringing life back to the Glass Desert
The Adventure Continues!Complete Adventure Mode and set out for what’s next
Pro StyleComplete the Slimepedia

Slime Rancher Cheat Code FAQ

Does Slime Rancher have any cheat code?

No, unfortunately, cheat codes are becoming less common in recent games. But don’t fret, if you have the PC version of the game you can use a cheat trainer. These can be really useful by allowing you to have infinite health, super jump, extra currency, and much more!

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